Feed en-US hourly 1 Reata Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:RETA) Rating Reiterated by Jefferies Financial Group Tue, 15 Oct 2019 16:08:55 +0000 <div> <p>Reata Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:RETA)'s stock had its "buy" rating restated by equities research analysts at Jefferies Financial Group in a research report issued to clients and investors on Tuesday, The Fly reports. They currently have a $254.00 price target on the stock, up from their previous price target of $128.00. Jefferies Financial Group's price target indicates a potential upside of 63.87% from the stock's current price.</p> <p>A number of other equities research analysts have also recently weighed in on the company. Citigroup reaffirmed a "buy" rating on shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals in a report on Thursday, September 26th. Zacks Investment Research cut Reata Pharmaceuticals from a "hold" rating to a "sell" rating in a report on Thursday, July 11th. Leerink Swann lifted their price target on Reata Pharmaceuticals from $139.00 to $180.00 and gave the company an "outperform" rating in a report on Monday. Cantor Fitzgerald reaffirmed a "positive" rating and set a $180.00 price target (up previously from $125.00) on shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals in a report on Tuesday. Finally, National Securities began coverage on Reata Pharmaceuticals in a report on Thursday, September 26th. They set a "buy" rating and a $130.00 price target on the stock. One investment analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, two have assigned a hold rating and six have assigned a buy rating to the company's stock. The company currently has a consensus rating of "Buy" and a consensus target price of $183.33.</p> <p>NASDAQ RETA traded up $54.41 during trading hours on Tuesday, reaching $155.00. The company's stock had a trading volume of 110,369 shares, compared to its average volume of 341,739. The business has a 50-day simple moving average of $84.41 and a 200 day simple moving average of $85.41. Reata Pharmaceuticals has a 52 week low of $47.50 and a 52 week high of $105.00. The stock has a market cap of $2.88 billion, a PE ratio of -54.69 and a beta of 2.40. </p> <p>Reata Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:RETA) last issued its earnings results on Thursday, August 8th. The company reported ($1.14) earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, missing the Zacks' consensus estimate of ($1.12) by ($0.02). The business had revenue of $7.83 million during the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $7.76 million. Reata Pharmaceuticals had a negative return on equity of 3,282.73% and a negative net margin of 410.38%. As a group, sell-side analysts forecast that Reata Pharmaceuticals will post -4.56 EPS for the current fiscal year. </p> <p>In related news, CFO Jason Douglas Wilson sold 4,000 shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals stock in a transaction on Thursday, August 15th. The shares were sold at an average price of $72.68, for a total value of $290,720.00. The transaction was disclosed in a document filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is accessible through this hyperlink. Also, CEO James Warren Huff sold 63,000 shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals stock in a transaction on Friday, September 27th. The shares were sold at an average price of $86.61, for a total transaction of $5,456,430.00. Following the completion of the sale, the chief executive officer now directly owns 164,157 shares of the company's stock, valued at approximately $14,217,637.77. The disclosure for this sale can be found here. Insiders have sold a total of 69,000 shares of company stock valued at $5,917,150 in the last three months. Company insiders own 34.40% of the company's stock. </p> <p>Several hedge funds have recently added to or reduced their stakes in the stock. Resources Investment Advisors LLC. bought a new position in shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals during the 2nd quarter worth about $25,000. Meadow Creek Investment Management LLC lifted its stake in shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals by 71.4% during the 2nd quarter. Meadow Creek Investment Management LLC now owns 336 shares of the company's stock worth $32,000 after buying an additional 140 shares during the last quarter. Glen Harbor Capital Management LLC lifted its stake in shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals by 71.4% during the 2nd quarter. Glen Harbor Capital Management LLC now owns 408 shares of the company's stock worth $39,000 after buying an additional 170 shares during the last quarter. Optimum Investment Advisors acquired a new stake in shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals during the 2nd quarter worth about $76,000. Finally, Tiverton Asset Management LLC lifted its stake in shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals by 55.5% during the 2nd quarter. Tiverton Asset Management LLC now owns 1,689 shares of the company's stock worth $160,000 after buying an additional 603 shares during the last quarter. 58.51% of the stock is owned by institutional investors and hedge funds. </p> <strong>Reata Pharmaceuticals Company Profile</strong> <p>Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, develops novel therapeutics for patients with serious or life-threatening diseases by targeting molecular pathways that regulate cellular metabolism and inflammation. The company is developing Phase III clinical trial programs, including bardoxolone methyl (Bard) for the treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease caused by Alport syndrome, as well as for a form of pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with connective tissue disease; and omaveloxolone that is Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of patients with Friedreich's ataxia It is also developing RTA 901, which completed Phase 1 clinical trials for the treatment of orphan neurological indications; and RORgT Inhibitors that are in the preclinical development phase for the potential treatment of a range of autoimmune, inflammatory, and fibrotic diseases.</p> <p>Further Reading: What is the CBOE Russell 2000® Volatility Index?</p> <img src=""> <img src=""> <p><strong>Receive News & Ratings for Reata Pharmaceuticals Daily</strong> - Enter your email address below to receive a concise daily summary of the latest news and analysts' ratings for Reata Pharmaceuticals and related companies with's FREE daily email newsletter.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Business 'Venom 2' Reportedly Adds Marvel Villain Shriek to Storyline Tue, 15 Oct 2019 16:03:54 +0000 <div> <p><img src="">Good morning to everyone else who misread the headline as "Shrek" and whiplashed so hard they now have a serious medical condition. Alas, no, but we do have an update on <strong><em>Venom 2</em></strong>: According to Deadline, the follow-up to Sony's surprise 2018 hit will include the Marvel villain Shriek alongside <strong>Woody Harrelson</strong>'s monstrous Cletus Kasady, a.k.a. Carnage. Once again starring <strong>Tom Hardy</strong> as the goo-tastic duo of Eddie Brock and Venom, the sequel will see <strong>Andy Serkis</strong> taking over directing duties from <strong>Ruben Fleischer</strong>.</p> <p>First popping up in <em><strong>Spider-Man Unlimited #1</strong></em> by<strong> Tom DeFalco</strong> and <strong>Ron Lim</strong>, Shriek-real name Frances Louis Barrison-is a drug deal and occasional serial killer with the mutant ability to manipulate sound. The character is frequently shown as a romantic partner and crime colleague to Kasady, who has been the presumed main villain of the sequel since Harrelson showed up in the mid-credits of <em>Venom</em> sporting truly the most horrendous wig in the history of headgear.</p> <p>According to the report, casting is underway for Shriek, with the studio looking far and wide for the character. "Right now the role is not filled, the net is cast wide toward many kinds of actresses," a source told Deadline, noting that the filmmakers are mostly looking at unknowns.</p> <p><em>Venom</em> bit off a substantial portion of the box office when it debuted last year. Despite a shaky production and lukewarm reviews that didn't recognize the genius of that lobster tank scene, the film stomped ahead to $856 million worldwide, guaranteeing a second chapter at Sony. Fleischer departed the project to helm <em><strong>Zombieland: Double Tap</strong></em>, handing the reins to Serkis after a long search. Word around town was that the MCU Spider-Man, <strong>Tom Holland</strong>, might be headed for a <em>Venom</em> sequel in the wake of Sony's messy public split with Disney, but that's anything but guaranteed now that the two studios have reconciled.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment Ace Family controversy explained: After Cole Carrigan rape accusation, people want YouTubers "canceled" Tue, 15 Oct 2019 16:01:59 +0000 <div> <p>Twitter users are asking fans to "cancel" YouTube's Ace Family channel after claims that Austin McBroom is a rapist. The husband and father in the wildly successful video couple, whose partner is Catherine Paiz, was the subject of a YouTube video by makeup artist Cole Carrigan on Monday, and some fans were quick to believe Carrigan's claims.</p> <p>Carrigan accused McBroom of taking advantage of one of his close friends. The woman was allegedly forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement, meaning she could not speak about any interactions with the Ace family. In addition to text messages from the friend, Carrigan showed images the woman took from the scene of her alleged rape, including bloody sheets.</p> <p>The woman also said McBroom's security guard and father were in the room at the time of the alleged rape, along with at least one of McBroom's friends. McBroom's father, Allen McBroom, allegedly put his penis in the woman's face. The alleged encounter happened on June 22. A second friend was also taken advantage of, according to the video.</p> <p>After speaking out about the accusations on his Twitter account, Carrigan claimed to have received a handful of direct messages from women around the country who have also been taken advantage of by McBroom or were uncomfortable in his presence. Without giving names, Carrigan shared some of the messages.</p> <p>Carrigan also posted a message that claimed YouTuber Keemstar was paid $500,000 by the Ace Family to stay quiet.</p> <p>The YouTuber responded to the video with a slam against Carrigan's credibility. "Cole you are a complete idiot," Keem wrote on Twitter. "'Keem was recording me' when have I ever recorded private convos? Never. Moron. Also you leaked my number. And you posted Ace family paid me 500k when you know that was a joke. No one should trust you! You are so full of shit!"</p> <p><figure><blockquote> <p>Cole you are a complete idiot .<br><br>“Keem was recording me” when have I ever recorded private convos ? Never . Moron. <br><br>Also you leaked my number. And you posted Ace family paid me 500k when you know that was a joke. <br><br>No one should trust you! You are so full of shit!</p>- KEEM 🍿 (@KEEMSTAR) October 14, 2019 </blockquote> </figure></p> <p>The video was met with both support and a general lack of surprise by Twitter users, who seemed aware of issues with McBroom's behavior in the past. One user alleged that McBroom took a 5-year-old to a sex shop and posted a provocative video of the child.</p> <p><figure><blockquote> <p>Cole Carrigan just exposed Austin Mcbroom for cheating, and raping a girl. He showed proof, texts, literally pics of blood (from the rape victim) pls watch his video of you can! It’s really sad these things are happening. I hope the ace family especially Austin are canceled soon.</p>- . (@ImpuIsedrews) October 14, 2019 </blockquote> </figure><figure><blockquote> <p>i could care less abt the ace family but i def just stumbled across a whole ass video on austin mcbroom r*ping a girl w/ all the receipts & i cant wrap my head around such disgusting people being so “well off” in life</p>- maya (@mymnqg) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> </figure><figure><blockquote> <p>The Ace family should've been cancelled the day Austin Mcbroom took his fiance’s 5 year old sister into a sex shop and filmed her sucking a dick shaped lollipop for views on snapchat...</p>- 🐝utd🦋 (@MR10UTDJL14) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> </figure><figure><blockquote> <p>it’s not just a “cancel the ace family” moment. It is a serious and traumatic crime. Everyone involved should be charged and they should investigate if it is a healthy living environment for their children. Justice for all the victims. #acefamily #austinmcbroom</p>- jess ⚡️ (@xjsxsmith) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> </figure></p> <p>Others reached out to Carrigan directly in response to the video and shared their alleged encounters with McBroom. In an anonymous message posted Tuesday on Carrigan's Instagram story, a woman claimed McBroom "was trying to finger me through my skirt and was groping me while his friend was trying to 'set' us up having sex." The woman claimed the encounter happened a few weeks ago and said she was "so disgusted."</p> <p>Some Twitter users were quick to dismiss the claims because they said they don't trust Carrigan. A woman claiming to be the second one who was allegedly assaulted by McBroom said Carrigan's motivation in sharing may have been money, not advocacy.</p> <p><figure><blockquote> <p>#acefamilyisoverparty Hey Twitter, you sure this Cole guy is trustworthy? I fucking hate the ace family, but Jesus Christ. There are so many holes in the allegations as well as the lack of a police report before the allegations release. Innocent until proven guilty</p>- Coolcarguy (@iCoolcarguy1) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> </figure></p> <p>The Ace Family has 17.7 million subscribers on YouTube. They often post videos of their children and their life as a family. Other YouTubers have long joked about the family's wealth and claimed the problems they share about their life together not relatable to the public.</p> <p>The family did not immediately respond to<em> Newsweek's</em> request for comment.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Family Astronomers zoom in on a galaxy 9 billion light-years away thanks to Tue, 15 Oct 2019 16:00:18 +0000 <div> <p>The team, led by astronomer Matthew Bayliss, then at MIT, pointed NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory at the so-called Phoenix Cluster. This group of galaxies sits 5.7 billion light-years away and is one of the largest galaxy clusters known. Researchers already knew that this monster lenses some background galaxies, but Bayliss' team was excited to find that they picked up magnified X-ray light from a background galaxy, too.</p> <p>They discovered that this distant dwarf galaxy, roughly 9 billion light-years away, has two distinct clumps of newly forming stars.</p> <p>Seeing star formation happening in galaxies with X-rays is difficult because galaxies where stars and star formation make up most of the light are relatively faint. Galaxies whose light mostly comes from the activity of their central black holes, or active galactic nuclei, are generally much brighter and easier to observe.</p> <p>Observing a faraway star-forming galaxy in X-rays is exciting because those X-rays come from the most massive stars. Specifically, they come from binary systems of massive stars in which one has collapsed into a black hole or neutron star and is consuming matter from the other.</p> <p>Studying these distant galaxies in X-ray light may help scientists answer outstanding questions about massive stars. Astronomers know massive stars are often in binary systems, but do they always form in pairs or not? Massive stars shed a lot of gases throughout their lives, but in what ways does that affect their environments and how other stars form?</p> <p>"It's really a new window into studying the properties of the most massive stars that form in the distant universe," Bayliss said.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Astronomy JP Morgan's Blowout Earnings Shaded by Dimon's Recession Warning Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:58:55 +0000 <div> <p>JP Morgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) posted record revenues and profits for the third quarter. JPM shares rose 3.8% in morning trading on the Q3 earnings report, which revealed that net revenues (the company's total cash haul) and net income (profits left over after expenses) both grew by 8%.</p> <p>Net revenue for the quarter was $30.1 billion. Net income was $9.1 billion. That delivered earnings of $2.68 per share, blowing way past analyst projections of $2.45 per share.</p> <p>As a snapshot of the overall economy, JP Morgan's third quarter bodes well. Growth in three of its four main areas of business signals strength in the economy's fundamentals despite concerns over US-China trade war uncertainty, a slowdown in manufacturing and employment growth, and volatility in equities markets. Only commercial banking revenue fell due to lower interest rates.</p> <p>Recession fears might seem overblown in light of JP Morgan's numbers. The bank's results show an active commercial and investor sector, and consumers are supporting the economy with increased financing and mostly on-time repayment of bank loans.</p> <h2>A Lackluster Quarter for Goldman Sachs</h2> <p>Meanwhile, the earnings of Wall Street rival Goldman Sachs flatlined for the third quarter. Goldman reported Q3 revenue of $8.32 billion, right in line with expectations of $8.31 billion. Its quarterly profits of $1.88 billion delivered earnings of $4.79 a share, missing analyst expectations of $4.81.</p> <p>Goldman's investing and lending division fared worst. Failed equity investments in companies like Uber, Avantor, Tradeweb, and WeWork led to the earnings slump.</p> <p>Investment banking revenue fell 15% for the quarter. Investing and lending fell 17%. CEO David Solomon's plan to diversify his much smaller bank (less than a fifth JP Morgan's size by market cap) has hit bumpy waters amid 2019's equities market volatility. That kind of market turbulence rocks a smaller boat harder than a larger vessel.</p> <h2>Jamie Dimon Shades US Economy with Recession Warning</h2> <p>In JP Morgan's quarterly earnings statement, CEO Jamie Dimon hailed his company's investment banking division's performance in debt and equity capital markets:</p> <blockquote> <p>"We had record third quarter IB fees with particularly strong performance in DCM and ECM, and year-to-date we maintained our #1 global ranking with share gains across products and regions."</p> </blockquote> <p>In April, Dimon said that the strength of the US consumer could drive economic growth with no end in sight. He said the record-setting expansion since the 2008 financial crisis could "go on for years."</p> <p>But in a morning phone call with reporters Tuesday, Dimon warned that "there's a recession ahead," as trade war uncertainty dampens business confidence.</p> <p>This article was edited by <strong>Josiah Wilmoth</strong>.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Business Dave Chappelle to perform 2 more shows at the Aztec Theatre this week; tickets go on sale at 3 p.m. Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:58:48 +0000 <div> <p> </p><ul><img src=""></ul> <p>If you missed the opportunity to see comedian Dave Chappelle Monday night, don't fret as he is scheduled to perform two more shows in San Antonio this week.</p> <p>The Aztec Theatre announced Tuesday that the comedian will have a show tonight and Wednesday night at its location at 104 North St. Mary's Street. The doors are set to open at 8 p.m. with the show starting at 9 p.m.</p> <p><strong>READ ALSO:</strong> Dave Chappelle makes surprise performance at Aztec Theatre</p> <p>Tickets for the shows will go on sale at 3 p.m. Tuesday and can be purchased here. There is a two-ticket limit purchase and all tickets must be picked up at will call before the show.</p> <p>The added shows were announced after Chappelle surprised local fans with a pop-up show at the Aztec Theatre on Monday. Tickets reportedly sold out within minutes, according to an article from</p> <p>No cell phones, cameras or recording deceives will be allowed at this either shows.</p> <em>Priscilla Aguirre is a breaking news reporter and general assignment writer. Read her on our breaking news site,, and on our subscriber site, | | @CillaAguirre</em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment Google reveals the super-charged Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL smartphones Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:57:58 +0000 <div> <iframe src=";center,top&resize=480:*" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><p>Google delivered some brilliant news today with the announcement of a bunch of new products, including the super-exciting new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL smartphones. </p> <p>The search engine company shared a whole load of cool new stuff with us, from a new set of laptops to earphones that look pretty impressive. But we are most interested in the Pixel handsets, which will look to seriously compete with the market giants of Apple and Samsung.<br></p> <p>The phones themselves have a brand new look, some wicked-looking colour changes and some significant upgrades to the older models. </p> <p>The Pixel 4 has a futuristic new radar chip that has a wide range of uses, from improved facial recognition to changing songs on Spotify without having to touch your phone. </p> <p>You can swipe your hands above the phone to skip tracks, answer calls or do a number of other cool features, all while the phone is on the desk - it is actually very impressive. This even stretches to the alarm clock, which will get quieter and softer when the phone registers your hand is nearby. </p> <p>Other exciting news is that Google has followed the OnePlus model by making the display capable of delivering a 90hz refresh rate, meaning screen scrolling will be super-smooth with no stutter, and games, content and videos will look silky and defined. </p> <p><strong>Digital Spy</strong> got to see the phone first-hand back in September and we were very impressed by the new features. </p> <p>The Pixel 4 will also have two cameras on the back - a wide lens and a 2x telephoto lens - which is unusual considering every other smartphone now has the triple-lens setup on their flagship.</p> <p>However, Google is pushing its software over its hardware, and it's the computer working in the background that we are interested in. </p> <p>The smartphone will have Live HDR+, allowing you to see your pictures and videos in HDR as you take them, giving you better customisation for your images as you go. </p> <p>You also get dual exposure - which is separate sliders on the display to help you change the brightness or shadows while you're taking pictures, and helps stop pictures from blowing out if they have strong light sources. </p> <p>The camera will also auto white balance, taking out all the hassle of fine-tuning your pictures to make them perfect. </p> <p>The processor will be a snapdragon 855, which is used by most Android devices released from 2019, and will come with 6GB RAM. </p> <p>The phone itself will release on <strong>October 24</strong> and will cost $799 (roughly £624).</p> <p>As soon as we know of any pre-order links, we will let you know, so keep this page tabbed. </p> <strong>Digital Spy is launching a newsletter - sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox.</strong> <strong>Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter accounts.</strong> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Pixel 4 vs. the competition: The camera battle intensifies Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:56:58 +0000 <div> <p><article> <div><img src=""></div> <p>The Pixel 4's Recorder app can capture and transcribe simultaneously </p> </article><article> <div><img src=""></div> <p>Pixel 4 will be available through every major US carrier </p> </article><article> <div><img src=""></div> <p>Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL pack 2X telephoto cameras </p> </article><article> <div><img src=""> </div> <h3>Pixel 4 vs. the competition: The camera battle intensifies</h3> <p>View</p> </article><article> <div><img src=""> </div> <h3>Walmart's direct-to-fridge delivery service now available in three US cities</h3> <p>View</p> </article><article> <div><img src=""> </div> <h3>The Pixel 4's Recorder app can capture and transcribe simultaneously</h3> <p>View</p> </article><article> <div><img src=""> </div> <h3>Google's Nest devices can tell if you're near with 'ultrasound sensing'</h3> <p>View</p> </article><article> <div> <p>Night Sight got an upgrade, but other flagships have stepped up their low-light shooting too.</p> </div> <p> </p><p> <img src=""></p> </article></p> <div> <div> <div><img src=""> </div> <div> <h4>Sponsored Links</h4> <img src=""> </div> </div> <div> <p>It's been yet another Pixel phone launch preceded by a ton of leaks, but we're still glad to see the official unveiling of Google's latest flagship. This 5.7-inch device may only have two rear cameras, but the software's been refined even further to include better Night Sight and HDR+. That's to be expected in the wake of more intense competition on the camera front from Samsung and Apple. To see exactly how this specs battle is shaking out, check out the table below, and stay tuned for our full review of the Pixel 4 later this month.</p> </div> <div><img src=""> </div> </div> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Technology Sleep and Synaptic Proteins; CBD and Parkinson's Psychosis; How Dementia Spreads Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:55:03 +0000 <div> <p>Sleep deprivation stopped synaptic proteins from being built in mice. <em>(Science)</em></p> <p>"Tackle Can Wait" videos compare youth tackle football to smoking: If age restrictions on cigarettes reduce lung cancer, can similar rules curb chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)? <em>(CNN)</em></p> <p>Microglia formed a link between protein clumping and brain damage in a tauopathy mouse model of Alzheimer's disease and drove <em>APOE-</em>dependent neurodegeneration. <em>(Journal of Experimental Medicine)</em></p> <p>The world's first trial of cannabidiol (CBD) treatment for Parkinson's psychosis will start early next year.</p> <p>Vaping nicotine and the teenage brain: <em>NPR</em> takes a look.</p> <p>Traumatic brain injury patients with microbleeds were more likely to have greater disability. <em>(Brain)</em></p> <p>Dementia spreads through connected networks, a longitudinal study of brain atrophy in frontotemporal dementia patients showed. <em>(Neuron)</em></p> <p>Serum neurofilament light discriminated between frontotemporal lobar degeneration and psychiatric disorders. <em>(Journal of Neurology)</em></p> <p>Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients were three times more likely to have behavioral health problems like substance abuse disorder and major depression, a study from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association suggested.</p> <p>High-dose vitamin D<sub>3</sub> on top of interferon-β-1a (Rebif) showed no benefit in relapsing-remitting MS disease activity, but may have protective effects on lesion development. <em>(Neurology)</em></p> <p>Upsher-Smith Laboratories said its sumatriptan nasal spray (Tosymra) for acute migraine treatment, approved earlier this year, is now on the market.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Health Hedge fund's blistering letter says Emerson 'let shareholders down' Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:53:55 +0000 <div> <p><strong>D.E. Shaw</strong>, an activist hedge fund, released a letter Tuesday that urges <strong>Emerson's</strong> board to cut costs, improve governance and break up the company.</p> <p>Shaw, which says it owns more than 1 percent of Emerson, estimates that its proposals could boost Emerson's share price by 50 percent, creating $20 billion in value.</p> <p>The letter is harshly critical of Emerson's executives and directors. It says the company has "a long track record of poor capital allocation" and adds that "management and the board have let shareholders down."</p> <p>Emerson responded with a statement defending its "a strong track record of operational excellence and actions to enhance shareholder value." It noted that on Oct. 1, the company launched a comprehensive review of operations, capital allocation and its business portfolio.</p> <p>Analysts have said the review could lead to a decision to split Emerson in two.</p> <p>Emerson's statement Tuesday quotes <strong>Clemens Boersig, </strong> the board's lead independent director, as saying Emerson "maintains an open dialogue with all shareholders" and will "carefully evaluate D.E. Shaw's proposals as we continue to assess value-creation opportunities."</p> <p>D.E. Shaw's letter notes that Emerson's shares have underperformed the Standard & Poor's 500 index by 47 percent in the last five years, and have also underperformed a group of peer companies identified by Emerson.</p> <p>D.E. Shaw calls Emerson's corporate costs "inefficient and unjustified," noting that the company maintains a fleet of eight jets and one helicopter "at great expense to shareholders." It says the company could save $1 billion a year through efficiency moves.</p> <p>The letter urges Emerson to spin off its climate-control business, which makes commercial cooling equipment and compressors for air conditioners, as a separate company, a move that other analysts also have suggested.</p> <p>The spinoff alone could boost Emerson's share price by 20 percent, the letter says. It adds that Emerson's current conglomerate structure "has prevented each business from achieving its full potential."</p> <p>D.E. Shaw also leveled criticism at Emerson's executive pay practices. It said Chief Executive <strong>David Farr's </strong>compensation, which totals $150 million in the last 10 years, is nearly double what the CEO of competitor <strong>Rockwell Automation</strong> earns, "despite substantially worse performance" by Emerson.</p> <p>The letter also urges Emerson's board to require all directors to stand for election annually, as is the practice at a majority of large companies. Emerson's directors serve staggered three-year terms, a practice Shaw refers to as a "director protection program."</p> <p>Emerson, based in Ferguson, is the St. Louis area's second-largest public company, with 2018 revenue of $17.4 billion</p> <p>Emerson's shares were up 1.5 percent at midmorning Tuesday.</p> <p><img src=""></p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Finance Google's Project Soli: the tech behind Pixel 4's Motion Sense radar Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:52:45 +0000 <div> <p>By now, you've heard: the new Google Pixel 4 has a tiny radar chip inside it, which allows you to swipe or wave your hand to do a few things. More importantly, Motion Sense (as Google has branded it) is designed to detect your presence. It knows if you're there. The technology comes from Project Soli, which was first demonstrated publicly in 2015 and is now inside the Pixel 4 as its first major commercial implementation. Responding to a few air gestures is fairly minor, but Google sees the potential for it to eventually become much more.</p> <p>That's always the way with new computing interfaces. The mouse and the touchscreen led to giant revolutions in computing, so you see the potential for a new one to do the same thing. It's a trap Apple CEO Tim Cook himself fell into when he introduced the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch, saying it was as important as the mouse. (It wasn't.)</p> <p>Luckily, Google isn't claiming quite so much for Motion Sense, but it does have a similar problem. The gap between things that Motion Sense <em>could</em> do and what it <em>actually</em> does in this first version is huge. In theory, putting radar on a phone is a revolution. In practice, it could be seen as just a gimmick.</p> <p>Motion Sense has essentially three types of interactions, according to Brandon Barbello, Pixel product manager at Google. Understanding why each of them matters to the overall experience of using a Pixel 4 is key to understanding why Google thinks Motion Sense is more than the sum of its features - more than just a gimmick.</p> <p><q>Motion Sense has three main interactions: presence, reach, and gestures</q> </p> <p>The first type is <strong>presence</strong>. The Project Soli radar chip inside the Pixel 4 creates a small bubble of awareness around the phone when it's sitting on a table. (It's only on when it's facing up or out.) It's a hemisphere with a radius of a foot or two. It just keeps an eye out to ensure you're nearby and turns off the always-on display if you're not.</p> <p>The second type is <strong>reach</strong>. This isn't much: the phone just pays attention to see if you're reaching for it and then quickly turns on the screen and activates the face unlock sensors. If an alarm or ringtone is going, the phone automatically quiets down a bit when it sees you're reaching for it.</p> <p>Finally, there are the actual<strong> gestures</strong>, of which there are only two. You can give it a quick wave to dismiss those calls or snooze alarms. You can also swipe left or right if music is playing to go forward or back. There are a couple more specific things you can do, but Google isn't opening up gestures to third-party developers for a while. </p> <p><q>"It's that it's so much better, and you're <em>not</em> going to notice it."</q> </p> <p>Most of these features have been done before with other sensors. You've been able to wave at phones and have their cameras detect it. When you pick up an iPhone, the accelerometer feels that happen and starts up Face ID. So I asked: will using radar for these features make the experience so much better that people will really notice it?</p> <p>"It isn't that it's so much better that you're going to notice it," says Barbello. "It's that it's so much better, and you're <em>not</em> going to notice it. [You will just think] that it's supposed to be this way."</p> <p> <figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>There are technical reasons to prefer a radar chip to a camera, says Ivan Poupyrev, director of engineering for Google's ATAP division. Radar takes up much less power than a camera, for one thing. For another, it's... not a camera, and it can't personally identify you. "If you look at the radar signal, there is no discerning human characteristics," Poupyrev says.</p> <p>Project Soli also doesn't need line-of-sight like a camera. It can even work through other materials. There's no in-principle reason Soli couldn't work while the phone is face-down or even in your bag. The Soli technology could also, theoretically, work up to seven meters away (though power would be an issue).</p> <p>But Soli, instantiated as Motion Sense on the Pixel 4, is much more limited to start. It's not a strictly technical limitation. Barbello says that "we can sense motions as precise as a butterfly's wings." I believe that, by the way, at least in theory. Three years ago, when Poupyrev first showed me Project Soli, I was able to turn a virtual dial on a smartwatch with the tiniest movement of my thumb and finger hovering above it. </p> <p>Still, Google has had to overcome some technical issues to get radar to work at this miniature scale. Fairly late in the project, Poupyrev admits that his team had to junk their original machine learning models and start over from scratch. "It was down to the wire." Plus, he adds, "it's not like I can go buy a book ... We had to invent every single thing. We had to invent from scratch. Every time you go read a paper about it, it assumes this gigantic radar to track satellites with an aperture of 10 meters."</p> <p>"Getting this new technology into the phone is nothing short of a technology miracle, from my perspective," Poupyrev says. So while, in theory, Project Soli could detect anything from a butterfly's wings to a person standing seven meters away behind a wall, in practice, it probably needs more training to get there.</p> <p><q>"It was down to the wire."</q> </p> <p>Mainly, though, Google is limiting what Motion Sense can do because it is creating an entirely new interaction language, and it needs to limit the vocabulary at the beginning. Otherwise, it would be overwhelming - or at least super annoying. </p> <p>Take the swipe gesture: waving your hand over the phone to go forward or back a track when music is playing. "What is swiping?" Poupyrev asks. "We spent weeks trying to figure out swiping ... We have dozens and dozens of ways people do swiping." Some people do a "these aren't the droids" gesture, some just flit their hand, some hold it flat, some sideways. </p> <p>If Google had to show you a tutorial detailing exactly what way to hold your hand when you do a swipe, the jig would be up. You'd hate it. There is a tutorial - featuring pokémon - but it just handles the basics. </p> <p>Google even learned that we don't actually have a common language for what "swipe left" and "swipe right" mean. Different people move their hands in different directions depending on their mental model of whether the direction refers to their hand or the thing they're virtually interacting with. Google ended up having to put a preference setting in for those who wanted to flip the defaults.</p> <p><q>Nobody needs radar; the key question is if it makes the experience better</q> </p> <p>I keep going back to the idea that none of this is strictly necessary and therefore kind of gimmicky. Do I really need my phone to wake up a half-second before I touch it, saving me a tap on the screen? Is it really that difficult to hit the snooze button? </p> <p>It's not. But then again, Google isn't promising the world here. It's just promising a slightly nicer, more seamless experience. Poupyrev points out that lots of people use the little autoreply buttons instead of just typing out "yes" manually. "At the end of the day, the technology that wins is what's easy to use," he argues. "It's just as simple as that. And removing a small amount of friction is what gets people more and more adapted to the technology."</p> <p>If you just look at "what it does for you," what Poupyrev calls "the toothbrush use case," he argues you're missing the point. The point isn't to layer on a ton of new features; it's to improve "the emotional components of interaction." </p> <p>Some of that is just fun. In addition to that pokémon tutorial, there's a <em>Pokémon</em> wallpaper you can wave at or even tickle, and a game co-developed with UsTwo. Most of it, though, is what Barbello says is "making the core device functions a lot more natural."</p> <p>Poupyrev puts it a different way: "How does the toothbrush make you happy? You know it makes your life better, but it doesn't make you happy. A pokémon makes you happy."</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Pixelbook Go: Google Announces New $649 Chromebook | Digital Trends Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:50:45 +0000 <div> <figure><img src=""></figure><p>After a slew of comprehensive leaks, Google has made it official at its Pixel hardware event on Tuesday: The Pixelbook Go will launch at $649.</p> <p>The Go is a follow-up to the original $999 Pixelbook, which launched in 2017. Unlike the original, the Pixelbook Go is a clamshell laptop rather than a 2-in-1 device. It's far more conventional, offering a 16:9 13.3-inch screen in either 1080p or 4K "Molecular Display." This is the same display branding that debuted on the 3,000 x 2,000 Pixel Slate screen.</p> <p>The laptop comes in two color options: Just Black and Not Pink. Both feature a bumpy, textured finish on the bottom, as well as a more rounded chassis.</p> <p>Speakers flank each side of the new keyboard, and a large touchpad is featured below. There's a new "ultra-quiet" keyboard with "Hush Keys" and a typical Chrome OS layout. The laptop still features some hefty bezels above and below the screen, but the side bezels have been cut down quite a bit.</p> <figure><img src=""></figure><p>Though it can't flip around to be used as a tablet, it does still feature a touchscreen for use with Android apps and "just barely 2 pounds." The laptop is made out of magnesium with a matte finish, which allows for that extreme lightness. It's also just 0.5 inches thick.</p> <p>The Pixelbook Go starts with the dual-core Intel Core m3 processor, but it can be upgraded to Core i5 or Core i7. Other configurations options include 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and storage ranging from 64GB to 256GB.</p> <p>Google also says that battery life is also a focus with the Pixelbook Go, offering a 15% larger battery than the Pixelbook. Actual battery life will be dependent on whether you go with the 1080p or 4K screen, but Google says it will "last up to 12 hours." Google also says you'll get two hours of battery after 20 minutes of charging.</p> <p>At last year's event, Google launched the Pixel Slate, a 2-in-1 tablet that was swiftly canceled just months after it was released. The switch to a more conventional Chromebook marks a significant turn in strategy for Google hardware.</p> <p>Google didn't mention a final release date, but it's available for preorder today.</p> <h4>Editors' Recommendations</h4> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Taco Bell recalls 2.3 million pounds of beef due to concerns over metal shavings Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:46:33 +0000 <div> <p>Taco Bell removed and discarded 2.3 million pounds of seasoned beef from eateries in 21 states after a customer found a metal shaving in a menu item, the fast-food chain said Tuesday.</p> <p>Federal regulators were alerted to the problem on Saturday, after three consumers complained about metal pieces in Taco Bell beef, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service said in a release Monday.</p> <p>Produced by Kenosha Beef in Columbus, Ohio, between September 20 and October 4, the beef being recalled involves seasoned beef taco and burrito filling shipped to Taco Bells nationwide, according to the FSIS.</p> <p>The product was sent to distribution centers in Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Virginia, and then to Taco Bell restaurants in 21 states across the eastern Midwest, northern Southeast and Northeast regions, Taco Bell said. </p> <p>Taco Bell restaurants in some states reportedly were suggesting chicken or steak to customers as a beef substitute before the recall was publicly announced, prompting some to call out the company on social media. </p> <p>"The secrecy of what's going on makes me afraid to ever eat at your restaurant again," one Twitter user wrote.</p> <figure><blockquote> <p>Hey @tacobell can you guys be real about what's going on with your beef. I love eating there and the secrecy of what's going on makes me afraid to ever eat at your restaurant again</p>- ICUrn (@jeff_serenks) October 14, 2019 </blockquote> </figure><p>"Nothing is more important than our customers' safety, and nothing means more to us than their trust," Julie Masino, president of Taco Bell's North America division, responded. "As soon as we received the first consumer complaint, we immediately acted to remove the product from the affected restaurants and proactively worked with the supplier to inform the USDA of our steps to protect our guests."</p> <p>Consumers with questions can call (800) 822-6235 (800-TACOBEL) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time.</p> <p>Owned by Yum Brands, Taco Bell and its franchisees operate more than 7,000 restaurants around the globe, with most, or just over 6,600, in the U.S.</p> <p>In July, Taco Bell cited a supplier issue for a tortilla shortage that prompted some of its restaurants to temporarily cut some items from their menus.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Business Kathy Griffin & # 39; s family will not talk to her after Trump Photo - The Mediahq Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:46:26 +0000 <div> <p>According to <strong>Kathy Griffin</strong>, she was shunned by more than just Hollywood after that photo of her holding a prop replica up <strong>Donald Trump & # 39; s</strong> severed head. </p> <p>Appears on <strong>"The Wendy Williams Show"</strong> on Tuesday for her documentary & # 39; Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story & # 39; to promote, the comedian reflected on the fall-out of the photo of Tyler Shields that went viral in 2017. Her career took a hit at the time because gigs were canceled and CNN fired her from co-hosting their New Year's Eve special. </p> <p>On Wendy, she also revealed that the play came from both her own family and the family of her eight-year-old boyfriend, Randy Bick.</p> <p>"We're still together, 8 years old. He's here now, he's in the building, still 19 years younger," she said about her husband in the show. "It's quite a bit, because I'm even worried about its safety."</p> <p>When asked if the fall-out led to unrest in their relationship, she said, "That's it with our families. His family, they are very vocal about how they treat me and that is difficult for him to deal with to go." She added, "And none of my family members talk to me. No Griffin contacted me."</p> <p>Griffin said the alienation and the intense public reaction brought them closer as a couple. </p> <p>After the kickback, Griffin said she "paid a lot of money" to buy back her library of projects, including "all six seasons of & # 39; My life on the D-list & # 39 ;, all 23 of my specials and the two seasons of my talk show. " </p> <p>"Here's the best part, it's worth nothing, nobody wants to buy it," she said with a smile. "But I hope someday when I hit the bucket or something, & # 39; Hey, I want to show those specials. & # 39; So I own them now, you have to come get them and pay me what you would pay a man! "</p> <p>Wendy then pressed Kathy on her relationships with both <strong>Anderson Cooper</strong> and <strong>Andy Cohen</strong>. Kathy hosted NYE with Cooper, while she used to have a reality show in Bravo. </p> <p>She said that Cooper turned her back on her after the photo and noted that & # 39; it hurt & # 39 ;. As for Cohen, she said she couldn't get along with him. "He was terrible to me, he fired me from Bravo, he was a terrible boss the whole time I was there," she said. "He gave himself a talk show and he still manages the network. He is the only person in television history who gave himself a talk show that is magically picked up every season."</p> <p>When asked what they would say if <strong>Ryan Seacrest</strong> called her to participate in his show, now that <strong>Jenny McCarthy</strong> stepped down this year. & # 39; I think it's great that you think ABC would be close to me everywhere, & # 39; she said to Wendy. "I wanted to do & # 39; New Year & # 39; s Eve Live with Kathy Griffin and Stormy Daniels & # 39 ;, that's a show! That's different, it's out of the box thinking and I just like it. On this moment I am still too scary. "</p> <p>She added that she almost never goes out in Hollywood again and noted that when she recently attended an Emmy party, & # 39; almost no one spoke to me & # 39 ;. </p> <p>That said, she kept making jokes with Williams and added: & # 39; I have to laugh no matter what. & # 39;</p> <strong>"Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story" is now available for rent on streaming platforms.</strong> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Family Ka-boom! 'Bombshell' explodes with Oscar-worthy praise for Charlize Theron Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:46:26 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>Watch your back, <strong>Renee Zellweger</strong>! As admiring as the critics are about your rendition of a late-life Judy Garland struggling through the autumn of her years, complete with singing through the tears, <strong>Charlize Theron</strong> might have just one-upped you with her own uncanny transformation into TV anchor <strong>Megyn Kelly</strong> in " Bombshell."</p> <p>Yes, Renee, you have been perched on top of the Best Actress predictions on the combined odds chart since September 15 after your performance in "Judy" won high praise at the Telluride Film Festival. But that could soon change.</p> <p>The -directed fact-based drama that digs into the fall of Fox News boss Roger Ailes ( <strong>John Lithgow</strong>) after being besieged by sexual-harassment charges by on-air female talent was screened in Los Angeles on October 13. By all accounts, attendees were duly blown away not just by the torn-from-the-headlines account that Roach specializes in after such acclaimed fare as "Recount" and "Game Change" (both won Best TV Movie at the Emmys), but especially the ladies in the cast. Joining Theron is <strong>Nicole Kidman</strong> who plays Gretchen Carlson, who also accused Ailes of sexual misconduct, as well as <strong>Margot Robbie</strong> as a composite character who goes from being a staunch Fox supporter to a possible whistleblower.</p> <strong>SEE </strong>Renee Zellweger's 15 greatest films ranked worst to best <strong>SEE </strong>Charlize Theron's 15 greatest films ranked worst to best <p>Here is what <strong>Sasha Stone</strong>, esteemed empress of Awards Daily and one of Gold Derby's Expert prognosticators had to say about the crowd's reaction to what might become the signature big-screen account of the #MeToo era: "The crowd ate up the film at both screenings and what a treat to see a film like this in the race, a thriller-like film about such a serious subject as sexual harassment, driven by women. You often forget how great it is to watch women on screen and this year there is an abundance of these all-female ensembles - like 'Hustlers' and the upcoming 'Little Women.' 'Bombshell' is the kind of film you might have seen in the 1940s, with powerhouse performances by divas throughout."</p> <p>As Sasha notes, this awards season is rife with a "gaggle of gals" casting and "Bombshell" is just one of several films competing for SAG ensemble attention with a pack of formidable females. That includes the still-unseen "Little Women," which - like "Bombshell" - opens in late December. As for Theron specifically, Stone states: "Because Charlize disappears into the role of Megan Kelly, she is a force to be reckoned with in the Best Actress race."</p> <p>Much praise also poured down on Robbie for her supporting role as Kayla, although she might be competing against herself for her endearing performance as actress Sharon Tate in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." And, no, an actor cannot permitted by the academy to compete twice in the same category.</p> <p>Stone wasn't the only Gold Derby Expert entranced by "Bombshell." Deadline's <strong>Pete</strong> <strong>Hammond</strong>, who also attended the screenin g, described the real-life account as being "funny, fierce, powerful, timely and moving - qualities that ought to secure it a place in the Oscar conversation as the season ramps up." He felt a definite buzz of excitement in the room once the end credits rolled, noting that "much of it centered around Theron's uncanny and remarkable transformation into Fox News star Megyn Kelly."</p> <p>As of October 15, Theron is placed at No. 6 among Best Actress candidates while Robbie is No. 4 in supporting in the combined Gold Derby odds - but it is for "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood." She is at No. 11 for "Bombshell." As for the film itself, it is wallowing at No. 18 for the time being.</p> <p>As for the Gold Derby Experts, the movie is ranked only at No. 23, while Theron is at No. 8 among lead actresses with 11 backers putting her in their top 5 and Robbie is at No. 15 in supporting - even after the ecstatic post-screening reactions. However, seven smarties did move "Bombshell" into their Best Picture Top 10: <strong>Tim Gray</strong> (Variety), <strong>Jeffrey Wells</strong> (Hollywood Elsewhere), Stone and <strong>Jazz Tangcay</strong> (Awards Daily), <strong>Eric Deggans</strong> (NPR), myself as well as the jockey in chief himself, <strong>Tom O'Neil</strong>.</p> <p>Might I suggest that those making predictions might want to beat the rush and move both the film and the two stars up a few notches? If you need more convincing, here are some Twitter reactions from other Oscarologists:</p> <blockquote> <p>Wow. @CharlizeAfrica as Megan Kelly. Well, she just entered the Oscar race big time. #bombshell</p> <p>- Marc Malkin (@marcmalkin) October 14, 2019</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>Charlize Theron is uncanny as Megyn Kelly in Bombshell. It's uncanny. I'm still awestruck. She and Margot Robbie are incredible. #Bombshell</p> <p>- Gregory Ellwood - The Playlist 🎬 (@TheGregoryE) October 14, 2019</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>BOMBSHELL will make a convincing case for the VICE slot in the Best Picture race. Everything here is double-underlined (when the dominoes start to fall for the Murdochs, we literally see a character flick a domino over) but it plays effectively</p> <p>- Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) October 14, 2019</p> </blockquote> <strong>PREDICT </strong>the Oscars nominations; change them until January 13 <strong>SIGN UP </strong>for Gold Derby's free newsletter with latest predictions <blockquote> <p>Good lord #Bombshell is fantastic - juicy, heartbreaking, funny and infuriating. It's Charlize's show, but Kidman, Robbie and Kate McKinnon all perfect.</p> <p>- Matt Donnelly (@MattDonnelly) October 14, 2019</p> </blockquote> <blockquote> <p>I did not expect BOMBSHELL to gut punch me the way it did. Maybe that was naive of me. So many moments that women will nod in recognition with, such an incisive portrait of the way you have to navigate predators with power.</p> <p>- Jenelle Riley (@jenelleriley) October 14, 2019</p> </blockquote> <p>Be sure to make your Oscar nominee predictions today so that Hollywood insiders can see how their films and performers are faring in our odds. You can keep changing your predictions as often as you like until just before nominees are announced on January 13. And join in the fun debate over the 2020 Academy Awards taking place right now with Hollywood insiders in our film forums. Read more Gold Derby entertainment news.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Kid The Pixel 4 supports wireless charging, but there's a catch Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:45:23 +0000 <div> <p><strong>Best answer:</strong> Yes, the Pixel 4 supports wireless charging. You can place it on any Qi wireless charger to refuel the phone without having to plug in any cables, but if you want to take advantage of the full 10W fast wireless charging capabilities, you'll need to use Google's own Pixel Stand. Otherwise, you'll be limited to 5W charge speeds.</p> <h3>The Pixel 4 works with all Qi wireless chargers</h3> <p>The Pixel 3 from 2018 was the first phone in Google's Pixel lineup to support wireless charging, and to no one's surprise, the Pixel 4 does, too.</p> <p>Google's using the Qi standard for wireless charging on the Pixel 4, which is the standard that's quickly become the industry norm. In other words, if you go out to buy a wireless charger to use with the Pixel 4, chances are it's a Qi-enabled one.</p> <p>Any wireless charger that supports Qi will indicate it on either its packaging or the online product page.</p> <h3>However, only the Pixel Stand gives you fast charging speeds</h3> <p>With that said, there is a caveat we need to address. While any Qi-enabled wireless charger will work with the Pixel 4, the speed at which the phone charges is limited to a slower 5W output on pretty much every third-party wireless charger out there.</p> <p>If you want to take advantage of the full 10W wireless charging the Pixel 4 offers, you'll need to use the official Google Pixel Stand wireless charger. This is due to a weird proprietary system Google's implemented. The Pixel 4 technically works with any Qi charger you buy, but it'll charge at half the speed compared to if you used Google's own accessory.</p> <p>This is the exact same situation we found ourselves in with the Pixel 3, and to be honest, it's rather annoying, but easy to navigate.</p> <h3>The Pixel Stand has a few other tricks up its sleeves</h3> <p>With that said, the Pixel Stand is a darn good wireless charger. It does air on the expensive side of things, but it's a wonderful complement to the Pixel 4. Not only do you benefit from the full 10W charging speed, but the Pixel Stand adds some additional software goodies to make the experience worth the price of admission.</p> <p>If you have an alarm set on your Pixel 4 while it's docked on the Pixel Stand, the screen will slowly light up with a warm orange color to mimic the sunrise to help you gradually wake up before your alarm sounds off. Then, at the end of the day, placing your Pixel 4 on the Pixel Stand will automatically engage Do Not Disturb so you can unwind and get to sleep.</p> <p>As if that wasn't enough, the Pixel Stand can also use the Pixel 4 as a digital photo frame to showcase pictures on your Google Photos account, along with automatically displaying footage from your Nest Hello video doorbell when it's rung.</p> <h3>Google's best</h3> <p> <iframe src="/sites/" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=""></p> <p>New Pixel, same wireless charging setup.</p> <h3>The charger you want</h3> <p> <iframe src="/sites/" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=""></p> <p>The best wireless charger you can get for the Pixel 4.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Business Google Unveils Pixel 4 Smartphone With Radar and Improved Camera Features Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:44:49 +0000 <div> <p>Alphabet's ( GOOGL - Get Report) Google launched a new Pixel smartphone with a radar sensor and improved camera features at an event in New York City on Tuesday. It also announced updates to several Pixel devices to build on its vision of ambient computing across devices.</p> <p>The Pixel 4's radar sensor can respond to user gestures such as hand waves to control features of the phone, such as answering a call and switching to the next song in a playlist. It can also power down automatically when a user walks away, and start up when the person approaches. And the Motion Sensor features enables very fast facial recognition to unlock the phone. </p> <p>The Pixel 4 starts at $799, $50 more than the starting price of rival Apple's ( AAPL - Get Report) standard iPhone 11 but $200 less than its higher end iPhone 11 Pro. Among the Pixel 4's new camera features are live HDR+ to show what a photo will look while a user is composing a shot, as well as improved white balancing, portrait mode and night sight.</p> <p>The Pixel 4 is available for pre-order now and will start shipping Nov. 4.</p> <p>Alphabet shares were rising 1.3% to $1,233.56 on Tuesday late morning and are up about 18% this year. </p> <p>Google also announced a new PixelBook Go, which features a battery life up to 12 hours and an ultra quiet keyboard; a next generation Nest Mini with better quality sound and an improved CPU to perform more functions locally; a NestAware monthly service to gather data from all of a users' Nest devices; and a new Nest Wifi system with better speed and coverage.</p> <p>The Pixelbook Go starts at $649 and is available for pre-order now; the NestMini costs $49 and will be available starting Oct. 22; and NestAware will cost either $6 or $12 per month depending on features and will be available in early 2020.$12 per month-more features.</p> <p>At the event, Google also gave a sneak preview of its latest version of its Pixel Buds wireless earbuds, which it said would be available in the spring of 2020 for $179. Among the new features are a long-range bluetooth connection, a form factor that fits entirely in the ear and a spatial vent for more awareness of sounds around a user. Wireless earbuds are becoming a hotly-contested battleground among the tech giants. </p> <p>Finally, Google also announced that Stadia, its previously-announced cloud gaming platform would be available starting on Nov. 19.</p> <p><strong><em>Alphabet and Apple</em></strong><em> are holdings in Jim Cramer's</em> <em>Action Alerts PLUS Charitable Trust Portfolio</em><em>. Want to be alerted before Cramer buys or sells GOOGL or AAPL? </em><em>Learn more now</em><em>.</em></p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Investing India vs Bangladesh FIFA World Cup Qualifier LIVE: Adil Khan makes goal-line save, Bangladesh continues to remain ahead Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:44:19 +0000 <div> <div> <p>Hello and welcome to <em>Sportstar</em>'s live blog of the India vs Bangladesh FIFA World Cup Qualifier match being played at Kolkata's Salt Lake Stadium. This is Shyam Vasudevan and I will keep you company through this evening's contest.</p> </div> <p><strong>83' </strong>It looked like the Bangladesh 'keeper Ashraful Rana will be booked for time wasting, but it's the assistant coach who goes into the refs book instead! </p> <p><strong>80' </strong>It's a lot better from the Indians here. They seem to have moved away from the long ball tactic and are now making those key passes in the attacking third. A couple of crosses are whipped into the box but stopper back Yeasin Khan has stood strong. One of the clearances find Brandon a little over 30 yards out and he lets one rip, but can't keep his half-volley on target. </p> <p><strong>STAT ATTACK: </strong>Sunil Chhetri has scored all the goals in the last two matches between India and Bangldesh. Can he keep his record going with another strike tonight? </p> <p><strong>75' </strong>Third and final change for India: Lallianzuala Chhangte replaces Anas Edathodika. Meanwhile, Chhetri nearly finds the equaliser off a corner, but his header whizzes just wide of the far post.</p> <p><strong>73' Adil Khan makes a goal-line clearance</strong>! Ziban is found unmarked in the attacking third and he loops it past Gurpreet and beats him. The Indian 'keeper manages to get a little touch and Adil bombs down the pitch to make a fine goal-line save. India were an inch, literal inch, away from conceding a second goal!</p> <p><strong>70' </strong>Half a chance for Chhetri. He gets to the ball before the defence and the 'keeper is off his line, but Chhetri has no room to shoot. He twists and turns and delivers a diagonal cross into the box, but can't find a teammate. He's distraught, but there's just now much he could have done there.</p> <p><strong>68' </strong>Second change for India: Anirudh Thapa is replaced by Raynier Fernandes.</p> <p><strong>66' </strong>Sublime move from the Indians. Udanta passes it to Chhetri and bombs down the right wing. Chhetri sees his Bengaluru FC teammate scorching down the flank and finds him with a fine long ball. Udanta cuts back and crosses into the box, but Manvir seems to have just run past the ball.</p> <p><strong>64' </strong>Sahal draws a foul and the Bangladesh captain, Jamal Bhuyan, picks up a yellow card. That's the second booking of the game.</p> <p><strong>60' </strong>Bangladesh continues to be calling the shots at the hour mark. The attack has troubled Gurpreet aplenty and kept the Indian backline alert, while the defence has kept the Indians at bay.</p> <p><strong>60' SAVED ON THE GOAL-LINE! </strong>Biplo does ever so well to make a goal-line clearance and keep Bangladesh's lead intact. Anas rises well above his marker and gets off a strong header, but Biplo is up to the task and makes a fine defensive header.</p> <p><strong>56' </strong>First change of the game: Brandin Fernandes comes on for Mandar Rao Dessai. </p> <p><strong>54' CROSSBAR! </strong>And it's Bangladesh again! The right winger Ibrahim tries to cross the ball into the box but his shot ends up beating Gurpreet and clatters against the right-top corner of the crossbar. You can call that a fluke, but Gurpreet had no chance there. </p> <p><strong>51' WHAT A CHANCE! </strong>It's another lovely counter attack and that could have very easily been 2-0 to Bangladesh. Mohammed Ziban makes a terrific run and is played into the box, with the Indian defenders scampering behind him, and he has just the 'keeper to beat. He goes low and places it to Gurpreet's right, but the Indian custodian makes no mistake this time.</p> <p><strong>49' </strong>Much much better from India. Sahal twists and turns past three defenders and tries to find Manvir, but his pass is cut short by the defence. Sahal is finally showing signs of his brilliance.</p> <p><strong>46' </strong>Neither coach makes any changes and we're back for another 45 minutes of exciting football. Or should I say, we're back for the deciding 45 minutes of this tie. </p> <p><strong>46'</strong> KICK OFF!</p> <p>We're being shown replays of the Bangladesh goal and man, that was pretty agonising eh? I think the last time Gurpreet made such an error was when he conceded against Jordan from a goal-kick! Let me quickly jog your memory - <strong>Jordan goalkeeper Amer Shafi scores against India</strong></p> <p><strong>STAT ATTACK: </strong>The last time India <strong>beat</strong> Bangladesh was way back in <strong>1999</strong> when the Blue Tigers claimed a 1-0 win in the SAFF Games. And the last time India <strong>lost</strong> to Bangladesh was in <strong>2009</strong>, also in the SAFF Games. The last two matches between the two teams, in 2013 and 2014, ended in 1-1 and 2-2 draws respectively.</p> <p>Igor Stimac's Indian football team had a couple of stray chances but failed to really trouble the opposition goalkeeper, while Bangladesh latched on to a poor missed attempt from Gurpreet to storm into the lead. At the halfway mark, Saad Uddin's 42nd minute header puts Bangladesh 1-0 ahead. </p> <p><strong>45+2' </strong>And that brings us to the end of the opening half. The Bangladeshi players will go into the break with their heads held high as they enjoy a one-goal lead.</p> <p><strong>45' </strong>The fourth official has signalled for two minutes of added time.</p> <p><strong>43'</strong> A case of terrible miscommunication sees India concede the opening goal. Bheke gives away a freekick on the left and the Bangladesh captain Jamal Bhuyan steps up to take it. He sends in a curling ball towards the far post and Gurpeet Singh Sandhu races off his line to clear it, but he can't get a glove on it and Saad is there to finish things off in style with a diving header. </p> <p><strong>42' GOAL TO BANGLADESH! </strong>Saad Uddin's header finds the back of the net as Bangladesh storms into the lead.</p> <p><strong>39' </strong>It's the same old long ball approach. Anas floats in a pinpoint lob to Chhetri from the middle of the park and Chhetri connects well, but his header sails kindly into the 'keeper's gloves.</p> <p><strong>36' </strong>I was just about to say that the ref is being very stingy with his cards and Anas picks up a yellow for a rather unnecessary tackle.</p> <p><strong>34' </strong>Penalty to India? Chhetri is clearly pulled down to the ground by the Bangladesh defence, but the referee refuses to take action. This is the second time Chhetri has been taken out in less than 10 minutes. </p> <p><strong>34'</strong> What a chance! Manvir fires a fine backwards header and catches the 'keeper by surprise as he just about manages to get a glove to it.</p> <strong>JUST IN: India has beat Bangladesh! Yep, you read that right, but it's in the SAFF U-15 Women's Championships. The Indian team, coached by Alex Ambrose, has won the title on penalties.</strong> <p><strong>31' Costly miss! </strong>Adil makes a mess of a back pass and Biplu Ahmed latches on to it. He bombs towards the goal and gets a shot off, but it takes a last-gasp deflection and Bangladesh now has a corner. Gurpreet is understandably livid with Adil and the latter makes amends by clearing the resultant corner.</p> <p><strong>29' </strong>Another free kick for India. Thapa is felled on the right wing by Biplo. He takes the resultant freekick, but it's cleared for a corner.</p> <p><strong>27' </strong>Some intricate passing between Sahal and Udanta sees the latter race down the left flank with ample of space to deliver a cross. But the Bengaluru FC winger can't make the most of the chance as his cross loops into the top of the net.</p> <p><strong>25' </strong>It's a cheeky routine that sees Thapa play it Sahal who squeezes it into the box towards an onrushing Chhetri. However, the Indian skipper is held back by the defence and the chance goes begging.</p> <p><strong>24' </strong>Free kick to India and it's in a dangerous zone. Manvir wins the dead ball and this looks to be Chhetri territory. Oh wait, Thapa lines up to take the kick...</p> <p><strong>22' </strong>Bheke is in the thick of things, eh? He sends a swirling lob down the right, but it's a little too much for Manvir. The Indians have struggled to hold on to possession thus far. </p> <p><strong>Story: </strong>Speaking of that goal, did you guys know that Rahul Bheke sat with his friends cheering for Kerala Blasters in the first season of the ISL? Fast forward four years and in 2019, his last-gasp header guided Bengaluru FC to its maiden ISL title. Here's his story - <strong>Bheke: A spectator in season one, a champion now</strong></p> <p><strong>18' </strong>Bheekeeeeeeeeeee, that was close! Thapa weaves in a fine curling corner and Bheke got a solid header off, but it zooms above the crossbar. Had Bheke scored, it would have almost been a replay of the winner he scored, in the dying stages of added time, to lead Bengaluru FC to the ISL title this season.</p> <p><strong>13' </strong>Have the Blue Tigers adopted a new strategy this evening? It's raining lobs here, a drastic change from how India played against Oman and Qatar. The earlier two games saw the Indians keep the ball on the ground and stitch passes aplenty, but I have to say that things look slightly different today. </p> <p><strong>10' </strong>Chhetri plays the corner short and a lob is looped into the box. Bheke leaps high to try and play it towards Udanta in the centre of the box, but the Bangladesh defence manages to clear the danger. </p> <p><strong>8' </strong>It's Bheke vs Ibrahim again and the Indian gets way with it once again! He out-muscles the Bangladeshi midfielder in the box and steers the ball to safety, but he did catch him in the shin again. Like the commentator said, looks like Bheke has a little friendship going on with the referee! </p> <p><strong>6' </strong>Stimac's men have resorted to the classic long ball tactic in the opening minutes. It's kept the Bangladesh defence on its toes, but the strikers haven't had any clear chances.</p> <p><strong>4' </strong>First shot on target for India. Manvir floats in a fine long ball and Ashique pads it to Chhetri in the box. The Indian skipper fires a first-time volley and finds the target, but fails to trouble the rival goalkeeper.</p> <p><strong>1' Penalty? That's a clear penalty! </strong>Mohammad Ibrahim races into the box past Rahul Bheke and the Indian knocks him down! He catches him on the shin and appears to be an obvious penalty, but the ref thinks otherwise. Nervous start, this.</p> <strong>1' KICK OFF!</strong> <p><strong>7:29pm: </strong>We're seconds away from kick-off! Can the Indian football team claim its first win at home under Croatian coach Igor Stimac? </p> <p><strong>7:25 pm: </strong>What a visual treat it is to see the Salt Lake Stadium's stands brimming with fans. The capacity 65,000 fans are making themselves heard as the two teams enter the pitch.</p> <p><strong>7:23 pm: </strong>Some context before we head into the tie - Bangladesh comes into this game on the back of a 2-0 loss to Qatar. Yes India had claimed a draw against the AFC Asian Cup champion, but the stats don't favour Stimac's men.</p> <p>While Qatar had 11 shots on target against India, it had all of <strong>two </strong>against Bangladesh, and scored off both. And while Bangladesh had five shots on target against Qatar, India managed just two shots in total. </p> <p><strong>7:20 pm: </strong>Final touches, aye? 10 minutes to kick-off, ladies and gents!</p> <img src=""><p><strong>7:18 pm: </strong>Anyone seen the legendary PK Banerjee in the house? The last we heard, he was yet to receive a invite for the game! <strong>P.K. Banerjee not yet invited for India vs Bangladesh clash</strong></p> <p><strong>7:15 pm: </strong>We are 15 minutes away from kick-off! Here's some final words of motivation from the man himself, Sandesh Jhingan.</p> <p><strong>7:05pm: </strong>The Salt Lake Stadium is all decked up for it's first national team match in nine years! What are your predictions for this evening's tie?</p> <img src=""><img src=""><p><strong>6:55pm: </strong>The Indian football team returns to Kolkata after a nine-year gap and for the first time in a long time, there are no represents from East Bengal or Mohun Bagan. </p> <p>Aashin Prasad has more here - <strong>East Bengal, Mohun Bagan missing in action as Indian football team returns to Kolkata</strong></p> <p><strong>6:45 pm: </strong>So Anas and Adil will play as the stoppers, while Bheke will play on the right and Mandar on the left. Thapa and Sahal will play as the holding midfielders, while Udanta will play down thee right and Ashique on the left. Chhetri and Manvir will spearhead the goalscoring duties as India lines up in a 4-4-2 formation.</p> <p><strong>6:42 pm:</strong> An interesting line up, this. Anas Edathodika makes a comeback to the Indian football team for the first time since announcing his retirement at in January at the AFC Asian Cup. The veteran will have to fill in for the injured Sandesh Jhingan and will play in the centre along Adil Khan.</p> <strong>6:40 pm: Line ups, line ups! </strong> <p><strong>India starting XI - </strong>Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Adil Khan, Rahul Bheke, Anas Edathodika, Mandar Rao Dessai, Anirudh Thapa, Sahal Abdul Samad, Ashique Kuruniyan, Udanta Singh, Manvir Singh, Sunil Chhetri.</p> <p><strong>Subs:</strong> Balwant Singh, Pritam Kotal, Amrinder Singh, Brandon Fernandes, Subhasish Bose, Sarthak Golui, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Vinit Rai, Nikhil Poojari, Raynier Fernandes, Kamaljit Singh, Narender Gahlot. </p> <p><strong>6:30 pm: </strong>With centre-back Sandesh Jhingan out due to an injury, who can fill this void in the defence? Vote below!</p> <p><strong>6:15 pm: </strong>So we all know that Chhetri is back in the squad and just how crucial his presence is on the pitch. The 34-year-old has for long shouldered the goal-scoring responsibilities and it's genuinely tough to think of an Indian attacking unit without him.</p> <p>But Chhetri insists that he is just one piece of a larger picture in Igor Stimac's team. "If three people mark, even four, we will be happy. We can even have tea together," Chhetri said on the prospect of being marked tightly by Bangladesh. "It will be a 10 vs six advantage. You need to understand that it's not about me. Tomorrow, you will come to know about someone like Udanta (Singh), Ashique (Kuruniyan), (Abdul Samad) Sahal or Manvir (Singh)," he says.</p> <strong>Full story here - It will always be about Chhetri</strong> <p>The Indian football team goes into the tie on the back of a remarkable draw against Qatar, easily its best result of the century. However, things have changed since. While skipper Sunil Chhetri has recovered and is back with the squad, defensive mainstay Sandesh Jhingan has been ruled out, for close to six months, after suffering an ACL injury.</p> <p>What does the Indian team look like? What does India coach Igor Stimac think of this Bangladesh unit? Our reporter <strong>Aashin Prasad</strong>, who is at the venue, has all the answers:</p> <strong>- After Qatar draw, onus on India to outclass Bangladesh -</strong> <p>On a day when the men in suits laid out the <strong>roadmap for the future of Indian football</strong> in Kuala Lumpur, over in Kolkata, the men in tracksuits are busy going through their paces to ensure the put forward plan is on the right track.</p> <p>The Indian Super League (ISL) was conceived in 2014 as the forceful solution to take the nation to greater heights. Three years ago, India's 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign ended with a second-round exit where it mustered a solitary win against a lowly Guam. On Tuesday, a 23-man squad boasting an all ISL group has been entrusted with providing a fillip to the 2022 qualifying campaign against Bangladesh in a Group E clash at the Salt Lake Stadium.</p> <p>The spirited display in the goalless draw in Qatar on the back of the cruel defeat to Oman proved to be a watershed moment for this young group. Returning to the 'Mecca of Indian football' after a gap of nine years, Igor Stimac's men have the chance to make another statement by registering the first win of the campaign.</p> <p>"There will be a lot of passion. We know that we have somehow woken up everyone with our recent performances. We have shown that on our day we can play against anyone. In the first two games, we were not favourites. But now the whole pressure is on us. We have to win this game so that we have a chance to keep dreaming," said Stimac on the pre-match eve.</p> <strong>Not taking Bangladesh lightly</strong> <p>Despite carrying the favourite billing, Stimac is in no mood to take the opposition lightly. Bangladesh is placed bottom on the points table behind India after coming off a 2-0 defeat to Qatar at home last week.</p> <p>The Croatian said, "I wouldn't like any of you to underestimate Bangladesh. Whenever we underrate someone the result is not good. Bangladesh did a very good job against Qatar. They created more chances."</p> <p>Bangladesh coach Jamie Day wants his men to make the chances count on Tuesday and silence a sold-out crowd. "We have to catch on. Qatar had two shots on target and they scored both. We got five we but we couldn't score. If we take our chances we can win against India."</p> <p>Ranked 83 rungs below India, Bangladesh has been a side on the rise under Englishman Day. Since his appointment as the senior team coach in May last year, the Red and Green have won seven of their 13 matches. Fourteen of its 23-man travelling party is aged 23 or below with the former Arsenal trainee building his team around the 2018 Asian Games youngsters.</p> <strong>Chhetri returns</strong> <p>In the lead up to the match, the Blue Tigers, however, has to fill a Sandesh Jhingan-sized hole after he suffered a long term injury last week when India played its first practice match in 28 days <strong>against NorthEast United FC</strong>.</p> <p>They will receive a boost in the form of the returning striker Sunil Chhetri, who missed the match against Qatar due to illness. The skipper retained his goal-scoring touch with a strike in the 1-1 draw at the home of the Highlanders. His Bengaluru FC teammate and defender Rahul Bheke is available for selection after being by cleared by the medical staff from a groin strain.</p> <p>With Rowllin Borges suspended, Stimac may look at Vinit Rai as an option for defensive cover in the center of the midfield to allow his midfielders to enjoy creative freedom in his preferred 4-2-3-1 formation. Stimac has urged a more attacking approach and his side will likely dominate possession, whereas Bangladesh will be expected to hold its shape and pounce on the break. The pace of Ashique Kuruniyan and Udanta Singh will be key for India to set the proceedings in the first half.</p> <p>Much like the opposition, India, too, has skilfull under-23 players at the core of its team. Failure to seize opportunities has hurt the side in the recent past. On Tuesday, it has another opportunity to set the ball</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football Here's everything Google just announced at the Made By Google 2019 event Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:43:33 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>Google held its annual "Made By Google" hardware event this morning in New York City, where they launched all sorts of new gear back to back to back.</p> <p>Didn't have time to watch the whole stream, but still want to know the bulletpoints of what's new? We've got you covered.</p> <b>Stadia</b> <img src=""> <p>Stadia, Google's cloud video game streaming service, will launch on November 19th.</p> <b>Pixel Buds</b> <img src=""> <p>Google went back to the drawing board with its answer to the AirPods. Shipping sometime in "Spring 2020", the new Pixel Buds will cost $179. Google says the battery should last about 5 hours per charge, with the familiar floss-style charging case packing an additional 24 hours worth of charge. On-board microphones will adapt the sound based on your environment, and help to cancel out background noise like wind.</p> <b>Pixelbook Go</b> <img src=""> <p>It's been a while since Google shipped a higher-end Chrome OS laptop - but with Pixelbook Go, they're taking another swing at it. It's got a 13.3″ display, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 256GB of storage, with the company promising around 12 hours of battery life. It'll weigh roughly 2lbs, with a base model that'll cost $649.</p> <b>New Nest Aware</b> <p>Nest Aware (which lets you add cloud recording to your Nest cameras) used to cost a few bucks per device. Now it's a flat fee, regardless of how many cameras you've got. $6 per month gets you 30 days of "event" history (read: just the bits of video where things are actually happening), while $12 per month gets you 10 days of 24/7 video history.</p> <p>Nest Aware also now lets you put your Nest Minis/Nest Hubs into a security-centric listening mode, with the smart speakers listening for things like smoke alarms and dogs barking and sending you notifications accordingly.</p> <p>They'll switch to the new tier structure in "early 2020".</p> <b>Nest WiFi</b> <img src=""> <p>As rumored over the past few weeks, Google is mashing up the concepts of its Google Wifi mesh router with its Google Home speakers, voltroning them into Nest WiFi - a router/smart speaker hybrid. They'll ship starting on November 4th; a two pack will cost $269, with a three pack going for $349.</p> <b>New Nest Mini</b> <img src=""> <p>The Google Home Mini is now the "Nest Mini" - and a bit has changed beyond the name. It's now wall mountable without any adapters, with a speaker that Google says offers up double the bass. Its got a new machine learning chip on board for faster responses, and more microphones to work better in louder environments. It'll ship on October 22nd for $49.</p> <img src=""> <p>After an endless series of leaks, the next generation of Pixel - Google's flagship Android phone - is officially official. The Pixel will come in at 5.7″ with a 2,800mAh battery, while the Pixel XL comes in at 6.3″ with a 3,700mAh battery. They're both running on the Snapdragon 855 chipset with 6GB of RAM. They've both got "Project Soli" radar chips inside, allowing you to do things like switch songs, snooze alarms, or silence calls by waving your hand over the phone without actually touching it.</p> <p>The main focus here for Google is the cameras, with the company leaning hard into the idea of using machine-learning and AI-centric software to improve photos - things like dual exposure controls, AI-driven "learning" white balance, and an improved Night Sight mode that can handle taking photos of star-lit nights. Both phones have two cameras on the back (12.2 megapixel f/1.7 main camera and a 16 megapixel f/2.4 telephoto lens) and one on the front (8 megapixels).</p> <p>It'll ship starting October 24th, starting at $799.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google The 8 biggest announcements from Google's Pixel 4 event Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:42:05 +0000 <div> <p>Well, we can't say there were very many surprises in store during today's big Made by Google '19 event, but it sure was action-packed. Google's second-largest event of the year is now behind us and there were plenty of big announcements made by company executives on stage in New York City on Tuesday. There's really no question whatsoever that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were the stars of the show, and there's also no question that they're the best smartphones Google has ever made by a wide margin. Sure they have big bezels that look like they're straight out of 2015, but if you can get past the somewhat dated design you'll find two terrific smartphones with great specs, phenomenal cameras, and perhaps most importantly, immediate access to future Android updates as soon as they're released.</p> <p>Of course, the new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are just the tip of the iceberg. Google made plenty of big announcements pertaining to new hardware products as well as nifty new software features, and we've rounded up all the most important news right here in this post.</p> <h2>Stadia</h2> <p>Google started off its big event on Tuesday by announcing that its new Stadia video game streaming service will be available beginning November 19th. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will obviously be among the first phones that support Stadia, but the whole point of the service is to make it available anywhere and everywhere. With that in mind, we'll be on the lookout for more compatibility announcements.</p> <h2>Pixel Buds</h2> <p>If you thought Apple's AirPods design looked awkward, just wait until you take a peek at the new Pixel Buds.</p> <img src=""> <p>Google's new Pixel Buds are... well... they're something. They're true wireless earbuds that basically look like massive dots in your ears. They offer 5 hours of battery life per charge, and they also come with a wireless charging case that adds another 24 hours of charge. Google says they deliver excellent sound quality, and they also have a hybrid design with a spatial vent that lets in some environmental sound. Needless to say, they also serve as a delivery mechanism for Google Assistant.</p> <p>Pixel Buds will be released next spring ad pricing hasn't yet been announced.</p> <h2>Titan</h2> <p>Google announced updates to its centralized security and privacy hub called Titan that will offer even more privacy controls for a wide range of products, such as Nest smart home devices. You'll also be able to delete Google Assistant recordings over different periods of time using Titan, and more.</p> <h2>Pixelbook Go</h2> <img src=""> <p>The new Pixelbook Go is a more compact, lighter-weight version of the original Pixelbook. It still manages to feature 15% better battery life, and a new keyboard that's even quieter than the one on the original model. It also has a new textured bottom that's more comfortable and more resistant to slipping around on a surface.</p> <p>Google's new Pixelbook Go will be available for preorder shortly in black, and pricing starts at $649. A pink color option will be released in the coming months.</p> <h2>Nest Mini</h2> <img src=""> <p>Google is updating its Nest Mini with a new color option called Sky, and it also has an integrated wall mount on the bottom. Google also says it has twice the bass as the original Nest Mini, it's louder and more clear overall, and it has a third microphone. Additionally, the new Google Mini has a built-in processor for faster response times.</p> <p>The new Nest Mini will be released on October 22nd for $49.</p> <h2>New Nest Aware Pricing</h2> <p>Google is simplifying its Nest Aware pricing into two plans, both with unlimited devices. $6 per month will include 30 days of cloud storage for video clips, while a $12 plan will include twice as much storage and more. The new plans will be rolled out early next year.</p> <h2>Nest Wifi</h2> <img src=""> <p>Google Wifi is the best-selling mesh Wi-Fi system on the market, and now Google is updating it with Nest Wifi. The new router system is twice as fast as the previous generation, and it has much better coverage. Google says 85% of homes in the US can be covered by just one Nest Wifi module, though 3-packs will still be available. Lastly, each Nest Wifi also doubles as a Nest Mini thanks to built-in mics and speakers.</p> <p>Nest Wifi will be available beginning November 4th and will cost $269 for a single router and $349 for a 3-pack.</p> <h2>Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL</h2> <img src=""> <p>They're finally here! Everything you need to know about the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL can be found in our earlier coverage.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Venom 2 May Be Adding a Second Villain with Shriek - Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:41:47 +0000 <div> <p>We may be getting a second villain in the upcoming <strong>Venom 2</strong>, according to Deadline. The site reports that two sources say that Shriek will join Carnage in the film. Sony has declined to comment as the film is still in its early stages. The site also reports that the role is not cast and that the studio is looking at unknowns.</p> <p>Shriek first appeared in 1993 in <strong>Spider-Man Unlimited Vol. 1, #1</strong> as part of the gang of villains who roamed New York with Carnage, who is sometimes her partner. Her real name is Frances Louise Barrison, but she also goes by Sandra Deel. She was a drug dealer and a mutant with the ability to manipulate sound.</p> <p>Andy Serkis is directing <strong>Venom 2</strong>. Ruben Fleischer directed the first movie, which grossed an impressive $856 million worldwide in 2018.</p> <p>Tom Hardy is set to return as the title character in the <strong>Venom</strong> sequel, while Michelle Williams will be back as Anne Weying and Woody Harrelson will return as Cletus Kasady/Carnage.</p> <p>Kelly Marcel (Disney's upcoming <strong>Cruella</strong>, <strong>Fifty Shades of Grey</strong>) wrote the script. Marcel, who will also executive produce the movie, was one of the screenwriters on the first film. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal will produce again.</p> <p><strong>Venom</strong> tells the evolution story of Marvel's most enigmatic, complex and badass character. Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a broken man after he loses everything including his job and fiancee. Just when his life is at its lowest, he becomes host to an alien symbiote which results in extraordinary superpowers - transforming him into Venom.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment Philadelphia Flyers Sign Chris Stewart To One-Way Deal Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:41:01 +0000 <div> <img src=""> <section><h2>The NHL veteran has seemingly made the Philadelphia Flyers roster.</h2> <p>It's happened everybody. After placing defenseman Andy Welinski on waivers with the purpose of sending him to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms on Monday afternoon, the Philadelphia Flyers will reportedly sign forward Chris Stewart to a one-way contract. For those who don't remember, General Manager and Team President Chuck Fletcher signed the winger to a Professional Tryout deal back in July after he spent his 2018-19 campaign playing in the EIHL with the Nottingham Panthers. The agreement will carry a 750k cap hit with a 50k signing bonus, according to Frank Seravalli. He's also expected to be in the lineup tonight against the Calgary Flames.</p> <p>Stewart posted two points in five preseason games with the Flyers, tying for third on the team in that category, but certainly wasn't one of their strongest players. His possession metrics at even strength were average at best, and I thought there were several prospects who out-performed through Training Camp and the exhibition season. He'll provide the team with a physical presence that they've been lacking and is a great guy to have in the locker room, though, which is something, I guess.</p> <p>It's unknown who Stewart will enter the lineup for when the puck drops in Calgary, but if I had to guess, it'd probably be Connor Bunnaman. The 21-year-old forward hasn't been very noticeable in his first three games in an Orange and Black uniform, and I'd assume the coaching staff would want to opt for a veteran-heavy fourth line. I could be wrong on that front, though.</p> <p>While I'm not very high on Stewart as an NHL player, it's still nice to see a guy earn his way onto a roster after being on a PTO. He seems like a good dude by all accounts, so I'll congratulate him on defying the odds and obtaining a spot on the squad.</p> </section> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Philadelphia Google Nest Mini Features Better Speakers and New Features for $49 | Digital Trends Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:39:58 +0000 <div> <figure><img src=""></figure><p>Google announced the Nest Mini, an upgraded version of the Google Home Mini, at Tuesday's Made By Google 2019 event, confirming the existence of the long-rumored smart speaker and showing off everything that makes it so exciting. The October 15 event has also dropped news of Google Stadia, Pixel Buds 2, Nest Wifi, and of course, the newest Pixel 4 smartphone.</p> <p>The announcement confirmed leaked details - including that not much has changed on the front in terms of appearance. The Nest Mini looks a lot like the Google Home Mini, except that the bottom color now matches the top. You can say goodbye to the bright orange casing in favor of a more subtle look. This new look and feel may affect your decision when choosing between the Amazon Echo and Nest Home Mini.</p> <p>The underside now has a hanging groove that makes it easy to hook the Nest Mini on the wall - no special mount required. If you're a fan of the orange flair, don't worry - it's still present as an accent color for the hanging groove. The cable is around 5 feet long, and there are four color options: the original charcoal, chalk, and coral, along with the new sky blue.</p> <p>But don't think the Nest Mini involves nothing more than aesthetic changes; the specs have seen a significant upgrade, too. The Nest Mini uses a 15-watt power supply versus the 9-watt power supply used by the Google Home Mini. Google has also ditched micro-USB as the power adapter of choice. The Bluetooth function has been upgraded from Bluetooth 4.1 to Bluetooth 5.0, and the Nest Mini uses 801.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.</p> <p>The Nest Mini has double the bass of the original Google Home Mini for a better speaker experience and a third microphone to ensure the device can hear users even in loud environments. It can also work as a home intercom to talk to someone on the other side of the house, a home alert system through the improved Nest Aware program, or even a home phone when paired with Google Duo.</p> <p>Some things remain the same, though. The physical microphone mute switch is still present on the side of the smart assistant, as are the four "listening" lights on top.</p> <p>Perhaps the most important change of all, however, is that the Nest Mini is part of Google's commitment to use recycled and sustainable materials. All plastic in the Nest Minis will be made of 100% recycled bottles.</p> <em>This is a breaking news story and will be updated with the latest information.</em><h4>Editors' Recommendations</h4> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google 16th vase of West Nile Virus Confirmed in El Pas | El Paso Herald-Post Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:39:03 +0000 <div> <h3>The City's 16<sup>th</sup> case of West Nile virus involves a man in his early 60's. Despite having underlying medical conditions, public health officials say he was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.</h3> <p>"The community needs to take into account that for most people a mosquito bite is a nuisance, but for others it can be very serious if the patient has medical conditions that impair their ability to fight infection and if the mosquito is carrying a disease like West Nile," said Fernando Gonzalez, Lead Epidemiologist. "As long as we still have mosquitoes biting in El Paso, the threat of disease continues to be present."</p> <p>The best way to avoid exposure to mosquito-borne diseases is to practice the "four Ds":</p> <p> </p><ul> <li> <strong>DEET</strong>- Use insect repellents that contain DEET when outdoors.</li> <li> <strong>DRESS</strong>- Wear long sleeves, long pants, and socks when outdoors.</li> <li> <strong>DUSK</strong>and <strong>DAWN</strong> - Although mosquitoes associated with other diseases such as Zika can be active throughout the day; residents should take extra care during peak mosquito biting hours (from dusk to dawn) or consider avoiding outdoor activities during these times.</li> <li> <strong>DRAIN</strong>- Drain standing water from flowerpots, gutters, buckets, pool covers, pet water dishes, and birdbaths.</li> </ul> <p>You can also mosquito-proof your home by installing or repairing screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out.</p> <p>To report standing water or mosquito breeding call 3-1-1.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Health Flyers sign Chris Stewart after lengthy PTO Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:38:01 +0000 <div> <figure><img src=""><img src=""> </figure><p>After a weeks-long professional tryout that lasted well into the season, 10-year NHL vet Chris Stewart has inked a contract with the Philadelphia Flyers.</p> <p>The 31-year-old played last season in England's top league, posting six goals and 13 points in 23 EIHL contests. He last skated in the NHL in 2017-18 with the Wild and Flames, netting 10 goals and adding six helpers in 53 contests with Minnesota and Calgary.</p> <p>TSN's Frank Seravalli is reporting a one-way contract for Stewart worth $750K, with a $50K signing bonus, equating to a cap hit somewhere around $754K for this season.</p> <p>The former first-round pick of the Colorado Avalanche is expected to fill a 12/13th-forward role for a Flyers squad yet to lose in regulation through its first three games.</p> <strong>More NHL coverage from Yahoo Sports</strong> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Lifestyle Eva Mendes Got Her Hair Done at the Same Place You Went for Your Childhood Haircuts Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:37:20 +0000 <div> <p>Growing up in an all-female household, hitting up our neighborhood Supercuts for fresh haircuts every season was a family affair. Every three or so months, my mom would force my younger sister and I to have a few inches taken off of our waist-length hair. Despite our protests (having super long hair was a top priority in middle school), our hair always came out great, and to the joy of my single mom, no tears were shed. </p> <p>And that's the beauty of Supercuts. There's always a location in the closest strip mall for those times when you're desperate for a quick, reliable cut - just ask Eva Mendes.</p> <strong>RELATED: Eva Mendes's New Strawberry Hair Color Is a Must-Try for Summer </strong> <p>On Monday, October 14, the actress shared a selfie on Instagram of herself mid-haircut with damp hair. In the photo, she's wearing the infamous black Supercuts smock, emblazoned with the chain's white logo. </p> <p>"Ok this is a terrible angle but thought you guys would like to know that yea, I stop into @supercuts every once in awhile. Y que?," Mendes wrote in the caption. </p> <p>Mendes's followers praised her in the comments for "keeping it real," and another saying "Your humbleness is endearing." </p> <p>Other commenter agreed with the actress that Supercuts is the place to go for a quick cut or style. "They're great for a trim and quick layer!," one fan said. While another replied, "Totally! And great for a quick wash and dry!"</p> <strong>VIDEO: Right Now: Eva Mendes Visits New York & Company Store</strong> <p>While Mendes hasn't revealed what her cut looks like dried and styled, her Instagram post is reminding me of simpler times when I didn't spend a ridiculous amount of money on my hair. Maybe I should cancel my salon appointment and got to Supercuts instead. </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment India vs Bangladesh, FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifier Live Score and Updates in Kolkata: India Trail Bangladesh 0-1 Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:37:13 +0000 <div> <p><strong>India vs Bangladesh, FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifier Live Score and Updates:</strong> India are behind after they conceded a goal near the end of the first-half, with Bangladesh's Saad Uddin givin tem the lead in their Group E FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifier at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata. India will be confident and be looking to register their first win in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers after some strong performances in the tournament so far. The clash apart from being a World Cup Qualifier will also serve as the 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualifier. The Igor Stimac-coached side, ranked 104 in the world, are strong favourites to beat neighbours Bangladesh who are 83 rungs below them.</p> <p> The India vs Bangladesh clash is being held at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, also known as the Saltlake Stadium, with tickets having been sold out days ahead of the clash. The colossal Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan has a capacity of 65,000 and, according to ticket sales on the eve of the match, is expected to be packed to the rafters. In fact, Kolkata is set to host the national team for the first time since 2011 when they beat Malaysia 3-2 in a friendly. <strong>LIVE STREAM</strong><br> </p> <img src=""> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football Comedian Dave Chappelle will perform two more surprise shows in San Antonio Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:36:26 +0000 <div> <p>SAN ANTONIO - Comedian Dave Chappelle will perform two more surprise shows at San Antonio's Aztec Theatre. </p> <p>The legendary comedian will perform Tuesday and Wednesday at the Aztec. Tickets for both shows go on sale at 3 p.m Tuesday.</p> <p>The Aztec says tickets are only available online and will not be for purchase at the theater's box office. Click here for the ticket link for Tuesday's show and here for the ticket link for Wednesday's show.</p> <p>Tickets can be picked up at will call starting at 6 p.m. Doors open at 8 p.m. each day. The theater says phones and recording devices are not permitted in the theater.</p> <p>The comedian performed a pop-up show in San Antonio Monday and three pop-up shows in Houston last week.</p> <p>More recently, Chappelle was criticized for his Netflix specials with Vice reporting "You Can Definitely Skip Dave Chappelle's New Netflix Special Sticks & Stones." "The comedian doubles down on misogyny and transphobia in both the special and the hidden bonus scene that follows," Vice reported.</p> <strong>RELATED: Dave Chappelle's surprise San Antonio show sells out in minutes</strong> <strong>RELATED: Answering your Dave Chappelle surprise show questions</strong> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment How Google's Pixel 4 compares to other popular flagship phones Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:35:24 +0000 <div> <p>Google has announced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, joining the ranks will all the other 2019 flagship phones. If you've been following along with the numerous leaks, you might already have a good idea as to what this phone offers. That's simply because most of the leaks were actually true. </p> <p>Both phones have a fast 90Hz refresh rate display that makes scrolling around more enjoyable, and games that support it animate smoother. Each has a Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM, and comes with Android 10 pre-installed. They differ when it comes to screen resolution, as well as their screen and battery size. <em>The Verge</em>'s Dieter Bohn has a first look with the devices that does a thorough job of breaking down their differences.</p> <p>There are a few things about this year's Google flagship phone that differentiate them from other Android devices and iPhones. For one, its Soli radar chip can sense your hand, recognizing gestures to issue commands without touching the phone. And of course, the Pixel 4's cameras are sure to set it apart in some way. </p> <p>We've compiled the Pixel 4 and 4 XL specs, and put them into a huge table so you can see how they stack up to other phones that you're considering, whether it's the iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 7T, or really, any other flagship released this year. And if you're curious how exactly this year's Pixel phones compare to the 2018's Pixel 3, my colleague Sean Hollister has you covered with a detailed spec comparison.</p> <p>(Note: If you're on mobile, this table is best viewed in landscape mode.)</p> <small><em>Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see </em></small> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Flyers sign forward Chris Stewart to contract after tryout - Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:35:01 +0000 <div> <p><img src="">Sportsnet Staff |@Sportsnet</p> <p><img src="">Sportsnet Staff@Sportsnet</p> <p>The Philadelphia Flyers have signed veteran forward Chris Stewart to a contract.</p> <p>He had attended Flyers camp on a professional tryout.</p> <p>Stewart, who turns 32 years old on Oct. 30, is a 10-year NHL veteran who played last season with the Nottingham Panthers of the Elite Ice Hockey League in Britain.</p> <blockquote> <p>The journey is the destination!! Thanks to all my family and friends that held me down during this whole process I'm truly blessed. Let's get it #FlyOrDie</p> <p>- chris stewart (@Cstew_7) October 15, 2019</p> </blockquote> <p>In 652 NHL games with the Colorado Avalanche, St. Louis Blues, Buffalo Sabres, Minnesota Wild, Anaheim Ducks and Calgary Flames, Stewart has 160 goals, 321 points and 729 penalty minutes. </p> <p>The Flyers take on the Flames in Calgary on Tuesday. It's unclear if Stewart will be in the lineup.</p> <p> | </p> <img src=""> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport Chris Stewart immediately in Flyers' lineup after signing one-year deal Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:35:01 +0000 <div> <p>After spending last season playing in the EIHL, Chris Stewart has made it back to the best league in the world. Frank Seravalli of TSN is reporting that the Philadelphia Flyers will sign Stewart to a one-year, one-way contract and likely have him in the lineup Tuesday night when they take on the Calgary Flames. Stewart's deal is expected to be worth $750K, with $50K of that being a signing bonus, though the actual cap hit will be slightly higher given he signed it in-season. </p> <p>Stewart, 31, played most of last season for the Nottingham Panthers of the Elite Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom, scoring 13 points in 23 games. It may be hard to remember after his last few NHL seasons that were spent bouncing around the league, but Stewart was once one of the most feared power forwards in the game. Scoring 28 goals in consecutive seasons during the early part of his career, he was an absolute force in front of the net and could protect the puck extremely well with his huge frame. His touch around the net has never really left - Stewart still carries a career 82-game average of more than 20 goals - but it's hard to expect much of anything else at this point in his career.</p> <p>For the Flyers, squeezing some bottom-six time and perhaps a few goals out of Stewart is all they will need for such a small investment. Bringing him in on a professional tryout and now signing him to a near-minimum deal means that anything he contributes is a bonus.</p> <p>The team is currently 2-0-1 on the year and has young players brimming with potential waiting for their chance, but will use a veteran like Stewart to first give them some more depth in the NHL and keep those youngsters ripe in the minor leagues.</p> </div> <img src=',f_auto,q_auto,w_1000/v1/m/c/5/c5ef0543f281c8b3b36745602e06140233139f38/USATSI_12533399.jpg' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Nhl 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Thailand 2-1 UAE - five talking points Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:33:34 +0000 <div> <strong>Thailand met UAE in Group G of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, AFC second round. The two teams occupied the top two spots in their group, with the tie promising to be an exciting one. And it lived up to the billing, with the War Elephants sealing a remarkable 2-1 win! Here are the talking points from this one. </strong> <h3> <strong>#1 </strong>Teerasil heads Thailand in front</h3> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=",604"><p>Akira Nishino decided to go without veteran Teerasil Dangda in his last national team call-up. However, the Japanese coach recalled the striker into the final twenty-three for the crucial tie against the United Arab Emirates.</p> <p>Teerasil showed that he still can lead the line in Thailand's mid-week friendly against Congo. And the 31-year-old was on the scoresheet again to put the War Elephants ahead versus UAE in their 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier.</p> <p>The forward headed in a lofted cross by Ekanit Panya beyond the reach of the UAE goalkeeper, Khalid Eisa, in the twenty-sixth minute, capping off a dominant Thailand spell.</p> <h3> <strong>#2 </strong>Dominant forty-five</h3> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=",653"><p>Thailand looked by far the more comfortable side of the two in the first forty-five minutes of the match. The War Elephants nearly had the perfect half as well, only for Ali Mabkhout to level with the last kick, or in his case header, of the period.</p> <p>Akira Nishino's men were dominant in possession and passed around the UAE eleven with ease. They frequently played the ball out wide where the winger or the onrushing full-back would collect and dispense it into the box. When the clock struck thirty minutes, they had eight attempts at goal, as compared to UAE's one.</p> <p>Furthermore, Thailand pressed their opponent with great effect, enabling UAE players to make rash decisions. The only time the West Asian side breached their box was during the stoppage time of the first half, a play in which they levelled the score.</p> <h3> <strong>#3 </strong>Mabkhout puts UAE level</h3> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=",650"><p>Thailand dominated the first half in its entirety. The War Elephants were by far the better side and could have scored more than one goal. However, they didn't, due to several factors. The United Arab Emirates ensured that they did not escape unpunished.</p> <p>Ali Mabkhout had the only shot on target from UAE before forty-five-minute mark. The striker had collected the ball deep before unleashing a timid strike from range, which Siwarak Tedsungnoen had collected with ease.</p> <p>However, there was no stopping the UAE forward when he headed in a superb cross down the left side into Siwarak's net, after the entire Thai defence had failed to deal with it. For all their dominance, Thailand went into the break level.</p> <h3> <strong>#4 </strong>Ekanit's all-around brilliance</h3> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=",647"><p>Thailand were missing their talisman, Chanathip Songkrasin, in this match. The attacking midfielder had been ruled out with an injury and fears regarding a lack of creativity had surrounded the team. Nevertheless, Ekanit Panya stepped in Chanathip's shows and delivered a man-of-the-match worthy performance.</p> <p>Ekanit first supplied the cross for Teerasil Dangda's opening goal. The midfielder stood on the edge of the box before lofting the ball in for the striker to head. Furthermore, the Thailand 'number 8' had been troubling the opposing defenders throughout the first half, collecting the ball deep and then running forward with it.</p> <p>The 19-year-old further proved his credentials when he scored Thailand's second, and ultimately match-winning goal, in the fifty-first minute. The youngster was left unmarked at the back post and with great composure, side-footed a cross into the back of the net.</p> <h3><strong>#5 Akira Nishino off to solid start</strong></h3> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=",630"><p>Akira Nishino's appointment as the head coach of Thailand was treated with much fanfare. The Japanese football coach had led his country to the FIFA World Cup, where they made it through to the knockout stage. Japan came close to beating Belgium too, but ultimately threw away a two-goal lead and were eliminated.</p> <p>Nishino stepped down as the head coach of Japan following the World Cup and one year later, landed himself the job of the head coach of Thailand. The 64-year-old started his tenure with a draw against rivals Vietnam, following it up with a win against Indonesia. Another draw in a friendly against Congo followed, before his side claimed the biggest scalp yet - UAE.</p> <p>Not only did Thailand manage to beat the West Asian outfit, but they did so in style all the while playing an attacking and dominant brand of football. The War Elephants were by far the better side of the two and managed to rack up more than fifteen shots on target, despite missing some key men.</p> <p>Nishino and Thailand currently stand atop Group G, ahead of Vietnam on goal difference. They next face Malaysia on November 14, before playing Vietnam again five days later.</p> <h6><strong>(Image credits: Changsuek, Facebook)</strong></h6> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport How To Get Into The Witcher In 2019 Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:33:18 +0000 <div> <p>Maybe you've heard of this thing called . It's a book series, three video games, soon-to-be a Netflix show, and a hallmark of Polish culture. Maybe you've heard about it but never really tried to figure out what the fuss is. Now that <em>The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt</em> is coming to Switch, you say: "Well, I wish I knew what was going on." Don't worry, friends, I am here to help you.<br></p> <h3>What's the big deal?</h3> <p><em>The Witcher </em>started as book series written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, detailing the monster-filled, politics-laden life of mercenary beast slayer Geralt of Rivia. What started as a series of short stories in the 90s has exploded into one of the most well-respected and well-known fantasy stories. </p> <p>In 2007, developer CD Projekt Red released <em>The Witcher</em> for PC. It kicked off a storyline that continued in two more games, <em>The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings</em> and <em>The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt</em>. These games have their own continuity, with monster combat, romance, in-depth roleplaying and more. In 2011, Polish prime minister Donald Tusk gave US president Barack Obama a copy of <em>The Witcher 2</em>. It's that big of a deal. <em>The Witcher 3</em> is considered the best of the bunch, and is often considered one of the best games of all time.<br></p> <h2>Why am I just hearing about this now?</h2> <p>That's a really good question! I'll guess that it's because for all of its popularity, <em>The Witcher </em>can seem intimidating to hop into. Between decades' worth of lore, multiple games that span hundreds of hours, and the fact that not everyone is comfortable playing an action-RPG, there's a lot of reasons you might have missed <em>The Witcher</em>. It's a lot to wrap your head around, but getting into <em>The Witcher</em> is as easy as it's ever been, especially if you want to finally check out <em>The Witcher 3</em>.Can you just give me the short version?</p> <p>If you want to play <em>The Witcher 3</em>, go and play it! While it helps to know the lore and previous games, it's entirely possible to hop into <em>The Witcher 3</em> and enjoy every bit of it. The characters are great, the plot has tons of twists, there's side-quests galore, and it really is a damn fine game. If you want to know nothing else, know that you can pick up a copy and play without months of studying what the hell a witcher actually is or learning the complex political history of the Northern Kingdoms.</p> <h2><strong>But I want to learn all of that!</strong></h2> <p>Great news! Kirk Hamilton, who apparently worked at this website for a while, wrote a huge lore guide that breaks down <em>The Witcher</em> in immense detail. </p> <p>If you want a short version of that, here's the deal: <em>The Witcher 3</em> tells the story of Geralt of Rivia, a magical monster hunter who roams the land taking jobs to slay all sorts of beasts. Following the end of <em>The Witcher 2</em>, the empire of Nilfgaard is rapidly expanding to claim tons once independent kingdoms. As this occurs, Nilfgaardian emperor Emhyr var Emreis hires Geralt to find a young girl named Ciri who has connections to Geralt's past and potential claim to the Nilfgaardian throne. Hilarity ensues.<br></p> <h2>Don't people fuck in these games?</h2> <p>They do, but <em>The Witcher 3</em>'s not as horny as the earlier games. The earliest game was... not the best with how it treated women, and you could collect "romance cards" from sleeping with different ladies. <em>The Witcher 3</em> is still a sexy game, but it's much more focused on Geralt's relationship with two women: Yennefer of Vengerberg and Triss Merigold. They're both powerful sorceresses, and one of <em>The Witcher 3</em> 's central plot hooks is resolving the question of who Geralt truly loves.</p> <h2>Who should I romance?</h2> <p>In order to save myself from the comments, I will respectfully abstain from answering this question.</p> <h2>What's this "Complete Version" about?</h2> <p><em>The Witcher 3</em> received a smattering of free post-release downloadable content like new costumes for characters, but it also had two huge paid expansions. The Complete Edition grants you access to all of this, be it on the Nintendo Switch or any other platform. The first DLC, <em>Hearts of Stone</em>, is a gloomy and emotionally charged side-story. The second DLC, <em>Blood and Wine</em>, works best as a sort of epilogue after the main game. That said, you can access and play them pretty much whenever you want.</p> <h2>Can you break down the campaigns?</h2> <p>Yeah, sure.</p> <h2><em>The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt</em></h2> <p><strong>What's it about? </strong>Geralt is hired by Nilfgaard's emperor to find his adopted daughter Ciri, but things are more complicated than they seem. Ciri is heir to both Nilgaard's throne and an ancient elven bloodline that grants her the power to control space and time. That power draws the interest of the Wild Hunt, a group of interdimensional elven warriors eager to exploit it for their own ends. Geralt and Ciri are thrust to the forefront of a conflict that won't just decide the fate of nations but also the fate of the entire world.</p> <p><strong>The best part:</strong> Geralt's profession as a witcher is highlighted thanks to a string of detailed side-quests that really capture the feeling of being a monster hunter. Ciri is one of the most likable protagonists in the history of video games. There's sex on top of a stuffed unicorn, amazingly choreographed fight scenes, and next to no filler content. Everything is worth experiencing and everyone is worth talking to.</p> <p><strong>The worst part: </strong>Every now and then, there's difficulty spikes in the combat that slow down the pace. The best endings are reliant on a series of very specific criteria that's hard to know about without a guide.</p> <h2><em>Hearts of Stone</em></h2> <p><strong>What's it about? </strong>Geralt accepts a job from the cavalier nobleman Olgierd von Everec during which he is captured. A storm scuttles the ship he is held prisoner on, and Geralt soon finds himself dealing with the strange merchant Gaunter O'Dimm. O'Dimm wishes to collect a debt from von Everec. As Geralt learns the two about these two men, it's clear that something far more magical and terrifying is afoot than mere monsters and murder.</p> <p><strong>The best part: </strong>Incredibly moody tone paints a picture of intrigue and forbidden magic. O'Dimm and von Everec are immensely watchable characters who light up the screen. Bloody revelations constantly change the player's perception of what's going on. Geralt allows a lecherous ghost to possess him for a day in order to attend a wedding, and it's one of the best quests ever put into a game.</p> <p><strong>The worst part:</strong> It takes a while before the real plot starts to show itself.</p> <h2><em>Blood and Wine</em></h2> <p><strong>What's it about?</strong> Geralt agrees to help the duchess of Toussaint hunt down a monster that is terrorizing the countryside. It becomes clear that the creature is actually a shrewd vampire working with the duchess' long lost sister. The fate of the nation rests on Geralt's shoulders, hinging upon his ability to reconcile the two sisters' frayed relationship.</p> <p><strong>The best part:</strong> Toussaint is absolutely gorgeous. The intricate plot really drives home a feeling of bickering nobility. Vampires, vampires, vampires! Geralt gets high and his horse talks to him.</p> <p><strong>The worst part:</strong> Once again, it takes a highly specific series of decisions to get the best ending.</p> <h2>All of that sounds awesome. What else should I know?</h2> <p>If you ever find yourself too lost, you can use this handy tips post to make sure you have the best armor and abilities. In general, don't be afraid to look at guides if you need a little direction for quests or combat. <em>The Witcher 3</em> is huge, and while you should be wary of too many spoilers, there's no shame in checking out a walkthrough.</p> <h2>The Bottom Line</h2> <p><em>The Witcher</em> is great, and the video games have morphed into their own fantastic blend of action and roleplaying. It's never too late to get started, and it's even easier now that you can carry <em>The Witcher 3 </em>around on your Switch. Don't be intimidated. Hop in and get messy, enjoy the story and make mistakes. If you want to check a guide, go ahead. If you really want to read the books or play the old games, you can, but you don't need to. Take the plunge and you'll find yourself pulled into an adventure unlike anything else.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Technology How a vaccine scare caused polio to re-emerge in the Philippines after 19 years | UN Dispatch Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:32:03 +0000 <div> <div><img src=""></div> <section><div> <p> By: Joanne Lu on October 15, 2019</p> </div> <p>Nineteen years after polio was officially eradicated in the Philippines, the incurable disease has made a resurgence due to widespread fears about vaccines.</p> <p>On September 14, health officials in the Philippines confirmed the first case of polio, involving a three-year-old girl, in nearly two decades. By September 19, an outbreak was declared after a second case, involving a five-year-old boy, was confirmed.</p> <p>Polio is a highly infectious disease that is caused by the poliovirus. Although about 72 percent of people infected with the virus will not experience any symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), if the virus invades an infected person's brain and spinal cord, it can cause permanent muscle paralysis or even death.</p> <p>Children under five years old face the highest risk of contracting polio, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite the fact that polio cannot be treated, it can be prevented with a series of vaccines.</p> <p>Successful vaccination campaigns have driven down polio cases from about 350,000 cases in 1988 to 33 reported cases in 2018, and wild poliovirus is now only endemic in (or transmitted within) three countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. However, countries - like the Philippines - that have eradicated indigenous wild poliovirus are still susceptible to outbreaks if the virus is brought in from another country by an infected person or if it spreads within the country from a vaccine-derived strain.</p> <p>That's right - polio can spread from the vaccine, but it's only a threat if enough people have not received all of their polio vaccines. And that's exactly what's happening in the Philippines.</p> <p>According to the WHO, when a child receives an oral polio vaccine, the vaccine contains a weakened vaccine-virus that triggers an immune response in her body, protecting her from both wild and vaccine-derived poliovirus in the future. But the child also excretes the vaccine-virus. Even in areas where there is inadequate sanitation, this is usually not a problem, because the excreted vaccine-virus can protect other unvaccinated children in close contact (passive immunization) before dying out after a few weeks.</p> <p>However, if a community is "seriously under-immunized," as the WHO puts it, the excreted vaccine-virus can continue to circulate. And over the course of 12 to 18 months, it can mutate until it genetically changes into a paralytic form.</p> <p>"If a population is fully immunized, they will be protected against both vaccine-derived and wild polioviruses," says the WHO. "Hence, the problem is not with the vaccine itself, but low vaccination coverage."</p> <h2>But since 2017, a wave of fear and skepticism surrounding vaccines has been sweeping the Philippines, resulting in a measles outbreak at the beginning of the year and a dengue epidemic this summer.</h2> <p>It all began when French pharmaceutical firm Sanofi Pasteur released a statement in November 2017 that its new dengue vaccine, Denvaxia, posed a risk of more severe dengue for people who have not been previously infected by the virus. It led to a congressional investigation into the deaths of 600 children who had received the vaccine and a dramatic drop in public confidence about all vaccines, including measles and polio. Whereas 93 percent of parents in the Philippines in 2015 "strongly agreed" that vaccines are important, only 32 percent thought so in 2018.</p> <p>Nevertheless, widespread vaccination is the only way to combat the current polio outbreak, so health officials in the Philippines as well as international organizations, including the WHO, UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), Red Cross and others, are mobilizing resources and workers to urgently carry out mass immunization campaigns. And until polio is eradicated globally, sufficient vaccination coverage will be critical to keep the threat at bay.</p> <h3><em>Related: The Inside Story of How India Defeated Polio </em></h3> <em><strong>Download this episode to listen later. You can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify</strong></em> <h3>Discussion</h3> <p> comments...</p> </section> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Philippines Automotive Airbag Market 2025 | Details Analysis By Top Key Players - Autoliv , TRW , Key Safety Systems , Toyoda Gosei - WindStreetz Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:30:40 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>A new professional intellgence report published by Stats and Reports with title <b>"Global Automotive Airbag Market Report 2025"</b> has the ability to help the decision makers in the most important market in the world that has played a significant important role in making a progressive impact on the global economy. The Global Automotive Airbag Market Report presents and showcases a vigorous vision of the global scnerario in terms of mareket size, market potentials and competitive environment. The study is derived from primary and secondary statistical data and consists of qualitative and quantitative analysis of industry and key players. For the purpose of this study, the report includes major players such as <b>Autoliv , TRW , Key Safety Systems , Toyoda Gosei , Nihon Plast , Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems , East JoyLong Motor Airbag , Hyundai Mobis , BYD , S&T Motiv , Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology , Changzhou Changrui , Jiangsu Favour , Taihang Changqing , Ashimori Industry , .</b></p> <b>Sample Report & Graphs & Charts @:</b> <p>Industry Overview of Global Automotive Airbag:<br> To engage or target the Global Automotive Airbag Market, this study will provide a comprehensive view. It is important to keep Market knowledge up to date with Applications Passenger Vehicles , Commercial Vehicles , , Product types Driver Front Airbag , Passenger Front Airbag , Side Airbag , Knee Airbag , Others , . If you have other players / manufacturers in your geography, or if you need regional or country-specific report, we can provide customizations based on your requirements.</p> <p>This research will help you understand the markets or regions or countries that you need to focus on for years to channel efforts and investments to maximize growth and profitability. The report presents an in-depth analysis of key vendors or key players in the Market competitive landscape and Market.</p> <b>Ask for Discount @</b> <p>** We will also include opportunities to utilize in micro Markets that stakeholders can invest in, detailed analysis of key competitors and key services.</p> <p>Furthermore, the years considered for the study are as follows:<br> Historical year - 2014-2018<br> Base year - 2019<br> Forecast period** - 2019 to 2025<br> [** unless otherwise stated]<br></p> <p>Sub-section of the Market are Listed below:</p> <p><b>Product Types of Automotive Airbag Market:</b> Driver Front Airbag , Passenger Front Airbag , Side Airbag , Knee Airbag , Others , .</p> <p><b>Key Applications/end-users of Global Automotive Airbag Market:</b> Passenger Vehicles , Commercial Vehicles , .</p> <p><b>Major Companies in the Market are:</b> Autoliv , TRW , Key Safety Systems , Toyoda Gosei , Nihon Plast , Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems , East JoyLong Motor Airbag , Hyundai Mobis , BYD , S&T Motiv , Jinheng Automotive Safety Technology , Changzhou Changrui , Jiangsu Favour , Taihang Changqing , Ashimori Industry , .</p> <b>Global Automotive Airbag Market by Geography:</b> <p>* Asia-Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Australia)<br> * Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)<br> * North America (the United States, Mexico, and Canada.)<br> * South America (Brazil etc.)<br> * The Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries and Egypt.)</p> <b>Key features and key features of the report are as follows.</b> <p>* Automotive Airbag Market overview<br> * Changing Market dynamics of industry<br> * In-depth Market segmentation by type and application<br> * Historical, current and planned Market size in terms of quantity and value<br> * Recent industry trends and developments<br> * Automotive Airbag Competitive landscape of the Market<br> * Major player and product delivery strategy - Potential growth potential and niche Market / region<br> * Automotive Airbag neutral view on Market performance<br> * Market holders must have the information to maintain and strengthen their Market share.</p> <b>Read Full TOC of Research Study at @</b> <b>Key Highlights of TOC:</b> <p>Chapter 1: Global Automotive Airbag Market Industry Overview<br> 1.1 Automotive Airbag Industry<br> 1.1.1 Overview Major Enterprise Products<br> 1.2 Automotive Airbag Market Segment<br> 1.2.1 Corporate chain<br> 1.2.2 Consumer Distribution<br> 1.3 Pricing and Cost Overview</p> <p>Chapter Two: Global Automotive Airbag Market Demand<br> 2.1 Segment Overview<br> 2.1.1 APPLICATION 1<br> 2.1.2 APPLICATION 2<br> 2.1.3 Other<br> 2.2 Global Automotive Airbag Market Size by Demand<br> 2.3 Global Automotive Airbag Market Forecast by Demand</p> <p>Chapter Three: Global Automotive Airbag Market by Type<br> 3.1 By Type<br> 3.1.1 TYPE 1<br> 3.1.2 TYPE 2<br> 3.2 Automotive Airbag Market Size by Type<br> 3.3 Automotive Airbag Market Forecast by Type</p> <p>Chapter Four: Major Region of Automotive Airbag Market<br> 4.1 Global Automotive Airbag Sales<br> 4.2 Global Automotive Airbag Revenue & Market share</p> <p>.....</p> <b>Buy this Report:</b> <p>Key questions answered<br> * Who are the main competitors in the market and what are the key business plans?<br> * What are the key concerns of the five forces analysis of the Global Automotive Airbag Market?<br> * What are different prospects and threats faced by the dealers in the Global Automotive Airbag Market?<br> * What are the strengths and weaknesses of the key vendors?</p> <b>About Us</b> <p>Stats and Reports is a global market research and consulting service provider specialized in offering wide range of business solutions to their clients including market research reports, primary and secondary research, demand forecasting services, focus group analysis and other services. 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With the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, the company is flexing new camera hardware and software muscles. </p> <p>The new flagship Android smartphone, which the search giant unveiled on Tuesday, gets a second 12-megapixel camera, a key component in an overhauled portrait mode that focuses your attention on the subject by artificially blurring the background. The new portrait mode works more accurately and now handles more subjects and more compositional styles. </p> <p>The additional camera, a feature Google itself leaked, is just one of the advances in the Pixel 4, which boasts a host of new abilities that stem from the company's prowess in computational photography technology. Other new features include better zooming, live-view HDR+ for fine-tuning your shots and the extension of Night Sight to astrophotography. </p> <p>The new features are the surest way Google can stand out in the ruthless, crowded smartphone market. Google knows a lot is riding on the phones. They're a blip in the marketplace compared with models from smartphone superpowers Samsung and Apple. Google improved its prospects with the low-priced Pixel 3A in June. But to succeed, Google also needs better alliances with carriers and other retail partners that can steer customers to a Pixel over a Samsung Galaxy. </p> <p>Improving photography is something Google can do on its own, and photography is important. We're taking more and more photos as we record our lives and share moments with friends. No wonder Google employs a handful of full-time professional photographers to evaluate its products. So I sat down with the Pixel 4's camera leaders -- Google distinguished engineer Marc Levoy and Pixel camera product manager Isaac Reynolds -- to learn how the phone takes advantage of all the new technology. </p> <p>Levoy himself revealed the computational photography features at the Pixel 4 launch event, even sharing some of the math behind the technology. "It's not mad science, it's just simple physics," he said in a bit of a jab at Apple's description of its own iPhone 11 computational photography tricks.</p> <h2> <strong>Two ways to see three dimensions</strong> </h2> <p>To distinguish a close subject from a distant background, the Pixel 4's portrait mode sees in 3D that borrows from our own stereoscopic vision. Humans reconstruct spatial information by comparing the different views from our two eyes. </p> <p>The Pixel 4 has two such comparisons, though: a short 1mm distance from one side of its tiny lens to the other, and a longer gap about 10 times that between the two cameras. These dual gaps of different length, an industry first, let the camera judge depth for both close and distant subjects. </p> <p>"You get to use the best of each. When one is weak, the other one kicks in," Reynolds said. </p> <p>Those two gaps are oriented perpendicularly, too, which means one method can judge up-down differences while the other judges left-right differences. That should improve 3D accuracy, especially with things like fences with lots of vertical lines. </p> <p>Levoy, sitting at Google's Mountain View, California, headquarters, flipped through photos on his MacBook Pro to show results. In one shot, a motorcycle in its full mechanical glory spans the full width of a shot. In another, a man stands far enough from the camera that you can see him head to toe. The smoothly blurred background in both shots would have been impossible with the Pixel 3 portrait mode. </p> <h2> <strong>Continuous zoom</strong> </h2> <p>Google wants you to think of the Pixel 4's dual cameras as a single unit with a traditional camera's continuous zoom flexibility. The telephoto focal length is 1.85X longer than the main camera, but the Pixel 4 will digitally zoom up to 3X with the same quality as optical zoom. </p> <p>That's because of Google's technology called Super Res Zoom that cleverly transforms shaky hands from a problem into an asset. Small wobbles let the camera collect more detailed scene data so the phone can magnify the photo better. </p> <p>"I regularly use it up to 4X, 5X or 6X and don't even think about it," Levoy said. </p> <p>The iPhone 11 has an ultrawide camera that the Pixel 4 lacks. But Levoy said he'd rather zoom in than zoom out. "Wide angle can be fun, but we think telephoto is more important," he said at the Pixel 4 launch.</p> <h2> <strong>HDR+ view as you compose photos</strong> </h2> <p>HDR+ is Google's high dynamic range technology to capture details in both bright and dark areas. It works by blending up to nine heavily underexposed shots taken in rapid succession into a single photo -- a computationally intense process that until now took place only after the photo was taken. The Pixel 4, however, applies HDR+ to the scene you see as you're composing a photo. </p> <p>That gives you a better idea of what you'll get so you don't need to worry about tapping on the screen to set exposure, Levoy said. </p> <h2> <strong>Separate camera controls for bright and dark</strong> </h2> <p>Live HDR+ lets Google offer better camera controls. Instead of just a single exposure slider to brighten or darken the photo, the Pixel 4 offers separate sliders for bright and dark regions. </p> <p>That means you can show a shadowed face in the foreground without worrying you'll wash out the sky behind. Or you can show details both on a white wedding dress and a dark tuxedo. </p> <p>The dual-control approach is unique, and not just among smartphones, Levoy says. "There's no camera that's got live control over two variables of exposure like that," he said. </p> <h2> <strong>Continuous zoom</strong> </h2> <p>Google wants you to think of the Pixel 4's dual cameras as a single unit with a traditional camera's continuous zoom flexibility. The telephoto focal length is 1.85X longer than the main camera, but the Pixel 4 will digitally zoom up to 3X with the same quality as optical zoom. </p> <p>That's because of Google's technology called Super Res Zoom that cleverly transforms shaky hands from a problem into an asset. Small wobbles let the camera collect more detailed scene data so the phone can magnify the photo better. </p> <p>"I regularly use it up to 4X, 5X or 6X and don't even think about it," Levoy said. </p> <h2> <strong>Shoot the stars with astrophotography</strong> </h2> <p>In 2018, Google extended HDR+ with Night Sight, a path-breaking ability to shoot in dim restaurants and on urban streets by night. On a clear night, the Pixel 4 can go a step further with a special astrophotography mode for stars. </p> <p>The phone takes 16 quarter-minute shots for a 4-minute total exposure time, reduces sensor noise, then marries the images together into one shot. </p> <h2> <strong>AI color correction</strong> </h2> <p>Digital cameras try to compensate for color casts like blue shade, yellow streetlights and orange candle light that can mar photos. The Pixel 4 now makes this adjustment, called white balance, based in part on AI software trained on countless real-world photos. </p> <p>Levoy showed me an example where it makes a difference, a photo of a woman whose face had natural skin tones even though she stood in a richly blue ice cave. </p> <p>All these features represent a massive investment in computational photography -- one Apple is mirroring with its own Night Mode, Smart HDR and Deep Fusion. Google has to "run faster and breathe deeper in order to stay ahead," Levoy acknowledged. </p> <p>But Apple also brings more attention to Google's work. "If Apple follows us, that's a form of flattery." </p> <p>First published Oct. 15, 7:49 a.m PT.</p> <p><strong>Update, 8:08 a.m. PT and 8:24 a.m.:</strong> Adds detail about Google's new computational photography abilities.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google The biggest announcements, live from Google's 2019 Pixel event Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:30:05 +0000 <div> <p>Google's big 2019 hardware event is underway. The company has shared details on Pixel Buds, Stadia, Nest Wifi, Nest Mini, and Pixelbook Go. Based on rumors, we also expect it to announce the Pixel 4.</p> <p>We're live at the event, and if you want minute-to-minute updates of everything that's happening, check out our live blog. But if you just want the headlines with the context that you need, we're putting them all below.</p> <h2>Google breaks down what's new with the Pixel 4 camera</h2> <p>Google's Pixel 4 uses hybrid digital and optical zoom with both its lenses. It's shipping with four new features: <strong>Live HDR Plus</strong>, allowing you to see what your photo, complete with the HDR effect, will look like after processing. </p> <p>The camera app offers dual-exposure controls, allowing you to adjust brightness and shadows so you can get the look that you're looking for.</p> <p>Google has been using machine-based white balancing to provide more accurate colors in tricky shooting scenarios. Snow, for instance, tends to look blue with some SLRs, but Google is working to ensure that photos look realistic on Pixel 4.</p> <p>Night Sight has been improved, and it showed off the Pixel 4's ability to take pictures of the stars.</p> <h2>Google announces the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL</h2> <p>The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have been revealed - officially, this time. Google started off by talking about its Soli radar chip, which it says enables gestures that you can use to command the phone without actually touching it.</p> <p>Both phones have a 90Hz refresh rate OLED display, meaning that scrolling around on social media and through the news will appear much more fluid than it usually does on a phone. Both will also come in several color options, including white, black, and orange.</p> <p>It also detailed a recording app that can transcribe voice recordings. And it's not just capable of transcribing, it can dive into recordings to find mentions of any word or sound.</p> <p>Preorders begin today, and the phones will ship on October 24th.</p> <h2>Google's next mesh Wi-Fi router is called Nest Wifi</h2> <p>Google Nest is introducing its new mesh Wi-Fi router system. It's called the Nest Wifi, and compared to the Google Wifi currently on the market, it stands out with rounded cylindrical design, plus it comes in a few color options. Also what sets them apart is the ability to double as a smart speaker, a la Google Home. Google Nest is introducing two versions of the Nest Wifi: one that is a router that plugs into your modem, and the other (called a "point") that can double as a smart speaker.</p> <p>It will be available starting November 4th.</p> <h2>Google's new Nest Mini is like the Home Mini, but smarter</h2> <p>Google Nest's latest smart speaker is the Nest Mini. It looks like a Google Home Mini, but a few things seem to have been changed. There's now a hole on its underside to let you mount it to your wall, and it appears to use a sensor to turn on indicator lights when you move a hand toward it. Google Nest says that it will cost $49.99, the same price as the Home Mini.</p> <p>It will be available starting October 22nd.</p> <h2>Google announces its new Pixelbook Go</h2> <p>Google has announced a new flagship Chromebook called Pixelbook Go. Despite the similarity in name to 2017's Pixelbook, it doesn't seem to be a follow-up. Instead, this one's design looks (at a passing glance, at least) like to a modern MacBook - until you flip it over. Its bottom is covered in a ribbed texture that presumably makes it easier to hold.</p> <p>It's available for preorder now in Just Black for $649, and Not Pink will be available to preorder soon.</p> <h2>Google's "all-new" Pixel Buds are small, true wireless headphones</h2> <p>Google has announced its next-generation Pixel Buds, called the "all-new Pixel Buds". These are truly wireless headphones that allow for hands-free access to Google Assistant with the "Hey Google" wake work. They support long-range connectivity, and Google claims that they can remain connected to your phone through three rooms, or up to a football field's length.</p> <p>Google says that each charge lasts five hours, and its wireless charging case can last up to 24 hours of playtime. These will be available in Spring 2020 for $179.</p> <blockquote> <p>Mark your calendars! Stadia will start arriving November 19.<br><br>Need a quick guide on what exactly Stadia is? We got you covered. Become an expert in all things Stadia just in time for launch.</p>- Stadia (@GoogleStadia) October 15, 2019</blockquote> <h2>Google Stadia launches on November 19th</h2> <p>Google announced that Stadia, its cloud gaming platform, will launch on November 19th. It will be playable on TV via Chromecast, Google's Pixelbook lineup, as well as Pixel phones.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google debuts Pixel 4 phone, wireless earbuds with AI Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:29:46 +0000 <div> <p>FILE - This July 19, 2016, file photo shows the Google logo at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. Google is expected to unveil a new Pixel phone with an updated camera and an emphasis on artificial intelligence features. AP Photo</p> <p>Google unveiled a new Pixel smartphone and other hardware devices Tuesday, all aimed at getting people even more dependent on its artificial-intelligence services.</p> <p>The Pixel 4 phone promises to respond to AI queries even faster than before, while a home Wi-Fi system is getting the AI features for the first time. The company also unveiled a new smart speaker and wireless earbuds, both invoking the AI-powered Google Assistant.</p> <p>The Assistant, akin to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa , is now available on more than 1 billion devices, including ones made by other manufacturers. With Google's own products, though, the company can steer users to Assistant features even more.</p> <p>That in turn, could encourage Google users to interact with other Google services such as search and maps more frequently, feeding into Google's multi-billion dollar advertising business. More use of the Assistant also means that Google gets more data on user preferences and activities to build its advertising profiles.</p> <p>Amazon and Google are both pushing their voice assistants onto more devices, though they have different ultimate goals, said Victoria Petrock, principle analyst at eMarketer. Amazon is getting a shopping assistant into every device it can, she said, while Google is collecting more information about user preferences.</p> <p>"I think their end game is trying to collect all this data and target you with advertising," she said.</p> <p>The "helpful" features Assistant announces could make people even more likely to use it.</p> <p>"The voice is a whole new way to capture people's behaviors," she said.</p> <p>Assistant has faced scrutiny this year after reports revealed that Google contractors were transcribing some customer's spoken communication with the AI to help improve the system. Google has since clarified its policies and said it will make it more explicit that people must give explicit permission, or opt in.</p> <p>Still, many are skeptical of the proliferation of digital assistants in homes and pockets.</p> <p>With the new Pixel, the Google Assistant will complete some tasks entirely on the device - so it doesn't have to wait for answers from the cloud - allowing users to make commands and dictate text messages more quickly.</p> <p>The Pixel 4 will have better facial recognition for unlocking the phone with a glance. Unlike the existing "trusted face" feature on Android phones, the new Face Unlock is intended to be more secure and easier to use, matching what Apple and Samsung already offer.</p> <p>The new phone gets a second camera lens, for better zooming, even as some Apple and Samsung devices are getting a third lens, for wider-angle shots. True to Google's focus on AI, the Pixel's new camera will recognize people you have taken many photos of before and automatically focus on them in new shots.</p> <p>And the new phone comes with motion-sensing technology that allows people to do simple hand-waving gestures to skip songs or switch apps without touching the phone.</p> <p>The Pixel 4 will carry a starting price tag of $799 - $100 more than the entry-level iPhone 11 - and will go on sale Oct. 24. The larger XL version will cost $899.</p> <p>Google's phones have been well reviewed, but have yet to make much of a splash in the market dominated by Apple, Huawei and Samsung. In fact, Google's hardware products have never been big moneymakers. Rather, they offer a way for Google to showcase its money-making services.</p> <p>Google introduced a less expensive version of its phone, the Pixel 3a, to positive reviews in May, a trend that is sweeping across the smartphone market as consumers hold on to phones longer rather than buy new, expensive models. Google hinted the trend may continue, but offered no details.</p> <p>"We see that being a really great long-term opportunity, both for our users and for us," said Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of hardware at Google</p> <p>The company also unveiled true wireless earbuds, called Pixel Buds, Google's answer to Apple's AirPods. The new model, which will go on sale early next year for $179, does away with the wire that connects the two buds.</p> <p>Google introduced Nest Mini, the smaller version of its smart speaker. It comes out next Tuesday for $49. Google's refreshed Wi-Fi router, Nest Wifi, will be available in the coming weeks for $269. A new Pixelbook Go laptop goes on sale in January staring at $649.</p> <p>Google hardware team, including many former Google Glass engineers, work from a light-filled, architecturally impressive building near the company's main campus in Mountain View, California. The building is complete with a "color lab" for finding the perfect device hues, a materials library for all sorts of elemental inspiration and a small model shop to build device prototypes on site.</p> <p>"We started by defining what it feels like to hold Google in your hands," hardware design executive Ivy Ross said. "The good thing about coming a little bit late to the hardware arena is you get to stand back and look at everyone else."</p> <p>One of the challenges this time around was finding a way to make the products more sustainable, a feat especially notable on the Nest Mini, which has a "fabric" casing made of yarn created from plastic water bottles.</p> <figure> <img src=""></figure></div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Nest Mini replaces Home Mini as Google's smallest smart speaker Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:29:03 +0000 <div> <p><figure><img src=""> <figcaption> Sarah Tew/CNET </figcaption></figure></p> <p>Google announced a new small smart speaker, the Nest Mini, on Tuesday at the company's Made by Google '19 event in New York. The Google Home Mini was released in 2017, a smaller, more affordable speaker than the Google Home that came before it. With all the same Google Assistant capabilities and a more affordable $49 price, the Google Home Mini proved to be one of Google's best sellers. </p> <p>The new version of its smallest smart speaker is called the Nest Mini, as Google moves toward a Nest-branded line of smart home devices that includes the , and Nest Hub Max. </p> <p><figure><img src=""></figure></p> <p>The Nest Mini will also be $49 (£49), and is available for preorder today and in stores in the US and other countries on Oct. 22. While the Home Mini and the new Nest Mini look nearly identical at first glance, there are a handful of important updates. </p> <p>Google added sky blue to your color options for the Nest Mini, in addition to coral, chalk and charcoal. The fabric on the top looks and feels similar to Home Mini, but it's made from 100% recycled plastic.</p> <p>On the back of the Nest Mini, there's a wall mount hook, so you can hang the speaker on the wall instead of setting it on a table or countertop.</p> <p>Inside, the Nest Mini boasts a brand new speaker, which Google says will put out twice the bass of the Home Mini. There's also a faster processor and a machine learning, or "ML" chip. </p> <p>That chip helps Google Assistant learn, anticipate and recommend commands that you use frequently, like turning on the lights or setting an alarm. The speaker will begin to remember those commands, store them locally and execute them.</p> <p>There are three microphones on this speaker, one more than the Home Mini, and they work with something Google calls Ultrasound Sensing. The speaker emits tiny inaudible chirps, which then bounce off objects in the environment, reflect back to the microphones and tell the device if someone is near.</p> <p>Hover your hand above the Nest Mini and two new LED lights will illuminate on each side of the speaker, indicating where to tap for volume adjustment. Pause and play touch controls are on the top. </p> <p>Promising better sound and more features than the Google Home Mini, the Nest Mini could prove an even better value than its predecessor. Stay tuned as we test out the Nest Mini in the CNET Smart Home. </p> <p><figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p> <figure><img src=""></figure></p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Mini Aaron Murray returns home, assigned to Tampa Bay Vipers in XFL Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:27:47 +0000 <div> <p>Former Georgia quarterback <b>Aaron Murray</b> is set to continue his chasing his professional football dreams. It now appears that the next stop in that journey will take Murray home - to Tampa, Fla. On Tuesday, quarterback assignments were announced for the XFL just hours before the draft begins for Vince McMahon's rebooted football alternative, with Murray being assigned to the Tampa Bay Vipers. </p> <p>The 28-year old signal-caller is considered a hometown hero from his prep sports days. After transferring from Tampa (Fla.) Jesuit to Plant before his junior season, Murray would complete 201-of-329 passing attempts for 4,012 yards and 51 touchdowns with seven interceptions, winning the Mr. Football Award for the state of Florida as a junior. Halfway through his senior season, Murray suffered a broken leg and was expected to miss the remainder of his team's games. He would return for the semifinal round of the playoffs, and while still limping noticeably, he led Plant to a 34-14 win over Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln, throwing three touchdown passes to help his team win a state championship. In eight games, Murray completed 118-of-195 passes for 2,285 yards and 33 touchdowns with five interceptions, rushing for 257 yards on 26 carries with two touchdowns.</p> <p>In the spring before his senior season, Murray chose Georgia over 52 other offers. He would redshirt in 2009 due to a shoulder injury that fall. The following spring saw Murray take over after fellow freshman <b>Zach Mettenberger</b> was dismissed from the team. </p> <p>Murray left Georgia with numerous passing records and is the all-time leading passer and touchdown thrower in the Southeastern Conference, throwing for 13,166 yards and 121 touchdowns. He has the top three marks in program history for touchdown passes in a single season and went 35-17 as a starter for Georgia, going 3-1 against Florida, 3-0 against Georgia Tech, 4-0 against Tennessee, 2-2 against Auburn, and 1-3 against South Carolina while helping Georgia to a pair of SEC East Division titles. In SEC title losses to LSU and Alabama in 2011 and 2012, Murray completed 34-of-73 of his passes for 428 yards and two touchdowns, three interceptions, and a lost fumble. </p> <p>A fifth-round pick by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2014 NFL Draft, Murray did not attempt a pass in two seasons and most recently played for the Atlanta Legends of the short-lived Alliance of American Football this spring. Now he will have another chance with the XFL. </p> <p>The professional football league owned by WWE's Vince McMahon is set to hold the first draft of its second version on Oct. 15-16. This week, the XFL reboot announced the group of players that will make up the pool for its first draft. This list includes , defensive tackle eight former Georgia players: tight end, <b>Trenton Thompson</b>, tight end, defensive back, defensive tackle,, tight end, defensive tackle, and defensive back<b>Maurice Smith</b>. </p> <p><strong><i>(What's next for the Bulldogs? Make sure you're in the loop -- take a few moments to sign up for our FREE Bulldogs Newsletter!)</i></strong> </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport The Pixel 4's Recorder app can capture and transcribe simultaneously Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:26:46 +0000 <div> <figure><img src=""><img src=""> </figure><p>Google's Pixel 4 smartphone will come with a nifty new Recorder app that is sure to earn fans among journalists and students. In one of the more show-stealing parts of the company's fall hardware event, Google's Sabrina Ellis revealed she had been using the app throughout her presentation to record her part of the keynote.</p> <p>The app can both record and transcribe audio at the same time. Additionally, thanks to machine learning, it can identify specific words and sounds, allowing you to use the app's built-in search function to find specific parts of a transcript. Ellis later revealed that the entire demo was done with the Pixel 4 in airplane mode. That is, the Recorder app is able to do everything it can on-device, without access to the cloud.</p> <figure><img src=""><img src=""> </figure> <p>According to Google, the Recorder app will be first available in English, with support for more languages to come in the future.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Charlize Theron dishes on 'dating' Brad Pitt on Ellen DeGeneres Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:25:48 +0000 <div> <h2>Charlize Theron dishes on 'dating' Brad Pitt while Nicole Kidman squirms as she recalls Lenny Kravitz romance on the Ellen DeGeneres show</h2> <p>There was delight in the gossip columns when Charlize Theron was linked to Brad Pitt back in January. </p> <p>But the South African-born actress firmly put the dating rumors to bed on Tuesday, as she laughed about having an 'an entire relationship that I didn't even know about'.</p> <p>Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new film Bombshell, she joined her co-stars Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie in a little game of Who Would Charlize Rather.</p> <p>The segment, a spin on the party game Would You Rather, saw the three stars discuss a series of celebrities as potential matches for the 'shockingly single' Charlize.</p> <p>Among the options was Brad, who was briefly linked to Charlize, 44, earlier this year after the two were said to have been spotted getting 'ridiculously touchy-feely' in the Hollywood hotel Chateau Marmont.</p> <p>Charlize pulled a face at the suggestion, showing just how outlandish she thought the reports to be. </p> <p>'I did not date Brad,' Nicole reassured her.</p> <p>Charlize responded: 'I apparently did.'</p> <p>Among the other choices was Lenny Kravitz, with who it emerged Nicole had once enjoyed a romance. </p> <p>'This is awkward, move on,' said Nicole, giggling. 'This is so....' she trailed off. 'I love Lenny, I so recommend him.'</p> <p>Nicole quietly dated Lenny from 2002 to 2003, and it later emerged they had once been engaged to be married.</p> <p>Charlize was blunt about the choices, and clearly not looking for a younger man.</p> <p>When it was suggested she Canadian Drake, 32, might be her type, she replied: 'But am I the Drake's type? I might be a little too old for him.' </p> <p>And as for Harry Styles, 25, she said with obvious horror: 'I could be his mother. I literally could be his mother.'</p> <p>Nicole, herself happily married to Keith Urban, replied: 'I bet you he likes older women. I'm actually thinking that is a really good match.'</p> <p>And as for Trevor Noah, Charlize said: 'No he's my brother, this is going to get awkward. Yeah he literally is my brother.'</p> <p>The women eventually settled on Michael B Jordan as a choice for Charlize, leaving her squirming in horrified embarrassment. </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Kid New Minneapolis concert venue announces first shows Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:24:36 +0000 <div> <figure><phoenix-picture><iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe></phoenix-picture><figcaption><p>Live Nation </p> </figcaption></figure> <p>Brandi Carlile will be the opening act at Minneapolis' new concert venue, The Fillmore, it was announced on Tuesday.</p> <p>The Grammy winner will play three nights at the venue over Valentine's Day weekend, Feb. 12-14, with each show a different animal.</p> <p>The first will see her perform as part of a trio, the next night she'll be joined by a full band, and on the final night she'll be playing her love-themed 2010 EP "XOBC."</p> <p>Carlile was last in Minnesota for the Minnesota State Fair, when she played as part of the Grandstand Concert Series.</p> <p>She's among several acts announced for the new venue, which has been built as part of a mixed-use development adjacent to Target Field in the Minneapolis North Loop, which also includes a Westin hotel.</p> <p>Other acts announced for the first few months after the venue's opening include Buddy Guy, Evanescence, Jonny Lang, the Revivalists, Motion City Soundtrack, Three 6 Mafia, Ty Dolla $ign, Yung Gravy and Rüfüs Du Sol.</p> <p>Live Nation's new 1,850-capacity venue is aiming to compete with First Avenue, with the concert promoter and booker taking a potshot at the legendary venue in August, saying The Fillmore is "not just a black box with people in it."</p> <p>Here's the full list of acts booked for The Fillmore.</p> <ul> <li>Brandi Carlile, Feb. 12-14.</li> <li>Motion City Soundtrack, Feb. 15-16.</li> <li>Ty Dolla $ign, Feb. 17.</li> <li>Yung Gravy, Feb. 21.</li> <li>$uicideboy$, Feb. 22.</li> <li>Buddy Guy, Feb. 27.</li> <li>Rufus Du Sol, Feb. 28.</li> <li>Hayley Kiyoko, March 3.</li> <li>Sublime with Rome, with Jon Wayne and the Pain, March 4.</li> <li>Three 6 Mafia, March 7.</li> <li>Lanco, March 12.</li> <li>The Revivalists, March 13.</li> <li>The Floozies with SunSquabi, March 20.</li> <li>Dillon Francis, March 21.</li> <li>Yultron Presents Rave Prom, March 27.</li> <li>Hippie Sabotage, March 28.</li> <li>The Disco Biscuits, April 10-11.</li> <li>Jonny Lang, April 17.</li> <li>Citizen Cope, April 29.</li> <li>Evanescence, May 14.</li> </ul> <p>Tickets for the announced shows go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday via Ticketmaster, though Citi credit card holders can get access to presale tickets earlier.</p> <p>No prices have been announced ahead of the events.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Minnesota When You Take a Great Photo, Thank the Algorithm in Your Phone Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:24:05 +0000 <div> <div> <p> </p><p>With sensors so powerful now, computational photography is driving the future of cameras. Google's Pixel 4 is the newest example.</p> <div><figure><div> <p>Image </p> <img src=""> </div> <figcaption>Credit Credit Glenn Harvey </figcaption></figure> </div> <div> <div><img src=""> </div> </div> </div> <section><div> <p>Not too long ago, tech giants like Apple and Samsung raved about the number of megapixels they were cramming into smartphone cameras to make photos look clearer. Nowadays, all the handset makers are shifting focus to the algorithms, artificial intelligence and special sensors that are working together to make our photos look more impressive.</p> <p>What that means: Our phones are working hard to make photos look good, with minimal effort required from the user.</p> <p>On Tuesday, Google showed its latest attempt to make cameras smarter. It unveiled the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, new versions of its popular smartphone, which comes in two screen sizes. While the devices include new hardware features - like an extra camera lens and an infrared face scanner to unlock the phone - Google emphasized the phones' use of so-called computational photography, which automatically processes images to look more professional.</p> <p>Among the Pixel 4's new features is a mode for shooting the night sky and capturing images of stars. And by adding the extra lens, Google augmented a software feature called Super Res Zoom, which allows users to zoom in more closely on images without losing much detail.</p> </div> <div> <p>Apple also highlighted computational photography last month when it introduced three new iPhones. One yet-to-be released feature, Deep Fusion, will process images with an extreme amount of detail.</p> <p>The big picture? When you take a digital photo, you're not actually shooting a photo anymore.</p> <p>"Most photos you take these days are not a photo where you click the photo and get one shot," said Ren Ng, a computer science professor at the University of California, Berkeley. "These days it takes a burst of images and computes all of that data into a final photograph."</p> <p>Computational photography has been around for years. One of the earliest forms was HDR, for high dynamic range, which involved taking a burst of photos at different exposures and blending the best parts of them into one optimal image. </p> <p> Over the last few years, more sophisticated computational photography has rapidly improved the photos taken on our phones.</p> <p>Google gave me a preview of its Pixel phones last week. Here's what they tell us about the software that's making our phone cameras tick, and what to look forward to. (For the most part, the photos will speak for themselves.)</p> </div> <div> <p>Last year, Google introduced Night Sight, which made photos taken in low light look as though they had been shot in normal conditions, without a flash. The technique took a burst of photos with short exposures and reassembled them into an image. </p> <p>With the Pixel 4, Google is applying a similar technique for photos of the night sky. For astronomy photos, the camera detects when it is very dark and takes a burst of images at extra-long exposures to capture more light. The result is a task that could previously be done only with full-size cameras with bulky lenses, Google said.</p> <p>Apple's new iPhones also introduced a mode for shooting photos in low light, employing a similar method. Once the camera detects that a setting is very dark, it automatically captures multiple pictures and fuses them together while adjusting colors and contrast.</p> </div> <div> <p>A few years ago, phone makers like Apple, Samsung and Huawei introduced cameras that produced portrait mode, also known as the bokeh effect, which sharpened a subject in the foreground and blurred the background. Most phone makers used two lenses that worked together to create the effect.</p> <p>Two years ago with the Pixel 2, Google accomplished the same effect with a single lens. Its method largely relied on machine learning - computers analyzing millions of images to recognize what's important in a photo. The Pixel then made predictions about the parts of the photo that should stay sharp and created a mask around it. A special sensor inside the camera, called dual-pixel autofocus, helped analyze the distance between the objects and the camera to make the blurring look realistic.</p> </div> <div> <p>With the Pixel 4, Google said, it has improved the camera's portrait-mode ability. The new second lens will allow the camera to capture more information about depth, which lets the camera shoot objects with portrait mode from greater distances.</p> </div> <div> <p>In the past, zooming in with digital cameras was practically taboo because the image would inevitably become very pixelated, and the slightest hand movement would create blur. Google used software to address the issue last year in the Pixel 3 with what it calls Super Res Zoom.</p> <p>The technique takes advantage of natural hand tremors to capture a burst of photos in varying positions. By combining each of the slightly varying photos, the camera software composes a photo that fills in detail that wouldn't have been there with a normal digital zoom.</p> </div> <div> <p>The Pixel 4's new lens expands the ability of Super Res Zoom by adjusting to zoom in, similar to a zoom lens on a film camera. In other words, now the camera will take advantage of both the software feature and the optical lens to zoom in extra close without losing detail.</p> <p>Computational photography is an entire field of study in computer science. Dr. Ng, the Berkeley professor, teaches courses on the subject. He said he and his students were researching new techniques like the ability to apply portrait-mode effects to videos.</p> </div> <div> <p>Say, for example, two people in a video are having a conversation, and you want the camera to automatically focus on whoever is speaking. A video camera can't typically know how to do that because it can't predict the future. But in computational photography, a camera could record all the footage, use artificial intelligence to determine which person is speaking and apply the auto-focusing effects after the fact. The video you'd see would shift focus between two people as they took turns speaking.</p> <p>"These are examples of capabilities that are completely new and emerging in research that could completely change what we think of that's possible," Dr. Ng said.</p> </div> </section><div> <p>Brian X. Chen is the lead consumer technology writer. He reviews products and writes Tech Fix, a column about solving tech-related problems. Before joining The Times in 2011, he reported on Apple and the wireless industry for Wired. @bxchen </p> </div> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Technology Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL gain dual-cameras and a super smooth display Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:23:05 +0000 <div> <p> </p><div> <p>The pixel has always been about the camera, with imaging software alone that's so good it puts many flagships to shame, but the Pixel 4 and 4 XL sport more than just the one rear camera this year. There's one 16MP f/2.4 camera, and a second 12.2MP f/1.7 camera which is going to capture some ridiculously good portraits. There's also an 8MP f/2.0 front-facing cameras for group selfies and such larks. Improved zooming is capable through a combination of optical zoom from the second lens and Google's Super Res Zoom software. Night Sight gets a super boost through machine learning to measure white balance and computational photography for astrophotography. The display on the Pixel 4 (5.7in) and Pixel 4 XL (6.3in) comes with Ambient EQ, adjusting the display colour temperature and as astounding 90 hz smooth display. That, paired with Snapdragon 855 is going to make for some scintillating gaming experiences and all round power. With smart motion sense and gesture controls, there are more ways to interact with your Pixel and Google Assisant is on board to deal with your daily whims. Voice recordings gets really clever allowing you to search for specific phrases. It ships on 24 October (£669) in black, white and a limited edition Oh So Orange and we Oh So Want That One.</p> </div> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Pixelbook Go: the 5 major things you need to know Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:23:05 +0000 <div> <p>Google's new Pixelbook Go answers the question of whether its next Chromebook would be a budget or premium device: It's both. Priced at a somewhat moderate $649, this clamshell Chromebook offers a 13.3-inch display up to 4K, with processor options all the way up to a Core i7. It maxes out at $1,399.</p> <p>Recall that in 2017 Google launched the Google Pixelbook, a 360-degree notebook for nearly $1,000. A year later, it followed up with the Google Pixel Slate, a shift to a more traditional tablet merging Chrome OS and Android. Now the pendulum has swung back again to the Pixelbook Go, a definite return to the laptop form factor.</p> <p>The most profound change to the Pixelbook Go is a ridged, grippy exterior, available in either "Just Black" or a new "Not Pink" color. Google has extended the color accents inside the Chromebook as well, so that the "pink" also pervades the chassis, palmrest, and keyboard.</p> <p>Most Chromebooks are implicitly uncomplicated machines, though, and the Pixelbook Go is no different: expansion capabilities are handled by a pair of vanilla USB-C ports-no Thunderbolt, but that's probably because Google encourages you to store your stuff in its cloud, not in an external hard drive. Internally, there's a range of processor options, from a Core m5 all the way to a Core i7. It's also about two pounds and 13mm thin. Naturally, it runs Chrome OS.</p> <p>So that's the top-line story. Now here are the five most important things you really need to know about the Chromebook Pixel Go:</p> <h2>The price</h2> <p>Google offered the Google Pixelbook in three configurations, ranging from a Core i5 ($999) all the way up to a Core i7 ($1,649). The Google Pixel Slate shipped in Core m3 ($799) all the way to a Core i7 ($1,599). With the Pixelbook Go, Google is offering the Go at a starting price of $649, its lowest yet.</p> <p>Here are the available configurations:</p> <ul> <li>Intel Core m3/8GB RAM/64GB SSD: $649</li> <li>Intel Core i5/8GB RAM/128GB SSD: $849</li> <li>Intel Core i5/16GB RAM/128GB SSD: $999</li> <li>Intel Core i7/16GB RAM/256GB SSD: $1,399</li> </ul> <p>Note that the latter two are listed on the Pixelbook Go's product page as "coming soon". Of the two, only the Core i5/16GB RAM is available for preorder, at press time.</p> <h2>The design</h2> <p>Google's Chromebook Pixelbook Go ships in two color options: either Not Pink or Just Black. Both have a decidedly consumerish look to them, with a ridged back that's far more akin to something you'd find on a device being marketed to kids, rather than one that could sell for well over $1,000. The thematic color extends throughout the magnesium chassis, though, which will also be tinged with pink or black, depending upon your color choice.</p> <p>From a usability standpoint, the signature addition to this Chromebook is the Google Assistant key, found on the bottom row of the backlit keyboard next to the CTRL key. Though you can launch the Google Assistant hands-free, you can also tap the key to trigger the Assistant. By the way, the keyboard is promised to be quieter, with Hush Keys dampening sound.</p> <h2>The screen</h2> <p>Want a 4K display? You may have one. While the Pixel Slate offered a Microsoft Surface-like 3,000x2,000 screen, the Pixelbook Go offers up to a 4K display option-though just the forthcoming Core i7 model. All of the others ship with a 1080p display. Google is branding the 4K option as the "Molecular Display," which it's used previously with the Pixel Slate. While 4K options are usually rough on battery life, there's no arguing that they're a pleasure to behold.</p> <h2>The internals</h2> <p>With a variety of processor options from which to choose-from Intel's Core to AMD's mobile Ryzen to Qualcomm's 8cx-which processor Google chose matters. You'll have an option from Intel's Core m5 all the way up to a powerful Core i7. (Google's not revealing the actual product numbers, though they're 8th-gen processors.)</p> <p>A fast processor isn't quite as necessary as it would be on a Windows machine or a Mac, given that the most demanding applications don't appear on Chromebooks. But with a wide range of Android apps now available for Chrome OS, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, the extra performance may come in handy for some.</p> <p>The battery life is rated to be about 12 hours, according to Google, with quick-charging options that allow for two hours of battery life on just 20 minutes of charging. Interestingly, the battery life is the <em>same</em> for both the 4K and 1080p options-Google simply adjusted the battery size to suit. See our specs below for more details.</p> <h2>The omissions</h2> <p>One thing we're not seeing in the Pixelbook Go: LTE, either as an eSIM or as a slot for a physical SIM card. Instead, there's just the standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.</p> <p>Though the Pixelbook Go's display is touch-enabled, the Pixelbook Pen has been omitted from the lineup, at least for now. Does this mean that e-ink is on the outs at Google?</p> <figure> <small>Melissa Riofrio/IDG</small><figcaption> <p>Google's Pixelbook Pen (middle) lacks the flat edge that keeps other similar pens from rolling away. (At left: Porsche Design Book One's Stylus; at right, Microsoft's Surface Pen)</p> </figcaption></figure> <p>Likewise, there's no fingerprint reader. For a company that makes phones powered by either facial recognition or a fingerprint, the lack of LTE and biometric authentication is definitely a surprise. Instead, there's a front-facing 2 Mpixel camera that doesn't provide any biometric recognition capabilities. </p> <h2>Google Pixelbook Go basic features</h2> <em>Updated at 8:18 AM with additional details. </em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Introduces New $49 Nest Mini Speaker With On-Board Machine Learning, Stereo Pairing Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:53 +0000 <div> <p>Google introduced a revamped version of its entry-level smart speaker at a press event in New York Tuesday: The new $49 Nest Mini speaker effectively replaces its Home Mini predecessor with bigger sound, a built-in machine learning chip for faster responses, ultrasound for proximity detection and the ability to pair 2 speakers for inexpensive stereo sound.</p> <p>The Nest Mini pulls all of this off while staying true to the Home Mini's size and shape, with a bit of a twist: Google decided to rely on 35% post-consumer plastic for the Nest Mini's enclosure, and make the speaker's fabric cover out of 100% recycled material derived from old plastic bottles.</p> <p>The company also added a hook to the back to give consumers an option to wall-mount the Nest Mini. And in addition to the three existing colors (white, black and red), the Nest Mini is now also available in light blue (pictured above).</p> <p>But the biggest two new features are the sound improvements, as well as the addition of on-device machine-learning. The latter is being enabled by an integrated machine learning chip, which is being tasked with identifying frequent queries, and then speeding up response times.</p> <p>For instance, if a consumer frequently asks the Nest Hub to turn on their smart light bulbs, the device identifies this as a common scenario, and responds to it without sending any data at all to Google's servers. "By the third or fourth time, it just executes this locally," said Google Nest smart speaker product lead Mark Spates.</p> <p>Asking for a Spotify stream or a podcasts obviously still requires the Nest Mini to request data from the cloud, but Spates explained that frequent requests could still be answered more quickly by doing voice command recognition locally. "We are bringing the Google Assistant down to the device itself," he said.</p> <p>The other big improvement is the sound: The Google Home Mini always sounded good for its size, but wasn't exactly the speaker you'd want to listen to music on for longer periods of time. The new version does sound a lot better, and features twice as powerful bass sound. To pull this off, the Nest team to completely redesign the speaker's internal driver. Google Nest smart speaker product manager James Howarth told <em>Variety</em> during a recent interview that this process took "many, many" months, during which his team built around 25 prototypes for the new device.</p> <p>To more accurately test these prototypes, Google actually developed its own audio testing suite. This allowed the company to iterate more quickly than it would have been able to with third-party tools, explained Spates. "We turned audio programming into a software problem."</p> <p>One of the areas that required testing was the recycled material developed for the Nest Mini's fabric cover. To get that material mix just right, the team working on the speaker tested dozens of fabric swatches. Even changing the dyes could impact the test results, explained Google Nest lead audio engineer Frances Kwee.</p> <p>Another big boon for music lovers is the ability to pair two Nest Minis for stereo sound. Previously, Google only allowed this type of functionality for its high-end Home Max speaker. Now, consumers can get true stereo sound for less than $100. With that feature, Google is effectively catching up with Amazon's smart speakers, which has been allowing stereo pairing for its $50 Echo Dot for some time.</p> <p>Google also added two LED lights to indicate where to tap to change the Nest Mini's volume - something that previously was a bit of a literal hit-or-miss process. The twist: These two LEDs only light up when your hand is between 1 and 6 inches away from the speaker. To do this, the Nest Mini automatically adds inaudible ultrasound frequencies to any audio it is speaking. These ultrasounds bounce off your hand, which then gets detected by the device's 3 internal microphones.</p> <p>Most of the hardware features of the new Nest Mini had leaked in recent weeks. However, the leakers did get one detail wrong: Unlike previously reported, the Nest Mini doesn't come with a line-out port. Asked about this, Spates argued that there were already other options for consumers to connect their existing speaker systems.</p> <p>That may be true, but Google also removed one of those options when it discontinued the Chromecast Audio adapter last year. Spates said that the company was still evaluating options to serve consumers who want to bring casting or voice control to their stereo systems. "The team is thinking about how to do that," he said.</p> <p>Google also used Tuesday's event to introduce an updated Google Wifi system, which now features endpoints that effectively double as a Nest Mini smart speaker, complete with casting and far-field microphones for voice control. In conversations with <em>Variety</em>, company representatives made it clear that its hardware efforts are about far more than just selling routers and speakers.</p> <p>"We are going from mobile computing to ambient computing, and the shift is happening in the home," said Spates. But while most consumers just own a single phone, the home was about a multitude of devices working together, he argued. "There is no one device that runs your home."</p> <figure> <img src=""></figure><figure> <img src=""></figure><figure> <img src=""></figure><figure> <img src=""></figure></div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL hands-on: Two rear cameras and that ugly notch is gone Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:49 +0000 <div> <p> It's official: Google on Tuesday formally announced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Finally! The Pixel 4 is one of the most leaked phones in recent memory. In fact, Google itself teased a photo it and the 4 XL back in June on Twitter. The new Pixel phones pack dual rear cameras, a 90Hz display, radar-powered face unlock and a slew of unique features like car crash detection and live video captioning. </p> <p>The Pixel 4 starts at $799 (£669) for a 64GB version and $899 (£829) for the Pixel 4 XL. Both are available in black, white or orange, which Google calls "Oh So Orange." You can upgrade either phone to 128GB for $100 more. (This option is US-only.) Preorders are live and the phones ship starting Oct. 24. And for the first time, you can buy the Pixel 4 directly from all major US carriers. </p> <p>While it's Google's turn to take the phone spotlight, the 2019 stage is already full of new competitors, including Apple's iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and relaunched Galaxy Fold. The iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10E are two of the better-matched rivals to the Pixel 4 and both are $100 cheaper. Then there's the OnePlus 7 Pro, which packs a 90Hz screen like the Pixel 4 but costs $130 less. </p> <p><figure><img src=""></figure></p> <h2> A new industrial design </h2> <p>The Pixel 4 comes with a new design and square camera element all belted in neatly around the sides by a slick-looking aluminum band. Good news: The Pixel 4 XL loses the Pixel 3 XL's ugly notch and instead has a forehead bezel that houses the selfie camera and face unlock sensors. </p> <p>The new Pixels are just a millimeter or so bigger and a tad heavier than last year's Pixel 3 and 3 XL, giving the 4 and 4 XL a more robust feel than previous Google phones. There's Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, and the phones are rated IP68 for dust and water resistance. On the inside is a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM and wireless charging. There are stereo speakers and a USB-C port on the bottom. </p> <p>Curiously, the batteries on the Pixel 4 and 4 XL have a lower capacity compared to the ones on the 3 and 3XL. Android 10 should help maximize the battery's efficiency, but I look forward to seeing how it handles in real life, especially with that high refresh-rate screen. </p> <h2> Pixel 4's Smooth Display has a 90Hz refresh rate </h2> <p>Some of the biggest changes are on the front, with the Pixel 4's new 90Hz OLED "Smooth Display." Like the OnePlus 7 Pro and last year's Asus ROG phone, this screen refreshes 90 times a second, making graphics and animations look smooth and text appear sharp. For reference, the majority of phones sold today have a 60Hz display, including the latest phones from Apple and Samsung. I should note that Asus recently released the , which has an OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, the first on any phone. </p> <p>Depending on what content is on screen, the Pixel 4 will automatically switch between refresh rates to best optimize performance and battery drain. So if you're reading an email message, the display might drop down to refresh rate of 60 times a second, but if you're scrolling through Instagram it might bump up to 90 times a second. You can keep the Pixel 4's display at a constant 90Hz if you choose. </p> <p>The Pixel 4 has a 5.7-inch screen, which is larger than the 5.5-inch one found on the Pixel 3, while the Pixel 4 XL has a 6.3-inch display, the same size as last year's Pixel 3 XL. </p> <p>The new displays also have a feature called Ambient EQ that adapts the screen's color temperature to make colors look more natural under different lighting situations. It's similar to Apple's True Tone displays on the iPhone and iPad. By the way, you can turn Ambient EQ on or off. </p> <h2> Motion Sense radar for secure face unlock </h2> <p>But it's what's above the screen that is really impressive. It's called Motion Sense and it uses a mix of sensors, infrared and a tiny radar to let you unlock the Pixel 4 with your face. It's the first Android phone with face unlock that is secure enough to be used for payments with Google Pay as well as with password apps. </p> <p>When I demoed face unlock it was quite fast. Part of that speed comes from the fact that the phone detects your hand as you reach for it and preps the cameras to unlock. Motion Sense can also be used in other instances. If you're listening to Spotify, for example, you can swipe through the air above the Pixel to skip to the next track. Google also has live wallpapers that react to your hand motions like sending hearts to a Pokemon. You can even swipe your hand through the air to dismiss a call or an alarm. In the demos I was shown, it worked consistently well. </p> <h2> The Pixel 4 has two rear cameras and can photograph stars </h2> <p>Perhaps the most obvious design change is to the rear cameras. And yes, that's <em>cameras</em> plural. All previous generations of the Pixel only had a single rear camera, but the Pixel 4 has two cameras nestled into its square camera array. The main camera is the same 12-megapixel one found on the Pixel 3 and has the same f/1.7 wide angle lens. The new f/2.4 "telephoto" camera has a 16-megapixel sensor and provides 2x optical zoom. </p> <p>When I asked Google why it opted for a telephoto camera instead of the more trendy ultrawide-angle camera like ones found in the Galaxy S10 family and the new iPhones, a spokesperson said they thought that zooming in on a subject would be more important to Pixel owners. </p> <p>The dual camera system brings a bunch of improvements and new features. Night Sight, which launched on the Pixel 3 and captures a series of images to make low-light photos brighter, is now capable of taking photos of stars. Yes, that's right. You can now be an astrophotographer by using nothing more than your phone. </p> <p>When taking HDR Plus pictures, the Pixel 4 now shows a live preview of what the photo will look like before you take it. On the Pixel 3, you had to wait a second or so for the phone to process before seeing how your final image turned out. Google also added dual sliders that let you adjust highlights and shadows independently in the viewfinder preview instead of just the overall exposure. </p> <p>Portrait mode photos are now created using both rear cameras. Google claims that this improves the cut and edge blur of subjects over previous Pixel phones. You now also have the option to take wide-angle portrait mode pics. All these improvements are powered by a new Neural Core chip that processes everything locally on the Pixel 4. </p> <p>The dual selfie cameras of the Pixel 3 are gone, with Google opting for a single 8-megapixel camera with a wider default field of view. Video largely remains the same but now is capable of live real-time audio transcription that adds captions to your videos as you record them. In fact, Google launched its first audio recorder app built upon the same technology for instant audio transcription. Sorry </p> <h2> Google Assistant is better integrated throughout </h2> <p>There's a new version of Google Assistant that's better integrated throughout the phone. You can still trigger it by squeezing the sides of the phone or by saying, "Hey Google," but you can also activate it by swiping up diagonally from one of the bottom corners of the phone. Google says that voice commands are improved and that there is better app control, contextual commands and sharing options. </p> <h2> Car crash detection with the Safety app </h2> <p>The Neural Core that powers the cameras is also used by the Pixel 4 to detect car crashes. The feature is part of the Safety app, which is currently only available in the US. If you've been in a serious car accident, car crash detection will automatically call 911. Google said that fender benders shouldn't trigger it. </p> <p>Check back with CNET as we test the Pixel 4 and 4 XL for our upcoming in-depth review. </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google The New Google Wifi Ships in Three Colors Because Good-Looking Routers Work Better Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:33 +0000 <div> <p>When Google revamped its Wifi router product, it extended the devices reach and doubled their speed, while also adding a full-blown smart speaker with Google Assistant. But the company paid just as much attention to Google Wifi 's design, down to the decision to ship the product in three colors. The surprising reason for this: Google discovered in tests that the look of a router impacts its performance as much as its innards.</p> <p>"If the router looks better, it performs better," proclaimed Google Nest connectivity product lead Sanjay Noronha in a recent conversation with <em>Variety</em>. That's because consumers tend to hide ugly routers with protruding antennas from plain view, stowing them away in cabinets and behind shelves. The result is that the devices have to deal with additional barriers, leading to signal degradation. "The signal strength drops up to 50% if you hide these things away," Noronha said.</p> <p>The new Google Wifi routers look more like a designer Bluetooth speaker than anything you would rent from your internet provider. Round, chubby and available in colors Google likes to call snow (white), mist (light blue) and sand (beige), the new Google routers are meant to be shown off as opposed to be hidden.</p> <p>Google Wifi being marketed as a mesh router system, meaning that you're able to use more than one of these devices to cover every corner of your house with Wifi. The package Google will be marketing most heavily ships with a core router - the device that connects to an internet provider's modem - and a Wifi point, which extends the system's reach. Together, they can cover up to 3,600 square feet of space with wireless internet, for $269.</p> <p>Users can also opt to buy additional Wifi Spots for $149 to extend their home network's reach even further, or just opt for the core router for $169. However, there is another reason you might want to add extra mesh endpoints to your Wifi setup: Each Google Spot comes with a built-in version of Google's latest smart speaker, the Google Nest Mini. Equipped with three microphones for far-field voice control, and the same driver as the Nest Mini, the Spot can be used to play music, listen to podcasts and access the Google assistant.</p> <p>Google introduced both the new Nest Mini smart speaker and its new Google Wifi system at a press event in New York Tuesday; read this story for more on the Nest Mini smart speaker.</p> <p>The search giant first got into the residential Wifi business in 2015, when it partnered with TP-Link and Asus to build co-branded routers under the OnHub moniker. Google followed up with its own Google Wifi mesh wireless networking system in 2016, and has since rolled out 15 software updates to add new features to the product.</p> <p>Google Wifi products support guest networks that allow friends to access devices like smart speakers and TVs while protecting other devices on the home network. Consumers can also set rules for individual devices to keep their kids from accessing the internet after bedtime, and manage their router via Google's Home app, even from afar.</p> <p>Google's previous Wifi product has arguably been a hit with consumers. currently lists it as the bestselling mesh router product, ahead of Amazon's own Eero router, and a Google spokesperson told <em>Variety</em> that it actually became the #1 router in the U.S. this year, according to sales data from NPD.</p> <p>That not only makes Google Wifi a success story for the company's budding hardware business, it also provides the company with hugely valuable data on the devices consumers across the world use every day. That's not to say that Google eavesdrops on consumers' internet traffic - the company's privacy policies emphasize that it isn't. However, even knowing which and how many devices access the internet in your average household at any given time is very valuable to a company that is looking to sell consumers more of those devices, and operate services running on them.</p> <p>What's more, as consumers embrace smart devices in their homes, from internet-connected TVs to Wifi light bulbs to smart displays, routers themselves have the potential to play a bigger role in the home network. Google is in the process of adding Thread and Bluetooth low energy compatibility to its new Wifi devices, which will allow the routers to interact with a wider range of smart home devices.</p> <p>The company is also directly integrating Google Wifi with some of its other smart home products. Google Wifi users who also own a smart display made by the company can simply ask the Google assistant to show them their guest Wifi network, which will pull up a QR code on the smart display. Guests then just have to scan the code with their phone to access Wifi, and don't have to bother entering complicated passwords by hand.</p> <p>The company also doubled the router's internal RAM memory, giving it some headroom for future updates. "We are looking into a variety of features," said Noronha. "The road is long, and it's ahead of us."</p> <figure> <img src=""></figure><figure> <img src=""></figure><figure> <img src=""></figure><figure> <img src=""></figure></div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Nest Mini hands-on: Software tricks make up for its tiny size Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:24 +0000 <div> <p>Of course, it also matters what volume you play your music at. Chan said since most people tend to set their speakers at level six or seven out of ten, that's the loudness that Google optimized the Nest Mini's sound for. I typically listen to my Echo at about volume six from a few feet away, while I sat in front of the Nest Mini during my demo, barely an arm's length away, which could at least partially account for the similarities in my experience.</p> <p>Still, I was impressed by what Google was able to achieve without changing much of the Mini's hardware. The exterior looks pretty much exactly the same as before, save for a wall mount carved into the underside. With this, you can put a screw in your wall and hook the speaker up wherever you need. The audio quality will be minimally affected, since the speaker fires upward. There's also a new power socket, instead of the microUSB slot from before, and one more far-field mic than the two previously.</p> <p>The fabric that covers the Nest Mini's top is made out of recycled plastic bottles, while the external enclosure is composed of 35 percent recycled plastic as well. This isn't something you'll immediately notice, but it does mean that you can feel a little less guilty about buying more of these to stick in all the corners of your home. You <em>might</em> be more taken by the new color option, though. There's a new blue variant called Sky, in addition to the existing white, black and pink versions (Chalk, Charcoal and Coral, respectively). It's a deeper, less-green hue than the previous Aqua.</p> <img src=""> <p>Aside from the audio upgrades, the Nest Mini also comes with a processor onboard that packs 1 teraop of power. This means your Assistant requests can be processed locally, making it faster to answer you. In fact, according to Chan, you should see a three to ten times improvement in speed over the older Mini. The Nest Mini will also support the Stream Transfer feature that Google announced last week, letting you pause your music on one speaker and picking it up on another compatible device. Chan showed me how this worked by playing a song on the Nest Mini and then asking Assistant to continue the track on a nearby Nest Hub Max, and the system did so seamlessly.</p> <p>Another feature that pleasantly surprised me was something Google is calling ultrasound sensing. On newer Nest devices, the system can send out chirps via its speakers and use its microphones to pick them up. This lets them detect if something is close by, which can then enable different functions. For example, on the Nest Mini, ultrasound can tell when you're hovering your hand over it, and light up indicator symbols to show you where to tap to change the volume. Without this, it's hard to tell where the capacitive controls are.</p> <p>Ultrasound sensing can also tell when there is noise nearby in specific frequencies and tune its output to make it possible for you to hear Assistant or your podcasts over the din. We checked this feature out on a Nest Hub Max, so I can't vouch for how well it works on the Nest Mini yet. If it performs the same way as it did on the smart display though, it's an impressive feature.</p> <img src=""> <p>On the outside, the Nest Mini doesn't seem like a major upgrade. But it packs significant audio improvements that make the speaker truly compelling for its size and price. It's nice to see Google developing this into something more than a "companion" device or an afterthought. This might be the perfect speaker for your bathroom, where you might care less about top-notch sound and want to hear your favorite podcast over the shower or your hairdryer. If you want better quality, consider the Nest WiFi Point, which has the same internals but in a taller body with a larger chamber to resonate sound. With its latest audio devices, Google is continuing to prove its software can make up for (at least some) hardware constraints.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Pixelbook Go hands-on: Google's affordable premium Chromebook Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:20 +0000 <div> <p>Another thing I liked about the Go was its keyboard. The original Pixelbook was lauded for its comfortable and quiet keyboard. Still, as senior product manager Ben Janofsky told Engadget, the company wanted to make sure the new Chromebook had an even better keyboard. The team took the original Pixelbook's setup and spent two years iterating on it to make it better. I enjoyed typing on it -- the spacebar is noticeably quieter than my ThinkPad and the original Pixelbook. The keys themselves were cushy, with satisfyingly soft feedback. I wish there were just a bit more travel, as I've gotten used to the generously deep buttons on my ThinkPad.</p> <p>Like the original Pixelbook, the Go's keys are backlit, although they're subtle enough that you won't notice the lights unless you're in a dark environment. Below the keyboard sits a roomy trackpad that in my brief testing was just as responsive as before, and no longer sits flush with the edge of the keyboard.</p> <p>The Go features a 13.3-inch touchscreen that's just slightly larger than the Pixelbook's 12.3-inch panel. It comes in full HD and 4K resolutions at a 16:9 ratio that Janofsky said is better for split-screen multitasking than a taller layout. The bezels are a little thinner than before, although they're still noticeably thicker than, say, a Dell XPS 13 or an HP Spectre 13.</p> <img src=""> <p>On our full HD demo unit, I watched a couple of Engadget review videos, as well as an 8K reel of the sights of Peru. Colors were vibrant, details were generally clear. My only complaint about its display is that I wish it were brighter -- it was a little hard to read in sunlight.</p> <p>It's possible that if the Go's screen were brighter, Google wouldn't meet the 12-hour runtime it's promising. That's two hours more than the 10 hours the company said the original Pixelbook would last, although my colleague Nathan Ingraham said in his review that that machine only held up about six hours under his regular workload. At least Google saw fit to add fast charging to the Go, which should get you two hours of juice twenty minutes after plugging it in.</p> <p>Like on the original Pixelbook, you charge the Go via one of the two USB-C ports. There aren't any other sockets here, barring the headphone jack, so you might want to invest in a hub.</p> <p>With the right configuration, the Pixelbook Go is a powerful Chromebook clad in an unassuming but functional suit. Best of all, it starts at a much friendlier $649 compared to the original's $999. For that price, the Go comes with an eighth-generation Intel Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 64GB SSD and a full HD display. You can get a Core i5 processor, increased RAM and storage for more money, though if you want the 4K screen you have to shell out for the most expensive $1,399 model. That configuration comes with a Core i7 chip and a 256GB SSD. Similarly specced Chromebooks from Acer, HP and Lenovo cost about the same, give or take about $100.</p> <img src=""> <p>Essentially, if the original Pixelbook was the Ferrari of Chromebooks, the Pixelbook Go is a Volvo -- basic, safe and sturdy. It's nice to see Google drop the Pixelbook's price so drastically, too, but it faces stiff competition from its own partners. In the past year and a half, we've seen premium chromebooks pop up across the industry from brands like Acer, Lenovo, Samsung and HP. Most of them cost between $500 and $600, although Lenovo's 15-inch model comes in at $750. This variety of higher-end Chromebooks gives consumers more options, so if you want a 3:2 screen or a glass-covered machine, you can find one. The proliferation of premium Chromebooks also indicates that the industry is taking Chrome OS more seriously as a desktop platform, which makes it a good time for Google to deliver a Pixelbook that isn't prohibitively priced. You can pre-order the $649 and $849 Pixelbook Go in black today, or join the waitlist for the Not Pink models.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Pixelbook Go: Google finally made a reasonably priced Chromebook Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:05 +0000 <div> <p>For the first time, Google is making a Chromebook that actually approaches a reasonable price for most people instead of strictly catering to the high end. It's the Pixelbook Go, a simple and clean 13.3-inch laptop that starts at $649 and has a total of four configuration options that cost up to $1,399. </p> <p>I poked around at the Pixelbook Go for about an hour last week, and - true to the comprehensive leak <em>9to5Google</em> posted last week - I think it's a very nice-looking and nice-feeling laptop. It certainly needs to be, as it's competing directly with many excellent Chromebooks that cost less. Google's other big differentiator is the claim that the Pixelbook Go can last 12 hours on a charge</p> <p>The main thing to know about the Pixelbook Go is that it is a dead-ahead laptop with a touchscreen. The top doesn't rotate 360-degrees into tablet mode. After the Pixel Slate fiasco, Google scuttled its plans to make more Chrome OS-based tablets and just went back to basics. </p> <p>The Pixelbook Go comes in two colors with Google's typically cutesy names: just black and not pink. Of the two, I prefer the pink one, which is more like a slightly tinted sandstone (but it should have just called it pink). </p> <p>As it has with Pixel phones in the past, Google has opted for a painted metal finish on the Pixelbook Go. The body is made out of magnesium instead of aluminum, and Google tells me that Magnesium apparently has a better strength-to-weight ratio, which meant it could use less material and keep the cost down.</p> <p>The most noticeable physical attribute is on the bottom, which is ribbed for an easier grip. On the pink model, it is a loud shade of orange that actually looks great in person. Though it looks rubberized, it's the same material as the rest of the laptop.</p> <p>Set aside that design pop, and the most important design note is that the Pixelbook Go is defined by soft, rounded corners. The edges of the laptop curve into each other gently, making the whole thing a sort of giant, flattened lozenge. </p> <p>Open it up, and you'll find a 13.3-inch 1080p display surrounded by bezels that are reasonable in 2019 but certainly not small. There's a 4K "Molecular Display" option at the very high end, but for $1,400, I don't think it's worth it for basically anybody. I used a 1080p version, and it looked like a fairly standard laptop LCD, but I haven't had a chance to look at it in difficult lighting conditions.</p> <p>I prefer the original Pixelbook's 3:2 display to this more standard 16:9 panel, but the size does make the Pixelbook Go more portable. It weighs 2.3 pounds and is a half-inch thick, though, which is reasonable but not the thinnest thing you will find on the market. Because all of the edges are so curved, the whole thing feels smaller than it actually is.</p> <p>The keyboard is flanked by two long speaker grilles, and when you're looking at it open, it definitely gives off MacBook vibes - in an alternate reality where the MacBook had a good keyboard. </p> <p>So let's talk about the keyboard. I need to tamp down on my enthusiasm for it since I've only pecked at it for a very short period of time, but if I just let myself go, I would say that it is the best thing I've typed on in years. Don't hold me to that, though. Let's just say I'm very optimistic about it. There is still a Google Assistant key on the lower left, and it pops up that interface very quickly (with the default to letting you type right away, too). </p> <p>It is a small iteration on the original Pixelbook, which was already excellent. Google found a way to make it even quieter than before. Compared to the clackety racket a MacBook makes, this keyboard seems virtually silent. The keys have a longer travel and are made of a softer material, so they feel much better to type on as well. My only gripe is that they kept the same gray color, which makes seeing the letters in dim lighting difficult.</p> <p>The base, $649 Pixelbook Go has an Intel 8th Gen Core m3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. That's slightly better in some ways than the big group of near-identical Chromebooks that cost around $550, but it still isn't especially impressive. If you step up to the Core i5 or i7, you will still be getting 8th Gen chips, and they'll still be the lower-power Y-series variety. There are no fans, at least. </p> <p>There are two USB-C ports - one on each side - and it supports fast charging. Google says you can get "two hours of use in just 20 minutes of charge." There's a headphone jack, too, which is a blessing given Google's dicey history with Bluetooth on Chromebooks. I'm told the Pixelbook Go has a new and better module for Bluetooth.</p> <p>You won't find any storage expansion slots, which is a bit of a disappointment as microSD was nearly becoming an expected standard on other Chromebooks. </p> <p>You <em>also</em> won't find a fingerprint sensor, nor can you log in with your face as you can on the new Pixel 4, the iPad Pro, and many Windows computers. Google wanted to keep the cost down, but if you have an Android phone, you can use the fingerprint sensor on that to unlock your Chromebook. And there's a Titan C security chip as well.</p> <p>Performance seemed fine in my time with it. But then it should, as the combination of Chrome OS and Intel is fairly stable and mature these days. And since Google isn't trying to extend Chrome to be a tablet OS on this particular machine, all the lag and hassle from those efforts is simply not here.</p> <p>Google is offering four different configurations, which, to my mind, is one configuration too many. Here they are:</p> <p> </p><ul> <li>$649: 8GB RAM, 64GB SSD, FHD, 8th Gen Intel Core m3</li> <li>$849: 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, FHD, 8th Gen Intel Core i5</li> <li>$999: 16GB RAM, 128GB SSD, FHD, 8th Gen Intel Core i5</li> <li>$1,399: 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, UHD, 8th Gen Intel Core i7</li> </ul> <p>Normally, I'd say that the i5 is the one most people should get, but a $200 jump for that storage and processor is fairly hefty. My advice is to wait for the reviews to see how the base model performs.</p> <p>Oh, and if you prefer the 3:2 screen or 360-degree hinge on the original Pixelbook, it's not going anywhere. Neither, unfortunately, are its largish bezels and flaky Bluetooth. I use the Pixelbook every day and love it, but Google chose not to update it this year.</p> <p>Oddly, Google has to stagger not just the release of the Pixelbook Go but also preorders. Preorders for the just black $649 and $849 configs open today for the US and Canada. The two more expensive configs are "coming soon," and all of the not pink configs will have a waitlist. The preorders you can put in today should begin shipping within a couple of weeks.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Nest Wifi first look: Google finally combined a smart speaker and a router Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:22:00 +0000 <div> <p>The new Nest Wifi from Google does the thing that everybody has been asking for since we first laid eyes on smart speakers: combine them with mesh Wi-Fi routers. The Nest Wifi will be available this November in the US at various price points, but the pack Google will want you to buy includes one main router and one "Point" that also acts as a smart speaker for $269.</p> <p>Both devices are bulbous little cylinders. The router is slightly larger than the Points and only comes in white, while the slightly smaller Points come in three colors: snow, mist, and sand. They are made of a matte plastic and are about as close to characterless as a Wi-Fi router could possibly get. Each Point is about the size and shape of one of those scented candle jars, I suppose, which is fitting as the first Google Home was teased for looking like an air freshener. </p> <p> <figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>As a smart speaker, the Points have a lot in common with the new Nest Mini smart speakers also announced today. They share many of the same internal parts, but the Point is slightly taller than a Nest Mini, which means that it has more room inside to create a bigger sound. It's still a single speaker driver, and it still won't sound as good as an Amazon Echo or Google Home, but it is just a little richer than a typical mini speaker.</p> <p>It also shares the Nest Mini's main party trick: it lights up when you reach for it to show you where the volume and play / pause touch areas are on top. But the more interesting light is on the bottom: it projects a ring of white light underneath the Point when it's activated and listening to you - sort of like the running lights on a car. </p> <p>When you flip the switch to disable the microphone, it projects a ring of orange light instead. Fortunately, there is a setting to turn that orange ring off if you leave your Point muted a lot. Unfortunately, all the settings - including the Wi-Fi settings - will now live inside the Google Home app, which is a virtual labyrinth of nearly every Google and Google Assistant setting you could possibly imagine. </p> <p>One Wi-Fi setting will get slightly easier to control, however. You'll be able to issue voice commands to turn Wi-Fi on or off for specific devices or groups (e.g., for family dinner time or bedtime).</p> <p> <figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>Stop me if you've heard this one before: you are putting your Wi-Fi router in the wrong place. It shouldn't be in a closet or under your entertainment center or in a corner somewhere. It should be about waist height, ideally in the center of a room - precisely where nobody wants an ugly router. </p> <p>Eero, Google, and others first tried to solve this problem by making consumer mesh network routers that looked nicer, but that's not really enough. You need to <em>want</em> to put a gadget on your counter, and that's one of the main reasons Google is taking a shot at turning the router into a smart speaker. </p> <p>Google says that a two-pack of Nest Wifi should provide about the same coverage as the old three-pack of the Google Wifi (3,800 square feet). They're also backwards-compatible, so if you already use Google Wifi you can just buy a Point to expand your network. In fact, they should work with any mesh Wi-Fi router that supports the 802.11s standard.</p> <p> <figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>That improved coverage comes thanks to upgraded radios, which Google says are twice as fast and have 25 percent more range. Some of it also comes from a better antenna structure - both the Router and Point are taller than the original Google Wifi routers. </p> <p>The main Router supports AC2200 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, with 4x4 (5GHz) and 2x2 (2.4GHz) antenna configurations. The Point isn't as powerful; it supports AC1200 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi, using a 2x2 setup for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. There's no Wi-Fi 6 support, merely 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, and Google doesn't believe it needs a dedicated backhaul channel, either. When I asked after that, a spokesperson emailed me this statement:</p> <blockquote> <p>Google analytics and our own testing didn't show enough of a user benefit in adding the additional cost, power consumption and size (need space for the radios, antennas and heat sinks) of the third band radios. Instead, we took algorithms from our data centers to manage congested networks and accelerate traffic based on the priority desired by the application (e.g. voice and video packets are accelerated through parallel queues that we adaptively manage).</p> </blockquote> <p>I can't actually speak to whether Google's performance and range claims are accurate, of course. We'll need to actually use and review the Nest Wifi. </p> <p>For smart home applications, Google says Nest Wifi supports Bluetooth Low Energy and Thread. Yes, Google is still trying to make Thread a thing - just like Eero. Thread won't be supported at launch, however, and Google tells me to watch for more Thread news and device support next year. In that way, at least, Thread has achieved parity with Bluetooth: it'll be better next year.</p> <p><q>Will people really pay more for the Google Assistant?</q> </p> <p>One interesting thing: pricing. As I mentioned earlier, Google is pricing a two-pack for $269, but there are other ways to buy into Google's Wi-Fi router ecosystem. You can buy all sorts of different combo packs or purchase pieces a la carte, including the old Google Wifi access points which are sticking around. </p> <p> </p><ul> <li>Standalone Nest Wifi Router: $169</li> <li>Standalone Nest Wifi Point: $149</li> <li>Standalone Google Wifi point: $99</li> <li>Three pack: one Nest router + two Points: $349</li> </ul> <p>There's one more pack I'm still waiting to get pricing on: two Nest Wifi Routers by themselves. Why would such a package exist? Amazon, of course. You still can't officially buy Google's smart speakers at Amazon, but you can buy other Google products there. So Google is making that special pack just for Amazon. These two companies continue to have the stupidest arguments imaginable.</p> <p>Anyway, all these prices are interesting to me mainly because now it's Amazon that's doing the undercutting: its recently announced Eeros sell for $99 or $249 for a three-pack. They do not, however, have Alexa built in.</p> <p>The Nest Wifi is launching in the US first, with preorders today and shipping in November. Other countries will also get it sometime in Q4, including the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, France, and Singapore.</p> <p>Google finally went and did the obvious thing, the thing we've all been asking for. The next test will be if we really <em>meant</em> it when we said we wanted a Wi-Fi mesh router in our smart speakers.</p> <small><em>Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see </em></small> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Technology Google Nest WiFi hands-on: Range extenders have never sounded so good Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:21:56 +0000 <div> <p>This time around, Google is doing something intriguing. It added a speaker and microphones to the individual Points, so they now double as Google Homes. The Points use the same audio setup as the Nest Mini, which the company also unveiled today. But because the Points have taller bodies than the Nest Mini, they have larger chambers for sound to resonate, which should mean better quality audio. The Points sounded fuller and louder than the Nest Mini when I listened to the same song on both devices at a recent briefing.</p> <p>You can also talk to the Points to ask Google Assistant for things like the weather, your schedule and to control your smart home devices -- basically everything you'd do with the regular Assistant-enabled speaker. With Nest WiFi, you can also ask Assistant some network-specific questions like "What's my internet speed" or to pause the connection for specific devices. That latter command comes in handy if you're dealing with misbehaving children or guests, for example.</p> <p>If you have a smart display in your house, you can ask Assistant to help your guests connect to your WiFi, and it will display a QR code. Your visitors can scan that and get on your network without having to enter a password. Handy.</p> <img src=""> <p>Each Point also features what Google Nest product lead for connectivity Sanjay Noronha called an "underglow light." This illuminates when you're talking to the speaker and is there to indicate that Assistant is listening. If that makes you feel uneasy, you can also turn off the mics with a switch near the Point's base.</p> <p>One of the highlights of the Google WiFi system three years ago was how its companion app made setting up your network super easy. You could create temporary guest networks, pause connections to specific devices, share passwords with visitors or prioritize specific machines. The new Nest WiFi has all these features too, along with the ability to set up WiFi groups, blacklist websites and set schedules for your kids.</p> <p>Google also upgraded the router hardware, too. It now features 4x4 antennas and supports AC2200 MU-MIMO WiFi, which is twice as fast as the original Google WiFi's AC1200 2x2 setup. Both systems run dual-band WiFi supporting 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards. You'll find a barrel jack power connector and dual gigabit ethernet ports on the router, while the Points don't have the latter. Both devices support Bluetooth Low Energy and low-power Thread radios.</p> <img src=""> <p>Physically, the new router and Points are taller and rounder than their predecessors. Sure, the original router had a circular shape, but its top and bottom edges were angular. On the Nest WiFi, there aren't any sharp edges -- pretty much every line is curved. This gives the devices a softer, homier aesthetic.</p> <p>The actual router itself is available in white, while the Points come in white, pink or gray. You can buy them in packs of two (one router and one Point) for $269, which will cover up to 3,800 square feet -- a range that Google says is adequate for most American homes. Beyond that, you can get the three-pack for $349 or add Points for $149 each (only available online). If you only need to cover about 2,200 square feet, you can just get the router itself for $169. Those who currently own the existing Google WiFi can add the Nest WiFi router or Points to their current systems.</p> <p>Google's product costs more than Amazon's Eero, which starts at $99. But the latter offers less coverage (1,500 square feet with the router alone) than the Nest WiFi and only supports 2x2 MU-MIMO. Plus, only Google's repeaters currently double as smart speakers. Considering you're getting a two-in-one device, the Nest WiFi system looks to be a useful, attractive way to improve your home connectivity. You'll just have to wait till November 4th for the devices to go on sale if you want to buy them.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google The Pixelbook Go is Google's most affordable Chromebook yet Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:21:42 +0000 <div> <p>From a design perspective, the Pixelbook Go looks a lot less distinctive than the original Pixelbook. In a lot of ways, it looks like a MacBook Pro, with fairly similar design language. The original Pixelbook, on the other hand, had soft-touch palm rests and a glass-and-metal lid that called to mind Google's Pixel phones. The Pixelbook Go does away with those and looks much more like a singular element, but I kind of miss the dual-tone look of the Pixelbook.</p> <p>The underside is a different story, however: There's a colorful, ridged back that doesn't look like anything we've seen on, well, any laptop that comes to mind. Of course, you won't see that much when the computer is on your lap or on a desk, but we're looking forward to seeing how it feels compared to a standard laptop.</p> <p>It's also worth noting that the Pixelbook Go isn't a convertible laptop like the original Pixelbook - you can't flip it around to use in tablet mode. I've mostly only ever used the Pixelbook in laptop mode so I don't really mind the change, but it's another example of Google making the Go a much more "traditional" laptop compared to its predecessor.</p> <p>Google hasn't talked specs at all yet aside from battery life -- the company says it'll get 12 hours of use, and it can be fast-charged in 20 minutes to two hours of usage.</p> <p>The Pixelbook Go is available in black or pink and starts at $649. Pre-orders for the black model start immediately, but you won't be able to get the pink option until later this year.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL hands-on: this time, it's not about the camera Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:21:42 +0000 <div> <p>If you follow tech, you probably already know about the new features in Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. They're the most-leaked phones perhaps in history, and there's only a tiny handful of things I can tell you about them that haven't already been documented somewhere.</p> <p>However, after spending an hour talking to Google's product managers and playing around with the Pixel 4, I have learned a few things that could only come from directly using the phone. I know what it's like to see the high refresh rate screen keep text readable as I scroll. I know that it feels better-made than any Pixel before it. I know what it's like to tickle a pokémon just by waggling my fingers in the air.</p> <p>Most of all, I know that Google is finally starting to get more ambitious with the Pixel phone. </p> <p>Available for preorder today and shipping on October 24th, the Pixel 4 is finally going to be available from all four major carriers at launch. It starts at $799 for the smaller one and $899 for the bigger one, and you can spend $100 on top of either to jump from 64GB to 128GB of storage. I can't tell you if Google really means to sell this phone at volume, though. When I say Google has a higher level of ambition, I mean it from a technical perspective. </p> <p><q>The Pixel 4 has four new technologies</q> </p> <p>Usually, you get one or two new pieces of technology in a new phone. With the Pixel 4, Google is trying to nail four new innovations at once: face unlock, a high refresh rate screen, a faster Google Assistant, and spatial awareness using radar. It also is introducing a new design language that's a departure not only from previous phones, but from any hardware Google makes. </p> <p>Plus, the Pixel 4 needs to keep up in the camera department. The iPhone 11 Pro has just taken the "best smartphone camera" crown away, and we don't know if the Pixel can take it back.</p> <p>I won't judge whether Google has truly succeeded at any of those things here. That will wait for the review. Instead, I'm going to run through some of what's new in this phone and give just a few impressions. </p> <h2>Hardware design</h2> <p>Ever since my colleague Vjeran Pavic said the Pixel 4 looked like "the hipster version of the iPhone 11 Pro," that's been cemented in my mind. It has the same big square camera bump, the same matte-glass rear panel, and the same rounded metal rails on the sides. (On the Pixel 4, they're aluminum.) The black version of the Pixel has a glossy back, for whatever reason.</p> <p>Most phones these days follow some variation on the two panes and metal sides formula, but the similarities between the new iPhones and the new Pixels are remarkable. </p> <p>The Pixel distinguishes itself from the iPhone by being more willing to have contrasting colors. The white and (limited edition) orange have back camera bumps and rails, giving them a chunky eyeglasses kind of look. </p> <p>They also weigh noticeably less than the iPhone 11 Pro and Max - probably in large part because the Pixels don't have especially large batteries inside. I'm just going to put it out there that I'm a little worried about battery life, especially on the small Pixel. </p> <p>The main thing I'll say about the hardware is that they aren't as elegant as a Galaxy S10 or even an iPhone, but the design does feel self-assured in its own way. Even though it feels lighter than many phones, it looks heavier, if that makes sense. As usual with Pixel phones, it looks much worse in leaked photos than it does in person.</p> <p>The Pixel 4 charges via USB-C (of course) and doesn't have a headphone jack (of course). Strangely, Google isn't including USB-C earbuds or even an adapter in the box in most markets. The company tells me it will be offering a $100 Google Store credit to buyers, which is a pretty good sign you'll find some new earbud options there soon.</p> <h2>Face Unlock</h2> <p>I won't beat around the bush: face unlock on the Pixel 4 is quite possibly the fastest I've ever used. By the time you've picked up the phone and are looking at it, it's unlocked. I did this a dozen times in a few minutes in that well-lit room, and it unlocked that quickly every time, jumping straight into whatever screen was last open on the phone without requiring me to do anything but pick the phone up and look at it.</p> <p>It is so fast that it's blink, and you'll miss it. It's so fast that Google employees who were testing it demanded they add a setting to allow them to unlock into the lock screen (like the iPhone) instead of directly into the phone. You set it up in very much the same way you set up Face ID on an iPhone, but Google has you sort of clear out blue sections in a hemisphere to indicate that it's learning your face.</p> <p>I should note that I can't speak at all to how easy it is to trick. The Pixel 4 has similar components to what Apple uses for Face ID, but Google says it works a little differently on a technical level. It is the only biometric authentication on the phone, and it fully replaces the fingerprint sensor for things like password vaults, banking apps, and to confirm purchases.</p> <p><figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>I'll admit, it was a little jarring. Every phone I've ever used had some sort of secondary action between picking up the phone and getting into it: a tap on a fingerprint sensor or a swipe on the screen. With the Pixel 4, it's like there isn't a lock screen at all because you almost never get a chance to see it.</p> <p>I'll have to do some actual timing in the review because it's 100 percent possible that this speed is more perception than reality. The phone begins its unlock procedure before you even touch it, using that Motion Sense radar to detect you're reaching for it. (More on that below.) It also feels faster because it jumps right into the last thing you were doing instead of requiring a second action with no animation that I could detect.</p> <h2>Screen</h2> <p>All of the Pixels lack notches at the tops of their screens and instead have large bezels because they're fitting in the extra sensors that enable the face unlock and other features. It does make the front of these phones look a little unbalanced, but it's no weirder than the bunny ears you get on notched screens.</p> <p>Google tells me that these OLEDs should be of the same quality across both sizes of phones. The company has definitely learned its lesson after the Pixel 2. I can't speak to their overall color accuracy or brightness yet, but the headline feature is a big deal, and when you use one, you'll see it.</p> <p>I'm talking about the new 90Hz refresh rate, which Google calls "Smooth Display." We've seen other Android phones with high refresh rate screens before, so it's not exactly a revolutionary thing, though I'm not aware of any phones with a screen as small as the Pixel 4's. But it is a very nice thing. You can tell it's there when you're scrolling text. </p> <p><q>Hopefully, the variable refresh rate will mean it won't hurt battery life too much</q> </p> <p>Google says that it has done the system-level work in Android it needs to make the screen only jump up to 90Hz when called for. Otherwise, it drops down to a more normal 60Hz. That should help limit the impact it has on battery life, but as I said earlier, I'm still a little nervous - especially since battery life on the Pixel 3 isn't great.</p> <p>The other new feature on the screen also has a corny brand name: "Ambient EQ." It's the technology that adjusts the color temperature of the screen to match the room, much like Apple's iPads or the Google Nest Home Hub (which is where Google's version of the tech originated). I never really got a chance to see the color shift in action, mainly because the conference rooms where Google showed me the phone were evenly lit.</p> <h2>Motion Sense</h2> <p>If I had to pick a single flagship feature on the Pixel 4 besides face unlock, Motion Sense is it. I'll have more to say on this feature in a separate piece based on interviews with the team that created it, but the short version is this: the Pixel 4 has radar.</p> <p>That's not a metaphor. It's a literal radar chip at the top of the phone. It creates a hemisphere of spatial awareness about two feet in diameter around the Pixel when it's sitting on a table. It's a piece of tech Google has been developing for years called Project Soli. Right now, Motion Sense doesn't actually <em>do</em> that much, though. Google says that it needs to start with the basics to get users used to it, then it can build on what it can do later.</p> <p>The main thing Motion Sense does is pay attention to whether you're even near the phone or if you're reaching for it. If you walk away from it, it detects that and turns off the always-on display. If you reach for it, it activates the screen and face unlock.</p> <p>Motion Sense lets you skip forward or back when music is playing, too. But the best feature is dismissing alarms and calls. When you simply reach for the phone, the volume drops when the phone sees your hand. Then you can simply wave to dismiss the call or snooze the alarm. </p> <p><figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>To train you up on how to use it, Google did whatever deal it needed to in order to make a mini-game with pokémon. Pikachu can teach you how to use the gestures, then you can have a pokémon become your wallpaper; there a few that can cycle through. You can wave at the pokémon, and they'll get excited and wave back, or you can tickle them. They go to sleep at night, and Google also tells me that "when you charge it, it does cool stuff."</p> <p>Is any of this really necessary? You can achieve many of these effects with an accelerometer or a camera or, you know, by touching the screen. I can't decide if these are gimmicks or not, but Google's hope is that there are enough subtle improvements here to make the overall experience feel a little nicer - or at least a little more charming.</p> <h2>Camera</h2> <p>Beyond taking a few snaps in a conference room, I didn't get a chance to really use the camera. We can't know yet if Google has a shot at taking the crown of best smartphone camera back from Apple. The camera app did open quickly - that's been a bugaboo for the Pixel 3 - and there are a few new features to talk about, though.</p> <p>First and foremost, Google finally added a second camera to the back of the phone. It resisted for years, arguing that it could do more with one lens than other companies could do with two or more. But now there are two: a 12-megapixel main sensor and a 16-megapixel "2X" telephoto.</p> <p>Google says it went with a telephoto instead of an ultra-wide because it thinks customers will get more use out of it. The team in charge of the phone tells me that it essentially supercharges the superzoom technology that Google developed for the last Pixel. We'll see if that's the case. It also uses the telephoto lens to improve portrait mode.</p> <p>There's only one selfie camera now, but Google set it to a 90-degree field of view. The Pixel 3 had 75-degree and 97-degree FoV lenses, for comparison. </p> <p>Night mode remains the same and remains a separate mode you need to switch into. But the camera app has been improved in some ways. Now, when you tap to set exposure, two sliders will pop up: one for overall brightness and one specifically for shadows. (It also gives you a horizon line.) When you snap a pic, you can tap on the little image preview bubble to bring up a mini-share list of apps to send it directly into.</p> <p>The biggest improvement to the camera app is that it does a better job showing you a real-time preview of what your final image will look like after it's been run through Google's computational photography algorithms. That applies to HDR+, but I don't know if it also applies to portrait mode.</p> <p>One note of caution: the Pixel line has always lagged behind both Samsung and Apple when it comes to video quality, and Google didn't have much to say about whether it's improved here. It still caps out at 4K at 30 fps, which is lower than the 4K60 footage the other phones can capture. </p> <p>As for the computational photography models themselves, Google says that it has put some work into improving colors to make them a little more natural, so it may be that the results will be less dramatically contrasty than previous Pixels. We'll obviously need to wait until we've reviewed the phone to say more.</p> <h2>Pixel Neural Core</h2> <p>The reason the Pixel 4 is able to show those real-time previews is a new coprocessor Google created, the Pixel Neural Core. It takes the place of the Pixel Visual Core from last year. The reason for the switch is evident in the name: it needs to do more than just improve photography.</p> <p>The other big function of the Neural Core is understanding spoken English. Google has reduced the entire model for transcribing English speech down to a size where it can fit on the Pixel 4's internal storage, which means that it can convert speech to text without needing to send anything to a server.</p> <p><q>The New Google Assistant really does seem magically fast</q></p> <p>This enables two main features. The flashy one is in Google Assistant. You can ask Assistant to do things that are local to your phone, and they'll happen near-instantaneously. Opening up apps, composing emails, and searching within apps all happens locally. </p> <p>The "New Assistant," as Google calls it, is much faster and needs to rely on Google's servers much less. It's also able to repeat the context-keeping tricks Google is particularly good at. In one demo, I watched somebody ask to see a Twitter profile, and Assistant jumped right into it. Then the person said "now YouTube," and Assistant knew it should go look for the channel that belonged to that person. Or rather, it was supposed to; the demo broke down because YouTube had been open to another page.</p> <p>The other feature this local model enables is a new app: Recorder. It's a voice recorder, but it also does real-time transcription right there as it records without needing to send anything to the internet. In a couple of tests, I found it to be much more accurate than the other real-time transcription app I've used, Otter. You can also do searches for anything in those transcripts later.</p> <p>There are more features in the Pixel 4 I haven't gotten to. For example, it can do automatic car crash detection, offering to call emergency services if it detects a serious crash and doing so automatically if you don't respond. We'll get into much more in the full review, including and especially the camera. (But I probably won't crash any cars.)</p> <p>All of those leaks made everybody feel familiar with the Pixel 4 before it was released - and sometimes, familiarity breeds contempt. I haven't spent enough time to argue that the Pixel 4 is a great phone, but I do think that it is a much more ambitious phone than previous Pixels. </p> <p>If there had been zero leaks and if Google hadn't teased some of these features itself, I think the reception of all the new stuff Google has added to the Pixel line would have been much more dramatic. Google has added a high refresh-rate screen, face unlock, radar, and a much faster voice assistant. </p> <p>Does all that add up to $799 of value? I won't answer that now, but I'm excited to see how it holds up to competing Android phones - and the new iPhones - in the review.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Welcome to Instagram, Jennifer Aniston! Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:18:37 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p><figure> <div><img src=""></div> <figcaption> <p>Image: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.</p> </figcaption></figure></p> <p>The gang's all here! Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram on Tuesday, and she did so in epic fashion - by sharing a snapshot from a recent dinner with all of her favorite . As in, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross (aka Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry). It's nice to finally have Aniston on the 'Gram, especially since it means seeing all of these familiar faces squeezed into one tiny square.</p> <p>Although Aniston has long resisted the idea of joining social media, she finally decided to throw in the towel. Could we <em>be</em> any more excited? Probably not. In fact, if the initial response to Aniston joining is any indication, a whole lot of fans feel the same way. Shortly after the first post dropped, Aniston's account experienced a brief period of unavailability, presumably due to being flooded with new followers.</p> <p>And, really, who could blame fans? Aniston had to know she might break the internet when she posted the first full cast reunion photo since the NBC sitcom came to an end in 2004. "And now we're Instagram FRIENDS too," she cheekily captioned the photo, adding, "Hi INSTAGRAM." In the snapshot, Kudrow, Cox, LeBlanc, Ross, and Perry all smile as they surround Aniston in her first official Instagram selfie.</p> <p>While we'd all love to imagine that the crew gets together every night like their <em>Friends</em> counterparts did, it's more likely that this photo was taken earlier in the month when the gang shared an evening at Cox's house. "We just had dinner this week. The whole gang. Everyone was there," she said during a visit to the <em>Howard Stern Show</em> in early October. "[David] Schwimmer was in town and we all happened to have a window of time, so we all got together. We laughed so hard."</p> <p>There were plenty of jokes, she revealed, but nothing too wild. When Stern asked whether anyone stripped down during the reunion, Aniston insisted their visit was, well, just friendly. "Nobody got naked, it was very civilized. But we just laughed a lot."</p> <p>TBH, we don't care <em>when</em> Aniston took the picture; we're just glad it made it to social media, along with Aniston. She may have taken her sweet time getting here, but she isn't the only celebrity who long resisted before ultimately caving. Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore and Jennifer Garner have all joined Instagram in recent years.</p> <p>So, hey, maybe Aniston finally giving in will inspire a few more reticent celebs. We're looking at you, George Clooney and Bradley Cooper! And Clooney, when you join, bring your pal Sandra Bullock along too, will you?</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment The Nest Mini is Google's latest Assistant smart speaker with a wall mount Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:16:24 +0000 <div> <p>Google's smartphone business has had mixed success, but some of its other hardware ventures have been much more successful. Take the Chromecast, for example, a product that has brought Google Cast, and by extension easy access to Google's library of music and videos, to millions of homes around the world. The Chromecast's success can be attributed to its low price and ease of use, making it an impulse buy that can be picked up by not only tech enthusiasts but also the average consumer. The Google Home Mini is another product that has been wildly successful for Google for much of the same reason, and today, the company has announced a refreshed model: the Google Nest Mini.</p> <p>Like the Home Mini, the Google Nest Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assistant support. You can ask the Assistant questions about the weather, traffic, places, flights, movie times, and so much more. You can create routines to automate certain actions, and you can also control any product that integrates with the Google Assistant ecosystem. Finally, you can cast any audio to the device using Google Cast or Bluetooth, which is why the device is called a smart "speaker."</p> <p>Although Google is branding it as a Nest product, the Nest Mini is virtually identical to the Home Mini. The two devices are exactly the same shape with a short, circular design, and they're also the same size at 42mm in height and 98mm in circumference. Both devices are also covered by Google's signature fabric material which is overlaid on top of 4 LEDs in the middle. They're both powered by a single micro-USB cable, lack a 3.5mm headphone port for audio output, have a mute switch on the side, support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual-band (2.4 / 5.0 GHz), and support Bluetooth (though the new device supports 5.0).</p> <p>There is one major design difference between the Google Home Mini and the new Google Nest Mini, however. Thanks to a recess on the back, the Nest Mini can be easily hung on a wall by attaching the device to a hook or screw. Google is providing a 1.5m long USB cable in the box, but you can always use a different cable if you need to place the device further from an outlet. You can hang the Google Home Mini on a wall using any of the third-party wall mounts sold online, but now you won't have to spend extra money just so you can strategically add more Google Assistant smart speakers to your home.</p> <p>Although the Nest Mini and Home Mini look identical, the newer smart speaker produces crisper, louder audio with better bass. Google claims it has 2X bass and a more clear "natural" sound. They've added a third mic to improve listening in noisy environements and a new dedicated Machine Learning chip with up to 1 TeraOPS to improve speed. In addition, the new speaker has a new feature: proximity awareness to reveal the current volume.</p> <p>To get one of these devices into as many households as possible, Google is selling the Nest Mini for only $49. You'll be able to buy the device in Chalk, Charcoal, Coral and a new blue "Sky" color. Pre-orders start today at the Google Store and the device will be on store shelves starting October 22nd at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and others.</p> <strong>Source: Google</strong> <p>Want more posts like this delivered to your inbox? Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees include Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:15:51 +0000 <div> <img src=""> <p>The actual inductees will be announced in January and will be inducted on May 2, 2020 at Cleveland's Public Hall. </p> <p>Other artists nominated include MC5, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, Notorious B.I.G., Whitney Houston, Pat Benatar and Dave Matthews Band. Depeche Mode, the Doobie Brothers, Kraftwerk, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and Todd Rundgren are also nominated. </p> <p>Each of the artists nominated had to have their debut single or album drop in 1994 or earlier. Judas Priest has been eligible for induction since 1999 and they appeared on the ballot last year as well. </p> <p>To pick the winners, a group of more than 1,000 artists, journalists, music industry professionals and journalists will vote. Fans can also vote online or at the museum. </p> <p>The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced the nominees via Twitter. </p> <blockquote> <p>Introducing your #RockHall2020 Nominees 🎉</p> <p>Your voice, your vote: Let us know who you think deserves to be a #RockHall2020 Inductee. Join our @KlipschAudio Fan Vote and vote now on @Google:</p> <p>- Rock Hall (@rockhall) October 15, 2019</p> </blockquote> <p>Last year, Radiohead, the Cure, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Roxy Music, Def Leppard and the Zombies were inducted. The snubs included Oasis, Weezer, Kate Bush and more.</p> <h5><b>More news</b></h5> <p>Back in May, I.M. Pei, the architect who designed the <b>Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame</b> in Cleveland, died at the age of 102. According to the Associated Press , the legendary architect passed in his sleep. </p> <p>In a story with the Associated Press, Pei talked about his love for architecture and design, noting that each project he created was one he wanted people to enjoy. </p> <p>"At one level my goal is simply to give people pleasure in being in a space and walking around it," Pei once said. "But I also think architecture can reach a level where it influences people to want to do something more with their lives. That is the challenge that I find most interesting." </p> <p>Since his passing, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame has taken to Twitter to share his legacy. </p> <blockquote> <p>We celebrate #IMPei life and honor our connection as his legacy lives on in our beloved home.</p> <p>- Rock Hall (@rockhall) May 16, 2019</p> </blockquote> <p>In addition to the Rock Hall, Pei designed the National Gallery Of Art in Washington, D.C. and the famous Lourve Pyramid at the entrance of the famous Paris museum. the courtyard officially opened to the public in 1981, according to . </p> <p>What do you think of the 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees? Sound off in the comments down below! </p> <img src=""> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment 'Bombshell' Trailer: Charlize Theron Transforms Into Megyn Kelly in Jay Roach's Fox News Expose Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:14:36 +0000 <div> <p>Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman round out the awards contender's starry cast of characters who took down serial sexual predator (and Fox chief) Roger Ailes. </p> <p> <img src=""></p> <p>After being temporarily homeless in the days immediately leading up to its late-2018 production, Jay Roach's Fox News expose " Bombshell" not only found a studio home to actually <em>make</em> the film in Lionsgate (Annapurna quite memorably dropped the pricey project before it was set to begin shooting), but also one conducive to what could shape up to be a hell of an awards run. "Bombshell" is another ripped-from-the-headlines drama for Roach, a la his Emmy-winning HBO movies "Recount" and "Game Change," and early buzz is stellar.</p> <p>The film features an utterly transformed Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman as real-life figures Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson, both of whom accused Fox CEO Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, while Margot Robbie plays a Fox News worker who is a fictional composite character. John Lithgow stars as Ailes.</p> <p>"Bombshell" recently celebrated its first official screening in Los Angeles, where it instantly earned Oscar buzz from the crowd, with both Theron's performance as Kelly and Robbie's supporting work as an amalgamation of other Fox News women swiftly heralded as awards contenders. (And let's not forget the makeup wizards who managed to turn Theron into such a close approximation of Kelly that it's almost impossible to find the actress underneath - she <em>is </em> Kelly.) The film also stars Allison Janney, Kate McKinnon, Malcolm McDowell, Mark Duplass, Alice Eve, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Liv Hewson, and Alanna Ubach.</p> <p>Per the film's official logline, "it is a revealing look inside the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time; Fox News, and the explosive story of the women who brought down the infamous man who created it." While the Ailes saga recently spawned another project in the Russell Crowe-starring miniseries "The Loudest Voice in the Room," Roach's film more explicitly focuses on the women at the heart of the story.</p> <p>"We had an obligation to really capture it authentically," said Roach during a Q&A following the first screening. "One of the things I have done in my other contemporary history films is go deep into actually interviewing real people, not just for authenticity ... but also in details you get."</p> <p>Lionsgate will release "Bombshell" on Friday, December 20. Check out the film's newest trailer below.</p> <p><strong>Sign Up: </strong>Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment Placer County silver medalist gets new invitation to spread key message Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:13:59 +0000 <div> <p>A former Rocklin High School swimmer who is among the first Placer County Special Olympians ever to win two silver medals at the Special Olympics World Games is about to embark on another international trip. This time, the focus isn't on medals but spreading a message about inclusiveness."It's a great opportunity, I think, to spread Special Olympics all over the world," said Alec Heuermann.Heuermann will join U.S. Olympic Swimming champion Donna de Varona and others who received an invitation to travel to Malta through the U.S. Department of State's Sports Envoy Program.The aim of the four-day visit is to meet with Malta's Ministry for Education, teachers, athletes and coaches to highlight the value of inclusive societies and bring together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to engage through the power of sports, read a news release."I think through inclusive opportunities, people realize we have more in common than differences. It's a way to bring people together in a fun way," said Candace Capron, Alec's mother.Following the trip to Malta, Alec said he will return to his classes at Sierra College before restarting his training for next year's state games.He'll also continue to pursue one of his latest sports endeavors: flag football."I think I like playing defense. And running with the ball is cool," said Alec.</p> <p>A former Rocklin High School swimmer who is among the first Placer County Special Olympians ever to win two silver medals at the Special Olympics World Games is about to embark on another international trip. </p> <p>This time, the focus isn't on medals but spreading a message about inclusiveness.</p> <p>"It's a great opportunity, I think, to spread Special Olympics all over the world," said Alec Heuermann.</p> <p>Heuermann will join U.S. Olympic Swimming champion Donna de Varona and others who received an invitation to travel to Malta through the U.S. Department of State's Sports Envoy Program.</p> <p>The aim of the four-day visit is to meet with Malta's Ministry for Education, teachers, athletes and coaches to highlight the value of inclusive societies and bring together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities to engage through the power of sports, read a news release.</p> <p>"I think through inclusive opportunities, people realize we have more in common than differences. It's a way to bring people together in a fun way," said Candace Capron, Alec's mother.</p> <p>Following the trip to Malta, Alec said he will return to his classes at Sierra College before restarting his training for next year's state games.</p> <p>He'll also continue to pursue one of his latest sports endeavors: flag football.</p> <p>"I think I like playing defense. And running with the ball is cool," said Alec. </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport Google launches new Pixelbook Go laptop Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:12:42 +0000 <div> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=""> <p>Google unveiled its new PixelBook Go Chromebook at its Made By Google event, offering powerful hardware in a portable form factor.</p> <p>The device runs Chrome OS and features a 13.3-inch touchscreen with an impressive battery.</p> <p>The PixelBook Go will offer up to 12 hours of battery life and fast charging support which can deliver two hours of battery in 20 minutes of charging.</p> <p>"Each design element on Pixelbook Go was built for people who are always on the go," Google said.</p> <p>"The first thing you'll notice is the sleek matte finish. That finely painted magnesium casing keeps Pixelbook Go as light as possible while still feeling solid."</p> <p>The Pixelbook Go has the same high-performance components as other Google Pixelbook devices, the company added.</p> <p>"It starts up in seconds and stays fast with automatic updates, so you can count on speedy performance over time," Google said. "And with built-in security on Chrome OS, Pixelbook Go is both fast and secure."</p> <p>The Pixelbook Go has a price tag of $649 and will be available in two colours - Just Black and Not Pink.</p> <p>The Pixelbook Go is available for pre-order in the United States today. The company has not yet published specifications for the device.</p> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=""> <iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="500" height="281"></iframe><img src=""></div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Unveils Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL With Smooth Display, Upgraded Cameras, Face Unlock - Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:11:05 +0000 <div> <img src=""> <p>It's time. After the countless leaks, Google's next-gen Android flagships are finally here. Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are now official - here's everything you need to know.</p> <p>First things first: the design of the Pixel 4 is slightly different from the Pixel 3 line, ditching the notch at the top of the device, and featuring a larger top bezel instead. Pixel 4 features a 5.7-inch Full HD+ display, while the XL features a 6.3-inch Quad HD+ display. Both the devices feature an OLED panel, with a new Smooth Display feature that allows the display to have refresh rates of up to 90Hz, making everything feel a lot smoother than before. The refresh rate adjusts automatically depending on what you are doing, saving battery life. The devices are both powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor, feature Google's new Pixel Neural Core co-processor, 6GB of RAM, and up to 128GB of storage.</p> <p>In terms of actual features, Google's new Pixel 4 line includes Face Unlock for the first time ever. This is an actual, full-blown face unlock feature that uses a Dot Projector, IR Camera, and Flood Illuminator to scan your face, and lets you unlock the device with your face. It's a lot like Face ID on the iPhone, but Google insists its implementation is different than any other in the market. In fact, Google says it will be able to unlock the phone in almost any orientation, which is something that didn't exist on the original Face ID on the iPhone X.</p> <p>And then there's the new Motion Sense, which might be the Pixel 4's most gimmicky feature. Motion Sense is powered by a miniature version of Google's Soli sensor, placed at the top of the device, that allows users to interact with their Pixel to a certain level using gestures. You can simply wave over your phone to play the next/previous song, silence phone calls, etc.</p> <img src=""> <p>Yes, that's very gimmicky. But here's where it gets cool: Google says the Motion Sense and Face Unlock feature work together to detect when you may want to unlock your phone, and automatically turns on the face unlock system beforehand so you can unlock the phone really fast - in fact, it offers the fastest phone unlock on any smartphone, according to Google. Pixel 4 also comes with deep Google Assistant integration, that can process certain tasks on-device. There's even a new Recorder app that can transcribe what you are saying in real-time, and all of the voice recognition features are done on-device, locally.</p> <p>So what about the cameras? This is Pixel we are talking about here, so yes, there's a ton to talk about the cameras. Although Apple just added a third camera sensor to the back of iPhone 11 Pro, Google is just now adding a second camera to the Pixel 4. The device features a 12MP Dual-Pixel and a 16MP Telephoto camera and it includes some interesting new features. There is no ultrawide sensor, though.</p> <p>Google is introducing Live HDR+ with the new Pixel 4 line, which means you can see how the HDR will look in real-time. There's a dedicated new astrophotography mode that you can use to photograph the stars, and for when you are not trying to take pictures of the sky, you will be able to use Google's new Motion Mode camera mode to take improved action shots. There's also improvements to the Portrait mode with SLR-like bokeh effect. More importantly, there's a new Dual Exposure controls feature that essentially lets you set two different exposure points in a shot and adjust the shadows and highlights separately, in real-time.</p> <p>Pixel 4 comes with a 2800mAh battery, while the 4 XL features a 3700mAh battery. The devices will come in Just Black, Clearly White, and a limited edition Oh So Orange. Starts at $799, pre-orders today, available October 24. You will get 3 months of free Google One and 100GB of cloud storage with the purchase of a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.</p> <p>Tagged with Google Pixel, Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google 10 memorable images from the Packers' messy win over the Lions Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:11:02 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <div> <p><img src=""></p> </div> <figcaption>The Packers woke up just in time to grab the victory Monday night. (PHOTO: Evan Siegle/</figcaption></figure></p> <section> <p>Well, uh, we'll take it!</p> <p>The Packers struggled Monday night at home against the Detroit Lions (blame it on the white jerseys; seriously, burn them). They couldn't catch the ball. They turned the ball over. They weren't particularly great at stopping the Lions on defense. And yet, as has become the storyline of this early season, Green Bay won anyway, 23-22, thanks to Mason Crosby's game-winning kick, some late-game heroics from a wide receiver you probably never heard of until Monday night and some, uh, debatable penalties, to put it generously. Let's see how the Detroit newspaper is handling things!</p> <blockquote> <p>Final: Packers 23, Lions 22.<br><br>Lions blow a 13-point lead, settle for 5 field goals and have multiple blown calls go against them but, on the bright side, in 5 billion years the sun will swell into a red giant, vaporize the Earth and obliterate all evidence of this game happening</p> - Detroit Free Press (@freep) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>Oh. </p> <blockquote> <p>Watching the Detroit Lions is like eating a sandwich<br><br>Except the sandwich is on fire<br><br>You're on fire<br><br>Everything's on fire<br><br>And you're in hell <br><br>Watching the Lions</p> - Detroit Free Press (@freep) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>Oh dear. </p> <p>Well, while we go to give the social media intern at the Detroit Free Press a hug, take a look back at a memorably messy game (for literally everybody involved) with these nine key images from Monday night.</p> <h2>1. More like hands to the facepalm</h2> <blockquote> <p>Here are the two "hands to the face" penalties called against Lions DE Trey Flowers in the 4th quarter #DETvsGB<br><br> - Kevin Boilard (@247KevinBoilard) October 15, 2019</p> - Smoke (@Smoke56895160) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>So ... what's everybody talking about this morning?</p> <p>Indeed, the Packers were aided by some ... dubious penalty calls, mainly two illegal hands to the face flags on key third down plays that were maybe more like illegal hands to the jersey collar.</p> <p>But you know what: Maybe this is payback for the first-half Lions rushing touchdown that sure never looked definitively like the running back broke the plane of the endzone. Or maybe it's payback from the Eagles game when their defensive back bear-hugged our receiver on a key final play. Or payback for the Fail Mary because, honestly, even years later, we still deserve reparations from that. As it turns out, things even out. Bad calls happen, and admittedly the ones Monday night certainly suck ... but maybe these backbreaking moments would've suck a little less if the Lions had scored touchdowns instead of settled for field goals throughout the game, keeping the Packers within spitting distance despite outplaying them for most of the game.</p> <p>In conclusion, you hate to see a bad penalty call help change the outcome of a game, but the Lions did plenty to lose it all on their own Monday night.</p> <h2>2. Za'Darius Smith: late for school</h2> <blockquote> <p>Za'Darius Smith celebrated his sack by getting ready for school 🤣🤣 @TheRealZSmith</p> - The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>It's a shame the referees are taking all the spotlight after the game from what should be the main postgame topic: Za'Darius Smith's utterly delightful sack celebration, waking up and hurrying off to school. (Or, according to him, to meetings, but we like the school storyline more.) We've now seen at least three memorable post-sack celebrations from Za'Darius Smith - the sneaky feed me, the Ray Lewis response and now this - and considering the creativity involved (oh, and also the yardage lost for our opponent), I hope they never stop. Za'Darius Smith is the gift that keeps on giving - and GIFing in the case of these celebrations.</p> <h2>3. Don't hit me in the hands</h2> <blockquote> <p>Aaron Jones out here looking like an Eagles wide receiver.</p> - Patrick (@pmc_cmp3) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>Talk about a comedown.</p> <p>After last week's star-making turn scoring four touchdowns against the Dallas Cowboys and waving the rivals into dust, Aaron Jones ... did not have that kind of performance on Monday night. First, he coughed up the football on a rushing play, handing the Lions another chance to increase their early lead. Then he dropped an easy guaranteed touchdown that hit him right in the hands but apparently burned him like acid. He would seemingly disappear for the rest of the night after that frankly remarkable display of Teflon hands, while fellow running back Jamaal Williams - last seen alarmingly concussed on the field against Philadelphia - took over his role, getting three more carries than Jones, scampering for over 100 yards and actually catching a touchdown pass.</p> <p>Here's to next week, Aaron.</p> <h2>4. Don't hit me in the hands, either</h2> <blockquote> <p>Jones told Shepherd he would split the under money with him.</p> - BETSPERTS (@betsperts) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>In fairness to Aaron Jones, nobody's hands on the Green Bay receiving corps had a good night - and Jones' night looked damn near spectacular as compared to backup receiver Darrius Shepherd, who also fumbled the ball away muffing a punt and also dropped a key redzone pass from Aaron Rodgers. But at least when Jones dropped a possible touchdown, he didn't let the pass hit him right in the mush, then gift the ball into the hands of a Lions defender.</p> <p>In conclusion, get better soon, Davante. We miss you.</p> <h2>5. Brass knuckles ... because sure</h2> <blockquote> <p>Did anyone ask for Brantley Gilbert to perform on MNF?? Also why does he have brass knuckles on his mic? #pleasemakeitstop #MNF</p> - Drew Zakmin (@1HLpodcast) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>I feel like punching someone with a brass-knuckled microphone is a good way to end up with a broken microphone. Anyways, it was around this time I switched channels to watch the St. Louis Cardinals get curb-stomped by the Nationals and go down 3-0 in the NLCS. What a great sports night!</p> <h2>6. Still dealing dimes</h2> <img src=""><p>The trendy opinion on Aaron Rodgers these days is that he's not as good as he used to be, that he's lost a step and he misses more passes than he would've in his prime years. And sure, maybe Rodgers is in the backslide of his career ... but he can still drop perfect dimes like this gorgeous second-half pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling. (And in an even more stunning development, the receiver caught the pass!) Rodgers may not be the unquestionable best in the game anymore, but he's still one of just a handful of great quarterbacks in the NFL who can make a pass like this and make it look easy. Don't take great quarterbacking for granted; just ask the Bears. </p> <h2>7. A receiver? WHO CAN CATCH!?</h2> <img src=""><p>Meet Allen Lazard. Apparently he was the only receiver on the Green Bay Packers who remembered his Stickum on Monday night. Lazard finished the night with four catches for 65 yards - not monster stats, but each one of those catches, including a key touchdown in the final frame, seemed massive and provided at least somebody in the receiving corps who Aaron Rodgers could trust to catch the football. </p> <h2>8. Somebody stop hitting the lights</h2> <blockquote> <p>.@AllenLazard hauls in the 3️⃣5️⃣-yard TOUCHDOWN pass from @AaronRodgers12! #DETvsGB | #GoPackGo</p> - Green Bay Packers (@packers) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>Dear Lambeau Field ... again: Please stop flickering the lights on and off when the Packers score a touchdown. My mind never thinks it's a celebration. I just always think the breaker blew. We already have a great scoring celebration - which speaking of ...</p> <h2>9. Crosby in the clutch</h2> <blockquote> <p>They gave Mason Crosby a boost for the Lambeau Leap 😂#GoPackGo via @NFL</p> - FOX Sports Wisconsin (@fswisconsin) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>GET IN THE STANDS, OLD MAN!</p> <p>Almost exactly a year ago, against these very Detroit Lions, Mason Crosby had the worst game of his otherwise impressive career, missing five kicks - the most missed in a single game in two decades. So Monday night provided all too perfect redemption for the team's all-time leading scorer, as he nailed all five of his kicks including the game-winner. And if that doesn't deserve a leap into the Lambeau seats, we don't know what does.</p> <h2>10. A Lambeau Leap so nice ... </h2> <img src=""><p>... we had to see it twice. </p> </section></div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Packers Azkals battle to creditable draw against China PR in Asian Cup rematch | FOX Sports Asia Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:11:01 +0000 <div> <strong>Philippines produced a battling display to claim a creditable 0-0 draw against China PR in the second round of Asian qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup on Tuesday.</strong> <p>Just back in January, the <em>Azkals</em> were making their maiden AFC Asian Cup appearance and came up against the same opponents, where they ultimately fell to a 3-0 defeat.</p> <p>Nine months on, Philippines showed how far they have come as they earned a point at the Panaad Stadium against a talented China outfit that arguably had more quality than they did back at the Asian Cup, especially with the recent inclusion of Brazil-born striker Elkeson.</p> <p>While the hosts showed plenty of endeavour, it was the Chinese who always looked the likelier of the two teams to break the deadlock.</p> <p>But, with Neil Etheridge back between the posts, Philippines were able to hold out as the Cardiff custodian made a series of fine saves to salvage a share of the spoils for his side.</p> <p><strong>PHILIPPINES:</strong> Neil Etheridge, Martin Steuble, Carli de Murga (Luke Woodland 30'), Alvaro Silva, Justin Baas (Amani Aguinaldo 67'), Daisuke Sato, Patrick Reichelt, John-Patrick Strauss (Angel Guirado 78'), Stephan Schrock, Iain Ramsay, Mark Hartmann.</p> <p><strong>CHINA PR:</strong> Yan Junling, Wang Gang, Zhang Linpeng, Zhu Chenjie (Liu Yang 58'), Zheng Zheng, Chi Zhongguo, Hao Junmin, Wu Xi, Wu Lei, Elkeson, Yang Xu (Xie Pengfei 77').</p> <em><strong>Photo credit: Philippine Football Federation</strong></em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport Google's Pixel 4 is official Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:10:46 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>The rumors and leaks have been pretty relentless. In fact, over the past three days, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL have gone up for preorder on at least two different sites. While it's true that Google's never been particularly great at keeping this stuff under wraps, this was pretty silly.</p> <p>Anyway, the Pixel 4 is finally official, and it's basically exactly what we were expecting from this year's Google flagship. The device now features face unlock, another addition that brings Pixels in line with the competition, though Google claims it's the fastest available. Using a new radar chip, the device is able to start the unlock when you reach for the phone and then fully unlock when it sees your face.</p> <p>Radar also gives the device gesture recognition, via Motion Sense The concept is similar to what you'll find on other Android handsets, but it's significantly more sophisticated, distinguishing accidental gestures from intentional ones Use these, this can do things like skipping songs, turn the screen on and wave to your animated Pikachu wallpaper (actual example). All of the processing is done on device and users can turn it off for privacy.</p> <p>The 4 maintains the familiar Active Edge squeeze, which launches a newly upgraded Google Assistant.</p> <img src=""> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google India vs Bangladesh Live Score, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Live Streaming: Hosts eye to bag crucial three points Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:10:06 +0000 <div> <p><strong>India vs Bangladesh Live Score, Fifa World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Live Streaming: </strong> Confident after their goalless draw against Asian champions Qatar, India would be looking to register their first win in the ongoing FIFA World Cup qualifiers when they take on Bangladesh in a group E second round match at the Saltlake Stadium in Kolkata on Tuesday.</p> <p>The Igor Stimac-coached side have a perfect stage to grab three points and keep their World Cup hopes alive, despite the absence of injured Sandesh Jhingan. The Blue Tigers will bank on Sunil Chhetri's return after the veteran missed the Qatar match as well as Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, who made 11 saves against the 2022 hosts.</p> <p>While defence, tactical formation and discipline were the highlights of their match against Qatar, the focus against Bangladesh, who are ranked 83 places below India, would be on the strikers. Chhetri will remain the go-to man in the attacking zone, but the onus will also be on the likes of Balwant Singh and Manvir Singh to make an impact, something former India captain Bhaichung Bhutia has highlighted.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football India vs Bangladesh Live Score, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Live Streaming: IND 0-0 BAN in first half Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:09:59 +0000 <div> <p><strong>India vs Bangladesh Live Score, Fifa World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Live Streaming: </strong> Confident after their goalless draw against Asian champions Qatar, India would be looking to register their first win in the ongoing FIFA World Cup qualifiers when they take on Bangladesh in a group E second round match at the Saltlake Stadium in Kolkata on Tuesday.</p> <p>The Igor Stimac-coached side have a perfect stage to grab three points and keep their World Cup hopes alive, despite the absence of injured Sandesh Jhingan. The Blue Tigers will bank on Sunil Chhetri's return after the veteran missed the Qatar match as well as Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, who made 11 saves against the 2022 hosts.</p> <p>While defence, tactical formation and discipline were the highlights of their match against Qatar, the focus against Bangladesh, who are ranked 83 places below India, would be on the strikers. Chhetri will remain the go-to man in the attacking zone, but the onus will also be on the likes of Balwant Singh and Manvir Singh to make an impact, something former India captain Bhaichung Bhutia has highlighted.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football India vs Bangladesh, FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifier Live Score and Updates in Kolkata: Bangladesh Up 1-0 Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:09:06 +0000 <div> <p><strong>India vs Bangladesh, FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifier Live Score and Updates:</strong> India and Bangladesh have started slowly in their Group E FIFA 2022 World Cup Qualifier at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata. India will be confident and be looking to register their first win in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers after some strong performances in the tournament so far. The clash apart from being a World Cup Qualifier will also serve as the 2023 AFC Asian Cup qualifier. The Igor Stimac-coached side, ranked 104 in the world, are strong favourites to beat neighbours Bangladesh who are 83 rungs below them.</p> <p> The India vs Bangladesh clash is being held at the Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, also known as the Saltlake Stadium, with tickets having been sold out days ahead of the clash. The colossal Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan has a capacity of 65,000 and, according to ticket sales on the eve of the match, is expected to be packed to the rafters. In fact, Kolkata is set to host the national team for the first time since 2011 when they beat Malaysia 3-2 in a friendly. <strong>LIVE STREAM</strong><br> </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football Google Pixelbook Go makes big battery claims Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:08:24 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <img src=""> </figure></p> <p>The Pixel 4 may be the main attraction at today's Google event, but before we get to that, Google pulled the veil back on a new Pixelbook. Dubbed the Pixelbook Go, this new Chromebook has seemingly been designed with portability in mind - Google says that the entire package is 13mm thick, with a total weight that clocks in at "barely two pounds."</p> <p>Google achieves that light weight with a magnesium casing that sports a matte finish and a ridged bottom. The Chromebook has a 13.3-inch touchscreen, but the battery is something that might get the lion's share of attention from consumers. Google says that the battery is good for 12 hours on a full charge, which is a pretty hefty claim.</p> <img src=""><p>Obviously, we'll need to wait until the Pixelbook Go makes its way into the wild before we can put that battery to the test ourselves, but claiming 12 hours is certainly a big boast. Beyond that, Google also says we'll be able to squeeze two hours of battery life out of a mere 20 minutes of charging time, so at this point, it becomes clear that the battery was a big area of focus for Google.</p> <img src=""><p>It seems the keyboard was as well, as the Pixelbook Go has been outfitted with "Hush Keys" similar to those on the original Pixelbook, so when you're in public, you can type away without making a ton of noise. The Pixelbook Go has a number of configuration options, as it can be outfitted with an Intel Core m3, i5, or i7; 8GB or 16GB of RAM; and a 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB SSD.</p> <img src=""><p>The price you pay for the Pixelbook Go depends on your configuration, but the device starts at $649. Google hasn't announced a solid release date for the Pixelbook Go yet, but it's up for pre-order today in the US and Canada, with pre-orders opening in the UK in January. At launch, the Pixelbook Go will come in two colors: "just black" and "not pink."</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Azkals, China fight to goalless draw in Bacolod Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:07:44 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p><b>By Michael Angelo S. Murillo</b><br><i>Senior Reporter</i></p> <p>THE Philippines and China fought to a goalless draw in their Group A match in the second-round of qualification for FIFA World Cup 2022 on Tuesday night at the Panaad Park and Football Stadium in Bacolod City.</p> <p>Needing to get a win and the full three points that go with it to advance their respective causes in the qualifiers, the two teams instead saw themselves getting a point each from the draw.</p> <p>The Philippine Azkals and the visiting side showed spirited fight all throughout the match but just would not get the needed breakthrough they were angling for in regulation and in the added five minutes.</p> <p>With the draw, China (2-1-0) saw its hot start in the second round halted but still leads the grouping with seven points from three matches, ahead of second-running Syria (2-0-0), which was still playing Guam as of press time, with six points.</p> <p>The Philippines (1-1-1) improved to four points, good for solo third ahead of Maldives (1-0-2) with three points and Guam (0-0-3) at fifth.</p> <p>"It was a team performance. Every player in the bench was unbelievable throughout the week. We did not get the win but at least we got a point from the draw and something to build on," said Azkals goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, who finally played in the qualifiers after missing the first two games because of injury.</p> <p>The Philippines next plays on Nov. 14 against Maldives in Male while China faces off versus Syria on the same date in Dubai.</p> <p>In the second round of qualification, the Philippines hopes to finish on top of the grouping, or at a least have one of the best four runner-up records among the eight groups, to advance to the next round of the World Cup qualifiers.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> China Google's New Nest Mini and Nest Wi-Fi Up The Smart Home Smarts Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:06:56 +0000 <div> <p><figure><div><img src=""></div> <figcaption><p>The new Google Nest Mini</p> <small>Google</small> </figcaption></figure></p> <p>The much leaked Pixel 4 is, unsurprisingly, grabbing the lion's share of the headlines from the big Google hardware event-but smart home fans will be pleased to see that the search giant has taken the covers off of a couple of key new smart home devices.</p> <p>First up is the Google Nest Mini, which looks a heck of a lot like the existing Google Home Mini. However, it's not just new branding for the smallest Google Assistant smart speaker. Inside, there's been a wealth of hardware improvements.</p> <p>The audio quality is much better than its predecessor, although you wouldn't really want it to act as more than a kitchen or travel speaker. There's a machine learning chip powering proceedings, making the Google Assistant better than ever and, thanks to a third mic up top, it'll be better at hearing you in noisy rooms.</p> <p>One super useful design change is that there's now a screw mount built into the bottom of the Mini, making it possible to wall-mount. Another useful addition is there's now LEDs on both sides of the fabric mesh, indicating where the volume touch points are.</p> <p>That fabric covering is now more eco-friendly; it's made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. </p> <figure><div><img src=""></div> <figcaption><p>Google Wifi Bundle</p> <small>Google</small> </figcaption></figure> <p>The new Google Nest Wifi brings the mesh Wi-Fi system platform inside your Google Home app and adds Google Assistant to the mix.</p> <p>It's made up of two different devices: the Router and the Point. The Route has a 4x4 Wi-Fi antenna, can cover an area of 2,200 square feet and also features Bluetooth Low Energy, as well as Thread - with the focus being on it acting as a hub for Nest smart home devices. </p> <p>A Point adds another 1,600 square feet of strong Wi-Fi to the mix, with a 2x2 antenna. They are a bit smaller than the Router and lack a wired connection; the Router has 2 Ethernet ports.</p> <p>It's the Point that brings Google Assistant to the mesh system. There's a nice under-glow light that comes on while the Assistant is speaking back to you and you can, of course, turn off the microphone if you don't want GA listening in.</p> <p>A Nest Wifi Router costs $149 and a 2-pack Router and Point is $239. Additional Points will cost $129. The system is also compatible with the existing Google Wi-Fi devices. A lack of Wi-Fi 6 may be a cause for some criticism though.</p> <p>The Google Home Nest Mini costs $49. They start shipping next week, the new Nest Wifi will be available November 4th.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google India vs Bangladesh Live Score, FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Live Streaming: Hosts eye to bag crucial three points Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:06:44 +0000 <div> <p><strong>India vs Bangladesh Live Score, Fifa World Cup 2022 Qualifiers Live Streaming: </strong> Confident after their goalless draw against Asian champions Qatar, India would be looking to register their first win in the ongoing FIFA World Cup qualifiers when they take on Bangladesh in a group E second round match at the Saltlake Stadium in Kolkata on Tuesday.</p> <p>The Igor Stimac-coached side have a perfect stage to grab three points and keep their World Cup hopes alive, despite the absence of injured Sandesh Jhingan. The Blue Tigers will bank on Sunil Chhetri's return after the veteran missed the Qatar match as well as Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, who made 11 saves against the 2022 hosts.</p> <p>While defence, tactical formation and discipline were the highlights of their match against Qatar, the focus against Bangladesh, who are ranked 83 places below India, would be on the strikers. Chhetri will remain the go-to man in the attacking zone, but the onus will also be on the likes of Balwant Singh and Manvir Singh to make an impact, something former India captain Bhaichung Bhutia has highlighted.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football Google announces its Nest Mini smart speaker Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:06:42 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>Google is changing the name of its Google Home Mini and integrating it into its Nest line of products. Announced today, the Nest Mini is an upgrade to 2017's Google Home Mini. The Nest Mini looks nearly identical to the Google Home Mini, except it comes with improved speakers and an included wall mount. It'll come in four colors: black, light gray, coral, and light blue.</p> <p>Google's particularly marketing the Nest Mini as an audio device. The company says the bass is twice as strong as the original Google Home Mini for more natural sound. If you're listening to audio content, the speaker will light up when you place your hand close to the device for volume adjustment. It can also pair with other Nest speakers to create a larger sound system. This means people can make Google Duo calls through the Google Home app or use other Nest speakers as intercoms.</p> <p>The company says the Nest Mini also now includes a third microphone that'll help in noisy environments, and it features dedicated machine learning that allows Google Assistant features to run faster and on the device itself.</p> <p>It'll cost $49, and the preorder is live today. It goes on sale on October 22nd and will be available in 23 countries. Retailers include Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.</p> <em>Developing. Check out our </em><em>Google hardware event live blog</em><em> for the latest updates!</em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Book World: Julie Andrews shares a behind-the-scenes look at the opening sequence of 'The Sound of Music' Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:05:06 +0000 <div> <p>Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years</p> <p>By Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton</p> <p>Hachette. 352 pp. $30</p> <p>---</p> <em>The following comes from the book "Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years." In this excerpt, Julie Andrews looks back on filming the iconic opening sequence of "The Sound of Music."</em> <p>Ironically, most of our film's magical opening sequence was the last thing we filmed in Austria. Robert Wise, our director, had envisioned an aerial shot to be filmed from a helicopter that would discover me - a speck in the vast alpine landscape - walking toward the camera. He selected a beautiful stretch of countryside high in the mountains, flanked by woods on two sides. Our huge playback speakers were camouflaged among the trees, as was our crew, so that no one else was in view.</p> <p>I was placed at one end of the meadow. A helicopter hovered behind the trees at the other end, waiting for me to begin my walk toward it. Initially, I couldn't hear my cue since the crew's voices were muffled by the trees. Even the playback, turned up as loud as possible, was almost inaudible over the "clackety-clack" of the helicopter. Finally, Marc Breaux was given a bullhorn, through which he yelled, "GO, JULIE!"</p> <p>I began my walk, and as I did, the helicopter rose up and over its cover. It came at me sideways, looking rather like a giant crab. A brave cameraman named Paul Beeson was hanging out of it, strapped precariously to the side where a door would have been, his feet resting on the runners beneath the craft. Strapped to him was the heavy camera equipment. As the helicopter drew closer, I spun around with my arms open as if about to sing. All I had to do was walk, twirl, and take a breath. This required several takes, to be sure that both the helicopter and I hit our marks correctly, the camera was in focus, there was no helicopter shadow, and that everything timed out. Once the take was complete, the helicopter soared up and around me and returned to its original position. At that point I'd run back to the end of the field to start all over again, until Bob was satisfied that he had the perfect take.</p> <p>The problem was that as I completed that spin and the helicopter lifted, the downdraft from the jet engine was so powerful, it dashed me to the ground. I'd haul myself up, spitting mud and grass and brushing it off my dress, and trek back to my starting position. Each time the helicopter encircled me, I was flattened again.</p> <p>I became more and more irritated - couldn't they see what was happening? I tried to indicate for them to make a wider circle around me. I could see the cameraman, the pilot, and our second unit director on board, but all I got was a thumbs-up and a signal to do it again. Finally, the shot was deemed acceptable, and I was grateful to return to my hotel and take a long, hot bath.</p> <p>By this time, largely due to the weather, we were three weeks behind schedule, seriously over budget, and the studio had summoned the rest of the cast back to L.A. We tried to capture the next small section of the song for several days, but the relentless rain thwarted our attempts yet again. Day after day, we waited for a break in the clouds, everyone cold, damp, and longing to go home.</p> <p>There was still quite a bit left to shoot, as each small segment of the song was its own little scene. The brook, for example, was actually man-made, dug out by our crew, lined with plastic and filled with water, boulders, and ferns. Our host farmer lost patience with us, claiming that the film crew's presence was disrupting his cows' milk production. Overnight, he took a pitchfork to the plastic lining and punctured it enough times that all the water drained away. Bob was devastated - the 20th Century Fox bigwigs were hounding him to wrap things up, but they had no idea of the obstacles that he was wrestling with.</p> <p>Finally, Bob promised the studio that if he didn't get the last shot he was waiting for, he'd wrap the company nonetheless and come home the following day. By some miracle, that afternoon the clouds parted for a brief half hour, the sun came out, and we got our shot. Bob later said that those constant lowering cumuli set against the magnificent Alps gave the film the drama and authenticity it needed - something we couldn't have achieved any other way.</p> <p>---</p> <em>From the book "Home Work" by Julie Andrews. Copyright © 2019 by Lacebark Entertainment Inc. Reprinted by permission of Hachette Books, New York, N.Y. All rights reserved.</em> <p>---</p> <p>Andrews is an Oscar-winning actress whose film credits include "Mary Poppins," "The Sound of Music" and "Victor Victoria."</p> <p>Hamilton, with her mother, Andrews, has written more than 30 books for children and young adults.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment 'Bombshell' Trailer: Nicole Kidman's Gretchen Carlson Is Ready to 'Go to War' Against Roger Ailes (Video) Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:04:41 +0000 <div> <p>The latest trailer for Jay Roach's "Bombshell" shows Fox News in a state of flux as Gretchen Carlson has just accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, and a woman on the phone asks her if she's ready to "go to war" over this.</p> <p>"Oh yeah," Carlson, who's played by Nicole Kidman in the film, replies.</p> <p>The "Ellen" show exclusively had the new trailer for "Bombshell," which shows Charlize Theron, Kidman, Margot Robbie and even gives a first look at John Lithgow as Roger Ailes in a detailed inside look at the workings of Fox News. In one scene, Kate McKinnon explains to a new employee played by Robbie some of the rules of the network.</p> <p><strong>Also Read:</strong> 'Bombshell:' Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman's Fox News Movie Gets Title and Trailer (Video)</p> <p>"You have to adopt the mentality of an Irish street cop. The world is a bad place. People are lazy morons. Immigrants are criminals, sex is sick but interesting," she says in the clip. "You have to ask what would scare my grandmother and piss off my grandfather, and that's a Fox story."</p> <p>But it also shows how Carlson came to ultimately go against her employers and out accuse Ailes of harassment, all while Megyn Kelly (Theron) was being publicly attacked by then-presidential candidate Trump for grilling him in one of the debates.</p> <p>Roach directed "Bombshell" based on a script by Charles Randolph. In the cast's appearance on "Ellen," Theron explained that the story utilized direct sources, including those who currently work at Fox News but only spoke anonymously, and that they hope the subjects of the film, including Megyn Kelly, will eventually get the chance to see the film.</p> <p>"Bombshell" opens in theaters from Lionsgate on Dec. 20.</p> <p>Watch the new trailer above via "Ellen."</p> <h2>Paging Oscar Voters: 19 Fact-Based Fall Movies and Biopics, From 'Judy' to 'Bombshell' (Photos)</h2> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Kid Victoria Beckham admits was 'love at first sight' with husband David Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:04:23 +0000 <div> <p>Victoria Beckham discussed her family life, her 20-year marriage to husband David and her new beauty range during an interview on the Today show on Tuesday.</p> <p>The designer, 45, was quizzed by Hoda Kotb about the 'secret sauce' that has kept her and the former footballer together for so long.</p> <p>Admitting they always put their four children first, she said: 'The kids are our priority, everything we do revolves around the children. We both work really hard, we love what we do professionally. </p> <p>'We support each other, we're very lucky to have found each other and lucky that we're growing together.'</p> <p>The pair tied the knot in July 1999 and have children Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, Cruz, 14, and Harper, eight, together.</p> <p>Reminiscing about their first encounter two years prior to their wedding, Victoria admitted: 'It was love at first sight.' </p> <p>Quizzed about how they make their family unit work despite their busy schedules, the Spice Girls star said 'communication is key'.</p> <p>'We're very present in the kids' lives. We love our family, everything we do revolves around them', she explained. </p> <p>'I think it's just being focused, working hard, having a great support team around us. And both of our parents help out with the kids.' </p> <p>The busy mother-of-four has just launched her first make-up brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty, and says she took advice from Diane Von Furstenberg about never feeling guilty juggling family life with work, </p> <p>She said: 'You feel guilty when you're a working mum. I'm sure there are so many mums watching this right now who feel torn.</p> <p>'You want to be the best professional, follow your dreams but you also want to be the best mum. Diane said to me, don't feel guilty, it's ageing!'</p> <p>During her chat with Hoda, Victoria cracked a joke about the fact she never smiles, whispering confidentially to the host, 'please don't tell anyone I did!'.</p> <p>'I smile on the inside', Victoria insisted. 'I'm so lucky, I'm so blessed, I love what I do, that I can empower women through fashion or beauty, make them feel like the best version of themselves. So I am smiling inside and outside!' </p> <p>She was also thrown by a question about whether the Spice Girls would be 'reuniting' - ie whether she would be completing them as a five-piece for their rumoured next tour in 2020.</p> <p>'Oooh, OK, got me there! The girls did a very, very successful tour. I was so proud of them, I still speak to all the girls. Whatever they do next, they will be brilliant,' she said, quashing all hopes of a Posh Spice revival. </p> <p>The purpose of the interview was to discuss her new Victoria Beckham Beauty venture.</p> <p>'We launched Victoria Beckham beauty about a month ago now, which has been a dream come true for me', she said. </p> <p>'We're going direct to consumer so the only place you can actually buy the make-up is on [There's] a strong focus on the best formulas, but safe formulas as well. </p> <p>'We say this is clean beauty - there's a big focus on not putting dangerous chemicals in the products. Sustainability is also a key message for us with regards to our packaging and offering it at an affordable luxury price point.' </p> <p>She continued: 'The other focus with this brand is inclusivity so we have six nude lip liner shades, something that works for every skin tone!'</p> <p>The star was dressed in her own eponymous fashion label for her interview, embracing the colour-blocking trend. </p> <p>She sported a lilac knit teamed with a contrasting bright red skirt, adding a preppy twist to the look with a smart shirt featuring coordinating scarlet stitching. </p> <p>Taking to Instagram to tease her interview with Hoda, Victoria shared a few images from filming. </p> <p>She wrote: 'Such a pleasure chatting to @hodakotb on @todayshow this morning in New York! Thank u xx Wearing #VBAW19!! X Kisses VB'. </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment Philippines holds higher-ranked China to goalless draw in World Cup Qualifying Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:04:03 +0000 <div> <p>BACOLOD CITY -Disciplined in defense, the Philippines put together a performance to remember to hold China to a goalless draw for a precious point Tuesday night in Fifa World Cup Qualifying at Panaad Stadium here.</p> <p>Neil Etheridge delivered a standout game on goal with a spectacular save at stoppage time on Hao Junmin's strike, while captain Stephan Schrock led by example with a workmanlike display as the Azkals achieved their biggest result to date.</p> <p>Playing a team ranked 59 places higher by Fifa at 68, the Azkals played without fear and showed that they can more than match their rivals' quality.</p> <p>The result helped the Azkals increase their tally to four points from three matches as they kept third spot in Group A.</p> <p>China hiked its tally to seven points, but coach Marcello Lippi's side will be ruing a missed opportunity to claim maximum points against a Philippine team it had beaten three times in the last two years, including a heavy 1-8 defeat in 2017.</p> <p>Lippi's side ran smack into an Azkals side that played as one strong, resilient and organized unit.</p> <p>Etheridge's command at the back proved critical while Schrock came up with an all-action performance at midfied, threatening on attack and a terrier when the Azkals did not have possession.</p> <p>Getting longer preparation this time compared to the first round of matches, Scott Cooper fixed a few kinks at the back and the Azkals showcased their finest defensive performance in years.</p> <p>Subscribe to INQUIRER PLUS to get access to The Philippine Daily Inquirer & other 70+ titles, share up to 5 gadgets, listen to the news, download as early as 4am & share articles on social media. Call 896 6000.</p> <h6>For feedback, complaints, or inquiries, contact us. </h6> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport Apple Researcher Finds Huge Flaw In Linux Sudo Command Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:03:13 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>(Image credit: Shutterstock)</p> <p>Joe Vennix of Apple Information Security found a significant security vulnerability (CVE-2019-14287) in the Linux sudo utility that could have allowed other users to gain unauthorized administrative ("root") privileges on a Linux machine.</p> <p>The Sudo command allows specific users to gain administrative privileges on their own user account after they authenticate with the root account's password. In the Linux world, root is similar to the default Windows Administrator account.</p> <p>The researcher found that the ALL keyword, which normally allows root users to execute any command, could be used to bypass previously set restrictions for non-root users. Because of this vulnerability, non-root users or programs that were configured in the etc/sudoers file would also be able to run any root command and take over the system.</p> <p>To exploit this bug, a malicious party would need to specify the user ID "-1" or "4294967295" when running the sudo account. This seems to be allowed by the system because the function that converts the user ID into real usernames treats the "-1" and "4294967295" as "0," which is the user ID for the root user.</p> <p>The vulnerability affects all sudo versions before version 1.8.28, which was released today. The update is also in the process of being delivered to various distros, so if you're running Linux you may want to check your system for updates until the sudo utility gets the mentioned version or newer.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Research Falling Rates and Legal Costs Weigh on Wells Fargo's Profits | The Motley Fool Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:03:04 +0000 <div> <p>Earnings season kicked off with a barrage of ( bank stock earnings, and <strong>Wells Fargo</strong> NYSE:WFC) was among the first to report its third-quarter results. While the bank's revenue was certainly impressive, a significant decline in profitability is weighing on the stock.</p> <p>Having said that, there's more to the story than just the top- and bottom-line figures. Here's a rundown of the bank's numbers, why profitability declined, and what investors should know about the bank's performance.</p> <h2>Strong revenue but weaker earnings</h2> <p>As far as the headline numbers go, Wells Fargo's third quarter was a mixed bag. Revenue of $22.0 billion handily exceeded estimates of $21.19 billion. On the bottom line, however, earnings of $1.07 per share came in $0.08 shy of expectations, and overall net income fell to $4.6 billion from $6.0 billion in the same quarter a year ago.</p> <div><img src=""></div> <p>When a company generates more revenue than anticipated but still falls short on earnings, it means that there was a big drop in profitability. Of course, the headline numbers don't tell us <em>why</em> this was the case.</p> <h2>Digging a little deeper</h2> <p>To try to figure out why Wells Fargo's profitability wasn't quite up to par, let's take a closer look. There's a lot to unpack in the company's earnings report. Here are some of the most important takeaways.</p> <p>Wells Fargo's net interest margin (NIM) was 2.66%, 28 basis points lower than it was a year ago and a fairly sharp decline from 2.82% in the second quarter. This isn't exactly a surprise, given the falling-rate environment of the third quarter, but it is one of the main drivers of falling profits. In fact, net interest income fell $947 million compared with the same quarter a year ago.</p> <p>The bank also reported a $1.6 billion legal charge for the quarter, stemming from the numerous scandals of the past few years. This reduced earnings by $0.35 per share all by itself, which was partially offset by a $0.20-per-share gain from the sale of Wells Fargo's Institutional Retirement and Trust business.</p> <p>Thanks to these items and a few others, Wells Fargo's return on equity (ROE) and return on assets (ROA) fell to 9% and 0.95%, respectively, well short of the 13.3% ROE and 1.31% ROA it produced in the second quarter.</p> <p>With all of that in mind, it's important to point out that the report wasn't entirely negative. On the positive side of things, there are a few points investors should know:</p> <ul> <li>Wells Fargo's deposits and loans grew by 2% and 1%, respectively. This doesn't sound like excellent growth, but given the economic uncertainty in the U.S. as well as the Federal Reserve's growth limitation on the bank, it is pretty strong.</li> <li>Asset quality remains strong as well. Net charge-offs and nonaccrual loans are actually down year over year, although the bank is setting aside more money to cover any future losses.</li> <li>Wells Fargo is buying back stock at an aggressive pace. The number of outstanding shares is down 9% from the end of the third quarter of last year, and with the current buyback authorization, this trend should continue into 2020.</li> </ul> <h2>The takeaway from Wells Fargo's third quarter</h2> <p>Falling interest rates hurt Wells Fargo's profitability in the third quarter, and the continued legal impact from the bank's scandals certainly didn't help either. The bank's business appears to be doing well, however, with a reasonable level of loan and deposit growth and strong asset quality.</p> <p>As a final point, don't forget that Wells Fargo has been without a CEO for some time, but that is changing in the fourth quarter. New CEO Charles Scharf takes the helm on Monday, Oct. 21, so it'll be interesting to see how the transition plays out.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Investing Nest Aware subscription prices rebooted with new Google Home app Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:02:56 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <img src=""> </figure></p> <p>Today the Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus system was revealed - or re-revealed, depending on how you look at it - for smart home systems. This is Google's full home security system coverage subscription service for Google Home / Google Nest products. Google also revealed the Nest Mini today for $49 USD - making it pretty much a new Google Home Mini with a slightly different hardware package - just a TINY bit different.</p> <p>The Nest Aware system update is $6 a month for all the devices in your home. All the Nest and Google Home devices, that is. It includes a 30-day event video history and works with all of Google's smart home products. There's also a new Nest Aware Plus plan for $12 a month.</p> <p>The Nest Aware Plus system covers all the Google smart home products in your home - Nest, that is - with 60 day event video history instead of just 30. There's also 10-day 24/7 video history with this system. Google's also adding a guard system that alerts the user to sounds that may be extra bad - like breaking glass or a smoke alarm.</p> <p><img src=""></p> <p>This will all work with a brand new Google Home app. This new Google Home app will work with Home Feed. This new Home Feed will show you all the stuff in your house - everything connected with Google, that is to say. Google also introduced a new Nest Wifi system. There'll be both a Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point - this will all work with the Google Home app as well!</p> <p>Stick around for more as we continue to cover the big Google event in NYC. See the systems Google's using to cover your home - and your pocket, too. Expect big things from Google - including a brand new set of Google Pixel devices - which you'll also see previewed in the images in the gallery above. No secrets here!</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google WiFi is Now Nest WiFi: Here's What's Going on With Google's Mesh Network Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:02:56 +0000 <div> <figure> <img src=""></figure><p>Google WiFi has been around for a while, offering people the option to improve their home's WiFi coverage with an almost-seamless network that reaches some of the hardest to reach areas of your home. Wel Google WiFi is getting a revamp, and a rebrand. It's now called Nest WiFi, and here's what's changed.</p> <p>Nest WiFi is, naturally, more powerful than Google WiFi, and the company promises that it offers double the speed and 12 per cent better coverage than the old Google WiFi system. Being a Mesh network it comes with a central router that connects to additional Nest WiFi Point to extend the range.</p> <img src=""> <p>If you have Google WiFi already the new points will still be compatible with what you have, which is nice. The Point itself has Google Assistant built in so you can call up the AI assistant if you're the kind of person that uses them. Naturally that means it has a speaker inside, and apparently it's the same as the newly-announced Nest Mini.</p> <p>Naturally Assistant being built in also means it's compatible with your smart home devices (if you have them) and can connect to them without needing a central hub.</p> <p>Everything is controlled from the Google Home app, letting you set parental controls, manage networks across multiple homes (if you have permission) and more.</p> <p>Pricing and availability isn't available yet, but we'll update when we hear more.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Etheridge flashes brilliance in Azkals' draw with China Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:02:40 +0000 <div> <img src=""> <p>MANILA, Philippines - Neil Etheridge proved to be the key to the Azkals' goalless draw, 0-0, to China in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers on Tuesday, October 15, at the Panaa-ad Park and Stadium in Bacolod. </p> <p>The Cardiff City Filipino international capped off his brilliant return to the national team as he tipped a crucial shot on target by Hao Junmin over the bar during added time (90+1'), allowing the Philippine team to hold powerhouse China to a draw. </p> <p>The Philippines and China picked up one point each and the Azkals moved up to 3rd place with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss to rack up a total of 4 points. </p> <p>China remains on top of Group A with 7 points off two wins and 1 draw to remain on track in its bid to advance to the third round of qualifiers and to gain an automatic berth to the Asian Cup. </p> <p>Wu Lei, who was the source of the Philippines' heartbreak during the 2019 Asian Cup, was challenged this time by Etheridge's prowess as the Chinese failed to get the ball to the back of the net. </p> <p>Last January, Wu Lei scored a brace that was crucial to China's 3-0 win over the Azkals in the 2019 Asian Cup. </p> <p>Despite coming out more threatening early in the game, the Chinese struggled to connect their passes and the Azkals' defense managed to lock down their aggressive forwards. </p> <p>This is the third time the Azkals faced China this year as the Nationals faced Team Dragon in an international friendly last June. <strong>- </strong></p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport 16th West Nile case confirmed in El Paso this season Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:01:56 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <img src=""><figcaption>West Nile is transmitted by infected mosquitoes.</figcaption></figure></p> <p>EL PASO, Texas - The City of El Paso's Department of Public Health announced a man in his early 60s is the 16th person to be infected with the West Nile Virus this season.</p> <p>Officials said the man has an underlying medical condition. He was hospitalized, but has since been released.</p> <p>The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says mosquito season starts in the summer and continues into fall.</p> <p>"The community needs to take into account that for most people a mosquito bite is a nuisance, but for others it can be very serious if the patient has medical conditions that impair their ability to fight infection and if the mosquito is carrying a disease like West Nile," the city's lead epidemiologist Fernando Gonzalez said in a statement. "As long as we still have mosquitoes biting in El Paso, the threat of disease continues to be present."</p> <em><strong>Click here for a map showing mosquito control activities in El Paso.</strong></em> <p>Officials said the best way to avoid contracting West Nile is to remember the "Four Ds."</p> <p>DEET: Use insect repellents that contain DEET when outdoors.</p> <p>DRESS: Wear long sleeves, long pants, and socks when outdoors.</p> <p>DUSK and DAWN - Although mosquitoes associated with other diseases such as Zika can be active throughout the day; residents should take extra care during peak mosquito biting hours (from dusk to dawn) or consider avoiding outdoor activities during these times.</p> <p>DRAIN - Drain standing water from flowerpots, gutters, buckets, pool covers, pet water dishes, and birdbaths.</p> <em><strong>Here's a list of all the recorded cases this season:</strong></em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Quito Meet the sequel to the Google Home Mini, the $50 Google Nest Mini Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:00:58 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>NEW YORK-Google's big hardware extravaganza is kicking off, and in addition to new phones and laptops, we're getting an update to the Google Home Mini.</p> <p>In line with Google's decision to demote Nest from a standalone Alphabet company to Google's smart home sub-brand, the Google Home Mini sequel is called the " Google Nest Mini." Pre-orders are live today, and the device launches October 22.</p> <p>So what's new? Well, on the surface, the new Nest Mini looks identical to the old Home Mini. It's still a cute little blob of fabric with four lights on the top. The new model brings increased volume ("2x stronger bass"), a better-sounding speaker, a third microphone for audio pickup, and a simple keyhole-style wall mount on the back. It's still $50.</p> <p>The launch of the Google Home Mini, if you don't remember, was kind of a disaster. Reports from early units were that the device would randomly start recording without anyone saying "OK Google," which happened "thousands of times" to the most famous account, from Android Police's Artem Russakovskii. Google investigated and found the Mini's top touch panel was defective, and Google's response was to nuke it from orbit and disable the top touch panel on all Google Home Minis forever.</p> <p>This time, the top touch panel works! You can once again tap the top of the Google Nest Mini to talk to it.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google's Nest Wifi Mashes Up a Mesh Router With a Smart Speaker | Digital Trends Tue, 15 Oct 2019 15:00:19 +0000 <div> <figure><img src=""></figure><p>Google has launched a completely redesigned router called Nest Wifi at its annual Pixel hardware event on Tuesday. </p> <p>The new device looks nearly identical to a Google Nest Mini, which is a significant departure from the design of the Google Wifi mesh router. Google says the point is to not have your router hidden away, which often reduces the speed of your connection.</p> <p>Underneath though, all the same smart router functionality that made the original so great is still there. The big addition is the inclusion of all the Google Assistant features that come with a Nest Mini. Sure, you can play music, take calls, or ask it questions, but the Wi-Fi-specific features are the most interesting. You can control your network entirely with your voice, pausing internet on specific devices or in certain rooms.</p> <p>The one big change from a connectivity standpoint is that unlike the multipack Google Wifi routers that could be connected together wirelessly to spread coverage across your home, the Nest Wifi works more like an Eero mesh router. There's one actual router, and a "point" that you can buy to extend your coverage. These smaller "points" do work as Google Assistants, they just aren't actual routers.</p> <p>It goes on sale on November 4. A two-pack sells for $269, while the three-pack sells for $349.</p> <strong>Related</strong><strong>Live updates: The Pixel 4 Made by Google event as it happens</strong><strong>More from the Google Pixel event</strong><h4>Editors' Recommendations</h4> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google 'Hi Instagram': Jennifer Aniston shares selfie of 'Friends' cast in debut Instagram post Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:59:03 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>Jennifer Aniston has officially joined Instagram and she did so in an iconic way -by sharing a selfie of her and her former Friends costars.</p> <p>Within an hour of being posted, the viral photo of the 'Friends' cast amassed over 600,000 likes and numerous reactions from other celebrities and fans.</p> <strong>RELATED: 'Friends' will air in theaters this fall for hit comedy TV show's 25th anniversary</strong> <p>Her bio is simple and straightforward, but also calls attention to her most popular role, "My friends call me Jen."</p> <p>Aniston was all smiles in the snap with Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry.</p> <p> "And now we're Instagram FRIENDS too," Aniston, the award-winning actress, wrote in the caption. "HI INSTAGRAM."</p> <strong>RELATED: One 'Friends' superfan could earn $1,000 just to binge 25 hours of hit show</strong> <p>She follows Kudrow, Cox, LeBlanc, and Schwimmer, on the social media app.</p> <p>As of now, Perry is the only core cast member who does not have an Instagram account.</p> <p>Celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Chelsea Handler, and more have all shared reactions to the photo. </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Phoenix Google Nest Wi-Fi brings Google Assistant to its mesh network devices Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:58:19 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>There's a new way to deliver internet around your home, with the arrival of Google Nest Wi-Fi, announced during the search giant's Pixel 4 launch.</p> <p>This is the next generation of Google's Wi-Fi solution, the successor to <u>Google Wifi</u>. As such, it brings several improvements upon the original model.</p> <p>To start, Google has adapted the Nest name to its Wi-Fi product, to intimate how central it wants the Nest Wi-Fi to be to your smart home setup. Naturally, Google Assistant is included within both the core "Router" and satellite "Point" products.</p> <p>Of course, the Router device - going for $149 or £149 - plugs directly into your modem or gateway, and is made from 40% recycled material. Meanwhile, the Router supports a number of Points, which can be placed anywhere in the home where Wi-Fi signal is spotty, and call for $129 or £129 each when purchased separately.</p> <p>Google is naturally selling a two-pack including one Router and one Point, which will apparently drive 3,800 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage, for $269 or £239. A three-pack will be available in the US for $349. All products under the Google Nest Wi-Fi name will launch on November 4, with pre-orders starting today.</p> <h2>Google Assistant powers up Google Wi-Fi</h2> <p>Being a Nest product first and foremost now, Google Nest Wi-Fi now supports Google Assistant inside - and that goes for both the Router and Point devices. This means that each product includes the same speaker that's featured within the new Nest Mini speaker.</p> <p>Of course, Google has included physical on/off switches for the four microphones included on each device. To indicate that Google Assistant is active, each product includes undercarriage lighting.</p> <p>Being a Google Assistant product, controlling and setting up the Nest Wi-Fi will be handled by the Google Home smartphone app. And, Google has implemented new voice commands for Google Assistant to control these devices, like asking for the network to run a speed test or pause access from one or more connected devices at a time.</p> <p>Google Assistant is managed by new machine learning processors inside the Router and Point products, which will also help them learn how you use your Wi-Fi network most often and optimize around those behaviors.</p> <p>Finally, since these are routers after all, Google has equipped the Nest Wi-Fi devices with 4x4 Wi-Fi radios. But, that's not all: Bluetooth Low Energy radios, to connect with devices such as smartphones to stream audio, and thread radios for those low-touch connections to other smart devices in your home.</p> <p>Google Nest Wi-Fi launches on November 4 starting at $239/£239 for a two-pack including on Router and one Point device each.</p> <em>Developing... Google's launch event is still going on, and we'll update you right here with all the latest on Nest Wi-Fi.</em></div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Radar Google thinks your next router ought to be a smart speaker, too Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:57:56 +0000 <div> <p><figure><img src=""> <figcaption> CNET </figcaption></figure></p> <p>Google announced a new mesh Wi-Fi system called Nest Wifi on Tuesday at its Pixel 4 event in New York. Like the Google Wifi mesh system that came before it, the Nest Wifi system consists of a router that plugs into your modem, as well as satellite devices that you spread around your home to relay and amplify the signal and eliminate dead zones in your local network.</p> <p>As rumors had suggested weeks before the event, the Nest Wifi system also includes voice-activated access to the Google Assistant, with a speaker and mic array built into each of the system's range-extending access points. That lets you say "OK Google" to get the Assistant's attention -- from there, you can ask it to play music, answer questions, control your smart home devices, or any number of other use cases.</p> <p>The Nest Wifi system is available for pre-order today with an arrival date of November 4. A two-pack with the Nest Wifi Router and one Nest Wifi Point costs $269, while a three-pack with two Nest Wifi Points costs $349.</p> <p><em>This is a developing story and will be updated regularly.</em> </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Speakers ii view: JP Morgan Chase generates record revenue Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:57:14 +0000 <div> <p>Third-quarter results to the end of September 2019</p> <p> </p><ul> <li>Net revenue up 8% to $30.1 billion</li> <li>Net income up 8% to $9.1 billion</li> <li>Earnings per share up 15% to $2.68</li> </ul> <strong>Chief executive Jamie Dimon said:</strong> <p>"JPMorgan Chase delivered record revenue this quarter, demonstrating broad-based strength and the resilience of our business model despite a more challenging interest rate backdrop. In Consumer & Community Banking, we had strong deposit and client investment asset growth. Our consumer lending businesses benefited from our continued investments and a favourable environment for borrowers, which helped drive healthy volumes in Home Lending and Auto and strong loan growth in Card."</p> <strong>ii round-up:</strong> <p>US banking giant JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) reported both record revenues and forecast-beating earnings in these third-quarter results. </p> <p>Growth in home, car and credit card loans helped drive a 5% and 7% gain in profit and revenue respectively for its Consumer & Community Banking division. Its Corporate and Investment Banking division posted gains of 7% and 6% respectively, aided by client activity in fixed income products and increased investment banking fees. </p> <p>The bank, which operates in over 100 markets globally, posted earnings per share of $2.68, up from $2.34 in the third quarter of 2018 and beating the analyst consensus estimate of $2.45 per share (source: Refinitiv). </p> <p>The share price gained over 1% in pre-market US stock trading. </p> <p>Less favourably, and despite an 8% gain in assets under management, profit for its Asset and Wealth Management division fell by 8%, impacted by pressure on client cash held, while similar pressures also hit its Commercial Banking division with profit falling by 14%. </p> <p>The bank continued to flag what it considers to be 'fortress' like balance sheet strengths. Accompanying management comments highlighted the current conflict between healthy US consumers and weakening business sentiment thanks to increasingly complex geopolitical risks, including global trade tensions. </p> <strong>ii view:</strong> <p>JP Morgan is a highly diverse US banking giant. Its operations cover both traditional consumer and corporate banking along with investment banking and asset management. With North America generating around three-quarters of revenue, the bank is seen as offering a broader health check on the wider US economy. </p> <p>These third-quarter results suggest that the bank is navigating current mixed US economic forces well. Despite concerns for the impact of lower interest rates on profitability, both its core Consumer Banking and Corporate and Investment Banking divisions have made progress, while the experience of long-serving chief executive Jamie Dimon offers reassurance. </p> <p>For investors, the strength of the US economy going forward remains central. A move into negative interest rates, as seen in Europe, would raise major concerns about its impact on the banking sector. But a prospective dividend yield of nearly 3% and a forward price/earnings ratio below the three and 10-year averages, potentially offer attraction. </p> <strong>Positives: </strong> <p> </p><ul> <li>Business diversity</li> <li>Highly regarded chief executive</li> <li>Passed the Federal Reserve's most recent stress test</li> </ul> <strong>Negatives:</strong> <p> </p><ul> <li>Heavy exposure to the US economy</li> <li>Lower interest rates broadly bad for bank profitability</li> <li>Profit at both Wealth and Commercial Banking divisions fell</li> </ul> <strong>The average rating of stock market analysts:</strong> <p>Buy</p> <em>These articles are provided for information purposes only. Occasionally, an opinion about whether to buy or sell a specific investment may be provided by third parties. The content is not intended to be a personal recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument or product, or to adopt any investment strategy as it is not provided based on an assessment of your investing knowledge and experience, your financial situation or your investment objectives. The value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.</em> <em>Full performance can be found on the company or index summary page on the interactive investor website. Simply click on the company's or index name highlighted in the article.</em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Business Google's new Pixel Buds are designed to take on the wireless earbud competition | ZDNet Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:57:00 +0000 <div> <p>While there were a few fully wireless earbud options available, three years ago Apple took the idea mainstream with the Apple AirPods. Since then, we have seen powerful competitors from Jabra, Jaybird, RHA, and more.</p> <p>The all-new Google Pixel Buds will launch in early 2020 for $179. The Pixel Buds no longer have a cable connecting them and are designed to fit within each ear. There is a spatial vent in each bud to let through environmental sounds so you can use them while remaining safe as you use them.</p> <p>The new Pixel Buds will, of course, have hands-free Google Assistant support while also incorporating long-range Bluetooth technology. Google states you will be able to use the Pixel Buds inside from three rooms away from the audio source or up to a full football field away while outside.</p> <p>Five hours of battery life are possible with each Pixel Bud -- with the wireless charging case providing another 24 hours of battery life. While Google Assistant and adaptive sound are a focus of the Pixel Buds, there are also beam-forming microphones for high call quality and responsiveness to your voice.</p> <p>More details will be released as we get closer to the spring 2020 availability. I am looking forward to seeing if there is any level of dust/water resistance to these Pixel Buds while exercising and whether or not you can use a single Pixel Bud independently, extending the effective battery life to twice that of using two buds at once.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Pixelbook Go with new design launched at 'Made by Google' event Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:56:42 +0000 <div> <p>tech Updated: Oct 15, 2019 20:04 IST</p> <p><figure> <img src=""><figcaption>Google Pixelbook Go is official(Google)</figcaption></figure></p> <p>Google at its ' Made by Google ' hardware event in New York City unveiled a new laptop, Pixelbook Go. Set to take on Apple Macbook and Microsoft Surface series, Google Pixelbook Go comes with a premium design. </p> <p>Google Pixelbook Go runs on ChromeOS comes with a more compact design with improved keyboards and trackpad. The laptop comes with a wavy bottom for better grip. It has 3.5mm headphone jack as well as USB Type-C port. Google Pixelbook Go is powered by Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processor. </p> <blockquote> <p>Lightweight, grippable, and ready to travel - stay on the move with #PixelbookGo. #madebygoogle</p>- Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 15, 2019 </blockquote> <p>The laptop comes with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 256GB of built-in storage. Google says the Pixelbook Go comes with bigger battery than the original Pixelbook. The device is priced at $649 and is available for pre-order starting today in select markets.</p> <p>First Published: Oct 15, 2019 20:02 IST</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> India Google announces Nest Wifi, a mesh router system with smart speakers inside Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:56:19 +0000 <div> <p><figure> <img src=""></figure></p> <p>You want working, reliable Wi-Fi in every room of your house. Maybe you'd like every room of your house to properly hear your Google Assistant voice commands, too?</p> <p>Now, Google is about to offer a way to extend both your internet and the range of your voice at once - with the just-announced Nest Wifi mesh router system.</p> <p>We're learning about it right now live at Google's Pixel 4 hardware event: the two-pack is now composed of a distinct "Router" and "Point" that extends your coverage 25 percent further than the previous generation, Google claims. Only the "Point" has a Google Assistant smart speaker built in, though.</p> <p>We'll fill in more details as we go - but since we were kind of expecting this announcement, I've already filled in some background you can read below.</p> <p>Since Google first introduced its Google Wifi system three years ago at $299 for a three-pack, mesh routers have become a popular way to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones in a house, with every major router company offering a set. Google says its Wifi has been the best selling router in the US and Canada.</p> <p>But while many rivals offer higher speeds and more power user features, Google's closest competition for a simpler Wi-Fi experience that blends into your house has been Eero - which also pioneered the idea of making mesh Wi-Fi cheaper and easier to install by replacing two of the three main routers and their cords with "beacons" that can hang right off the power outlets on your walls.</p> <p>Amazon bought Eero earlier this year, giving Google's greatest rival in voice assistants a foothold in the Wi-Fi market, too, and it quickly introduced a new $99 Eero router that lets you shut off internet to specific devices with Alexa voice control. But now it appears Google may leapfrog Amazon by adding actual microphones to its hardware, so you don't need to additionally set up a Google smart speaker in that room of your house.</p> <em>Developing. Check out our </em><em>Google hardware event live blog</em><em> for the latest updates!</em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google's next big play for your house is here Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:55:19 +0000 <div> <p>Isabelle Olsson, design lead at Nest, has a simple test when designing new products. She brings them home to her three year old daughter and asks, "what is this?"</p> <p>"If she says, 'Google,' I know we're on the right track," Olsson laugh-before clarifying, "I don't make <em>all</em> my decisions based upon a three-year-old."</p> <p>Even still, the recognizability of such otherwise understated objects is a testament to Google's sharp design language-a design language that continues to evolve with the announcement of two new Nest products.</p> <p>The first product is the new Nest Mini ($49, arriving on October 22), a rebranded sequel to the Google Home Mini speaker and personal assistant. At first glance, it's nearly identical to the old Mini with several of its old colors like coral and charcoal, but it's simpler, louder (with 2x the bass volume), and a bit more sustainably-built than before.</p> <p>The second product is the Nest Wifi (starting at $169, available on November 4), a new take on Google Wifi, the company's mesh Wi-Fi technology. It's a home router system and home assistant in one, and the new design gives the product's white plastic puck styling a homey makeover in colors like snow, sand, and mist. "It coordinates with the Mini colors, so it's together but not the same," says Olsson. "Similar to, when you decorate your house, you don't duplicate the same color over and over again, but find colors that harmonize or tonally work together."</p> <p>The new Mini looks a lot like the old Mini. A sharp eye will notice that its three-piece design, comprised of a fabric top, plastic mid layer, and plastic base, was replaced with a two-piece design of just the top and a combined base. (The reason? Olsson says the team is always aiming for more simplicity). The device also features a tiny indentation on the back, allowing you to mount it on the wall. But most people will barely notice a difference side-by-side, and that's by design.</p> <p>"Keeping the design the same was not, you know, out of laziness. In fact, it's the other way around. It's a lot harder to do when you introduce new features and make the sound better," says Olsson. "But...I think it's easy to feel stressed, if everything keeps changing, that you have to get the next thing, and next thing. In this sense, if you already have a Mini and you buy this one, they still feel like the same still feels like the [same] product, versus, this is the old one and the new one."</p> <p>Notably, the Mini sports a hardware design first for Google: A fabric top that's made out of recycled PET bottles-those clear plastic bottles you see everywhere. Developed by Google's own internal textile experts in collaboration with commercial partners, the plastic is ground down into flakes, extruded into a bird-nest-like yarn, and woven into textile-but manages not to retain just the softness of the polyester used before, but the acoustic properties needed for a speaker. Olsson holds it up during a video call for me to see, and I'm stuck by how the bolt of fabric drapes like a flowing curtain or dress.</p> <p>The Nest Wifi was a more traditional industrial design challenge. The team needed to create a reasonably-sized device, cramming together the speaker and microphone from the Nest Mini with the hardware inside a mesh router system (a mesh system uses many small nodes, rather than one big router, to make a Wi-Fi network across your home).</p> <p>In early experiments, the team experimented with supersizing the Mini, using the exact same design scaled up. Seeing the Mini in various scales, lined up like Russian dolls on a Vitsœ shelf, it's quickly obvious: A giant version of the Mini looks strangely absurd. "You spin things in CAD, and you get the wrong perspective, honestly," says Olsson, stressing why Google has such extensive physical design labs. "It's the same design, the same gesture, but the proportions are awful."</p> <p>Instead, the Nest Wifi took visual inspiration from ceramic vases and cups (even though the device is built out of 50% post recycled plastic, not ceramic), with the intention of designing a device that wouldn't look out of place next to a piece of art at home. The design, of course, has a goal beyond looking good for looking good's sake. Google wants you to be using its voice assistant to interact with Google, because Google such data and services are Google's bread and butter.</p> <p>"With these products should be out in the open so they function well. You don't want someone to put it in the cabinet, so that will inhibit the function of the product itself," says Olsson. "Our goal was, how can we design it to be on a side table, shelf, or that beautiful vase you have from your grandma?"</p> <p>Another notable Nest Wifi feature is its underlighting, a ring of lights that project from its bottom. The lights convey important information from the Google Assistant, related to setting the device up, when it's thinking, and whether or not it's muted. The idea is that you can see this ring anywhere in a room, whereas the original Google Home had a sharply angled light display that could be hard to check at a glance.</p> <p>The Nest Wifi is a quietly ambitious home product when you stack all of these features together. Networking. Speakers. A microphone. And lighting that, potentially, could be used to create a soft, glowing mood across your home. Google design VP Ivy Ross has said in the past that she wants to rethink not just the next Pixel phone, but our entire living spaces to be more responsive to our emotional needs.</p> <p>The Nest Wifi that Google is debuting today isn't that; it's a combination of personal assistant and mesh Wi-Fi system. But it clearly has the sort of components that could help it challenge Ikea's Sonos lamp, which can create an aura of relaxation wherever you place it. Olsson even admits that it was, in part, inspired by a lantern.</p> <p>"I can't speculate for future use cases for interaction design," says Olsson, "But it is exciting. When you design something more inspired by the home, it can take these functions that you may orignally not have expected, and become more."</p> </div> <img src=',f_auto,q_auto,fl_lossy/wp-cms/uploads/2019/10/p-1-google-wants-your-home.jpg' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Julie Andrews Opens Up About 'Times of Sadness' in Revealing New Memoir: 'I Wanted to Be Frank' Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:54:54 +0000 <div> <p>Julie Andrews is revealing secrets about her legendary career in her new memoir.</p> <p>The 84-year-old actress, singer and performer appeared on <em>Today</em> Tuesday morning to promote the book, titled <em>Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years</em>. Andrews wrote the memoir with her daughter Emma, 56, and opened up about the process of reliving some of the busiest and most exciting times in her life.</p> <p>"It was painful, funny, we wept at times, we laughed our heads off, we drank endless cups of tea. And we worked," Andrews said. "It was about a 2½, 3-year project when all is said and done. It was a lot of writing with my daughter, which I enjoyed very, very much."</p> <p><em>Home Work</em>, out today, follows Andrews' career from 1963 to 1986, starting with her arrival in Hollywood to film <em>Mary Poppins</em> and <em>The Sound of Music</em> back-to-back and ending with the film <em>That's Life!</em></p> <strong>RELATED: Julie Andrews Revisits Her Hollywood Years in New Memoir Home Work - See the Cover</strong> <p>"I made three films and was having a wonderful time because none of them had been released, so I was learning about movies and working hard and all of that," she said of her early acting years. "And then suddenly they were all released. And then, everybody was talking about it. It was an assault, really, for awhile. I'm not complaining, believe me."</p> <p>But although her career was blossoming during that time, Andrews also gets personal about the low moments she experienced.</p> <p>"There were times of sadness and many things like that. I wanted to be as frank as I could," she said of the book. "If I'm going to write a memoir, I might as well be frank as much as I can. So many things were happening at the time. That's why I call it <em>Home Work</em>, because it's about the work I was learning to do on movies which I'd never done before. And also, homework on myself, to a certain extent - how was I growing, what I was learning in life."</p> <p><em>Home Work</em> is out now.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Celebrities Google unveils Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point with Google Assistant Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:54:19 +0000 <div> <p>If you're in the market for a new router, good news: Google just announced a replacement for its long-in-the-tooth Google Wifi. The new Nest Wifi Router and Nest Wifi Point, which debuted at an event in New York City this morning, are a mesh-capable wireless router and beacon set meant to compete with Amazon's Eero, Netgear's Orbi, Asus' Lyra, and others. Nest Wifi features Google Assistant support and it comes in three colorways, and it'll begin shipping November 4 in eight countries starting at $269 for a two-pack and $349 for a three-pack.</p> <h2>Nest Wifi Router</h2> <p>Nest Wifi Router boasts hardware that's backward compatible with the original Google Wifi, including a Qualcomm 400 series chipset optimized to parse Google Assistant commands. Gigabit Ethernet ports are present and accounted for, as are multiple antennas and support for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax) connectivity with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels.</p> <p>Google says that it's up to two times faster and provides 25% better coverage than Google Wifi. In fact, it says a two-pack can cover an entire 3,800-square-foot home.</p> <p>Nest Wifi Router inherits its progenitor's smarts - namely algorithms that automatically switch among frequency bands and spectrum channels, depending on which is the fastest based on congestion and connected devices' locations. And like Google Wifi, Nest Wifi Router creates a single network name for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to simplify the onboarding experience.</p> <p>By Google's estimates, a single Nest Wifi Router can cover an apartment measuring well over 500 square feet. Two access points can blanket a medium home several thousand square feet in size, while three can cover a large home that's around 5,000 total square feet and change.</p> <p>With Assistant commands or from within the companion app for iOS and Android, you're able to pause the internet in certain rooms or for specific devices, give a single device priority over others, or restrict online access for children. Additionally, you can manage guest Wi-Fi networks and internet-connected devices like Philips Hue lightbulbs.</p> <p>The app - which can be used remotely beyond the network's reach - also lets you check speeds from both your internet service provider and from Nest Wifi Router to your device, in addition to the strength of signal between each node. It's here where you're able to name and rename Nest Wifi Router, and where you can quickly see the access points to which devices are connect.</p> <h2>Nest Wifi Point</h2> <p>The microphone-touting Nest Wifi Point both extends the range of the Nest Wifi Router and doubles as a fully functional Assistant-powered smart speaker - one capable of checking calendars, setting reminders, controlling smart home devices, playing music and podcasts, looking up movie showtimes and restaurants, and so on. The casing's bottom portion houses speakers, and there's a microphone mute switch around back that prompts an LED to glow when it's active.</p> <p>There's no fetters on this incarnation of Assistant, which is to say features like Voice Match (which recognizes up to 6 unique voices in a household) are positively present and accounted for on the Nest Wifi Point. So are Routines, which let you carry out multiple tasks with a single voice command; Broadcasts, which let you send a single audio message to all the other compatible speakers in on your network; and multilingual support for a range of languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Google Google Maps Adds Detailed Voice Guidance For People With Visual Impairments Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:54:13 +0000 <div> <img src=""><p>People with visual impairments can now navigate the streets and safely get to their walking destinations by using Google Maps.</p> <p>On Thursday, Oct. 10, for World Sight Day, Google rolled out a new feature that gives more detailed voice guidance to those who cannot rely on their vision to move around the city.</p> <h3>Google Maps Detailed Voice Guidance</h3> <p>"As a legally blind woman living in Tokyo, I know that getting around unfamiliar environments can be a challenge. I can easily commute from my front door to my desk at work; it's a trip I take regularly and know well," wrote Wakana Sugiyama, a business analyst at Google, in a blog post. "But going some place new and unfamiliar can be an intimidating experience without sight to guide you."</p> <p>Detailed voice is the first Google Maps feature to be developed by and for people with visual impairment. Users who turn the feature on will constantly be notified if they are following the correct route until they get to their destination. The app will also let users know the direction they are walking in, the distance until the next turn, and if there is a large intersection ahead.</p> <p>Google Maps will provide visually impaired users periodic alerts, announcements, and warning throughout the journey.</p> <p>"Frequent updates like these not only help a visually impaired person get from A to B, they can also give us more confidence and reassurance when we travel alone," added Sugiyama.</p> <p>To start using the new feature, users can go to the app's settings and select "Navigation." At the bottom of the list, there should be an option that says "Detailed Voice Guidance."</p> <p>Google Maps users can now access the new feature on iOS and Android. Right now, detailed voice guidance is only available in English (United States) and Japanese (Japan), but Google is currently working on adding more languages and countries.</p> <h3>Apple Also Working On Adding New Features On Maps</h3> <p>Apple is also reportedly developing its own Maps app to be more accessible to people with visual impairment. The trillion-dollar Cupertino-based company previously filed a patent for "touch-based exploration of maps for screen reader users."</p> <p>According to the World Health Association, at least 2.2 billion people around the world experience vision impairment or blindness. Majority of them are over the age of 50.</p> <p>ⓒ 2018 All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Maps Connor Cook drafted 2nd overall in XFL skill player draft Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:54:03 +0000 <div> <p>Connor Cook has been selected 2nd overall in the skill player portion of the XFL draft and it is a very confusing process.</p> <p>Cook was selected by the Houston Roughnecks. Roughneck, for those unfamiliar, is a general term used for a hard laborer, but is most commonly used to refer to the workers on a drilling rig. So that's interesting.</p> <p>Here's why this is confusing: An hour before the skill player portion of the draft, the entire XFL had a "tier one QB" draft in which each team selected their, in theory, starting quarterback for the season. Houston took former Temple QB Phillip Walker. One would think that after securing a starting quarterback, the pertinent move would be to start drafting some pass catchers and ball carriers. That's what almost the entire league did, but not Houston. I guess they wanted to really make sure they had quarterback locked down? This feels like a 4D chess moment.</p> <p>Also, the XFL has like nine drafts. There was the QB1 draft. There's the skill player draft, the o-line draft, the front 7 draft, the defensive backs draft and then it finishes off with the open draft. This is all so strange and I kind of love it.</p> <p>Either way, Connor Cook is in the XFL and is (maybe?) going to be competing for a starting quarterback job.</p> <p>We'll put up some other posts throughout the day as more Michigan State players are drafted.</p> <p>Michigan State drops to no. 7 in latest Big Ten Power Rankings Former MSU QB Kirk Cousins bouncing back after rough start to NFL season Locked on Spartans: The End of the Dantonio Era </p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Football Thin Lizzy nominated for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020 induction Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:53:06 +0000 <div> <p>Irish rock band Thin Lizzy are among the nominees for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2020.</p> <p>The Dublin act once fronted by Phil Lynott have been nominated alongside the likes of Motörhead, the Dave Matthews Band, Kraftwerk and The Notorious B.I.G. Nine of the 16 acts listed have been nominated for the first time.</p> <p>In order for an artist to be eligible for nomination, they must have released their first commercial recording at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination.</p> <p>Members of the <strong>public can cast their vote online</strong>. Once the voting period ends on January 10th, 2020, ballots for the nominees are sent to an international voting body which consists of more than 1,000 historians, musicians and people in the music industry. An artist's musical influence on other artists, length and depth of career and the body of work, innovation and superiority in style and technique are among the factor's taken into consideration.</p> <p>The successful inductees will be announced in January next year with the ceremony itself taking place at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio in the US on May 2nd, 2020.</p> <p>Thin Lizzy were formed in Dublin in 1969 by Lynott and drummer Brian Downey and went to become one of the most recognised hard rock bands in music history. Their most famous tracks include Whiskey in the Jar, The Boys are Back in Town and Jailbreak. The band split following a final performance at the Monsters of Rock festival in Nuremberg, Germany in September, 1983.</p> <p>Lynott passed away three years later on January 4th, 1986 from pneumonia and heart failure which was associated with his drug use.</p> <p>Lynott's mother, Philomena, <strong>died in June, 2019 at the age of 88</strong> following a battle with cancer.</p> <p>Thin Lizzy are not the first Irish act to be nominated or inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. U2 were inducted in 2005 and Van Morrison was recognised in 1993.</p> <h4>Full list of 2020 nominees</h4> <p>Thin Lizzy<br> Dave Matthews Band<br> Depeche Mode<br> The Doobie Brothers<br> Whitney Houston<br> Judas Priest<br> Kraftwerk<br> MC5<br> Motörhead<br> Nine Inch Nails<br> The Notorious B.I.G.<br> Rufus featuring Chaka Khan<br> Todd Rundgren<br> Soundgarden<br> T.Rex<br> Pat Benatar</p> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Entertainment MSU's Connor Cook picked No. 2 in XFL Draft Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:53:03 +0000 <div> <p>Connor Cook became Michigan State's highest-drafted quarterback since Earl Morrall on Tuesday when the Houston Roughnecks selected him with the No. 2 skill position pick in the inaugural draft of the rebooted XFL.</p> <p>In the XFL's format, each of the eight teams were assigned quarterbacks and the true draft is divided into five phases: 1 is skill players (quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, tight ends), 2 is offensive linemen, 3 is defensive front seven, 4 is defensive backs and 5 is open draft (remaining players). Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 are 10 rounds each while 5 lasts 30 rounds as teams finalize their 71-man rosters.</p> <p>Houston's assigned quarterback is Phillip Walker, formerly of Temple and the NFL's Indianapolis Colts. The league's <strong>first overall skill position pick was wide receiver Rashard Davis</strong>, who went to the DC Defenders. Then Cook went off the board.</p> <p>Cook led the Spartans to a 34-5 overall record during his three-year run as the starting quarterback. He holds MSU's records for quarterback wins (34), touchdown passes (71), passing yards (9,194), total offense (9,403) and pass attempts (1,170). He's tied for first in 300-yard passing games (10), 200-yard passing games (26) and starts (39).</p> <p>The Oakland Raiders selected Cook with the 100th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. He appeared in two NFL games for the Raiders before being released early in the 2018 season. Cook went on to brief stints with the practice squads for the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals. His last NFL opportunity came with the Detroit Lions, who signed him to a future/reserve contract in January and released him in June.</p> <strong>Sign up for a month of premium Spartan Tailgate VIP access for$1 for the first month or grab an annual membership for 30% off. Take advantage now and stay informed about everything Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting!Click here!</strong><p>Wide receiver Keith Mumphery, safety Kurtis Drummond, offensive lineman Miguel Machado, running back LJ Scott, linebacker Jon Reschke, safety Demetrious Cox and linebacker Taiwan Jones are <strong>the other Spartans in the XFL draft pool</strong>.</p> <p>This second iteration of the XFL, led by WWE owner Vince McMahon, is set to launch Feb. 8-9, the weekend after the Super Bowl. The initial eight teams are the DC Defenders, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, New York Guardians, Seattle Dragons, St. Louis BattleHawks and Tampa Bay Vipers.</p> <em><strong>Get the latest info on Michigan State football, basketball and recruiting sent straight to your inbox. Just enter your email addressHEREto sign up for our free Spartans newsletter now!</strong></em> </div> <img src='' class='aligncenter entry-image attachment-post' title ='' alt=''/> Sport